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TBATMI: A Night I Hope She Remembers…


Summary: This is a short and random scene between Charisma and Trevante from the series “The Boring are the Most Interesting”. Trevante decides to officially shoot his shot but is completely unaware that Charisma is dazed from taking one of her potent medications.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing well, as always! To limit the confusion, this a random scene from the series “TBATMI”. This is NOT the next chapter. I hope you guys enjoy! Please leave a comment for ya girl! I love you guys so much.

Charisma’s fingers danced over her pill bottles as she sorted her medications for the upcoming week silently. Hearing the pills scattered on the kitchen table made Tre feel somewhat uneasy. The rattling. The shaking. Tre casually sat down at the kitchen table with her. His eyes were soft while his mouth held tension. Charisma’s eyes met his and in return, she showed the slightest smile. 

“If you need the kitchen space, I’m almost finished,” she said while closing the caps of the bottles.

“Why are you always trying to run away from me girl?” he said while playfully nudging his knee into her thigh.

“I don’t know, I guess I just feel like I’m always in the way,” she said while eyeing the bottles in front of her.

“Not with me,” he said as his pinky finger rubbed her hand.

Charisma subconsciously bit her lip before she smiled widely at him. Trevante cleared his throat and sat up straight giving her direct eye contact.

“Lupus. I want to know more about it. If that’s ok?” he asked nervously.

Charisma smile subtly faded as she nodded and toyed with her hands.

“It’s an autoimmune disease that effects-”

“That’s not exactly what I mean. I want to know how it affects you emotionally and mentally. I’m just asking because I want to change that. I want to give you what the pills aren’t.” he said while scratching the back of his head.

Charisma closed her eyes and inhaled. Her mind began flooding with unfavorable and unwanted memories. 

“Trapped.” she blurted.

“I feel like there isn’t a place for me in this world which often makes me feel lonely. I’m fearful that my life will solely become routine to this - pill bottles, hospital visits, and doctor offices. It’s painful because I see a life that I want but my own insecurities block me from achieving them. Even when I physically feel well, I still feel trapped.”

“Name one thing that you want right now,” he said.

“You,” she answered subconsciously.

Tre watched Charisma’s eyes widened. She quickly rose from her seat and began swiftly walking towards her room. Tre grabbed her arm abruptly but gently. Rising from his seat, he cupped her face caressing both cheeks with his thumbs sweetly.

“Nah, don’t run away from me. Not before I kiss you.”

Tre smiled at her warmly and pulled her face into his. Their lips met making goosebumps form on her skin. His lips were undeniably soft. The kiss was sweet which left her wanting more.

“I feel trapped too. Mostly in my own mind, you don’t know how much peace I get from your presence. I just wanna pour that back into you.” he whispered while slowly releasing her face from his palms.

“Tell me about it, please?” she asked as she fought the drowsiness from one of her medications.

“I will, but not tonight. I know you’re tired baby girl. I’m not going anywhere. Lemme walk you to your room.” he offered.

Charisma ran her fingertips over her lips and rubbed Tre’s upper arm getting a handful of his bicep.

“You know that was my first kiss?” she giggled.

Tre chuckled and kissed her cheek as he escorted her to the bedroom. 

“I plan on being your last kiss too. Goodnight Charisma,” he replied sweetly watching her climb into bed.

She smiled at him while closing her heavy eyes. Sleep quickly welcomed her.

“God, I hope she’ll remember tonight,” he whispered to himself as he slowly pulled the door to a close.


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Note: I am so happy to be back writing. post-grad depression is real and I believe I have finally gotten over the hump in my life and I am back to business. I know I left a huge cliff-hanger with Cashier Girl so I am not promising anything other than me working on it. I don’t want to promise an update that may not come anytime soon but know that I am working on the last part. 

I’m working on other stuff to put out, small things. I don’t think I can do another series with this job I have (55 hours a week… please send help lmao) but once I find another job, we shall see. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!


Y/N stood staring and biting her nails as she watched the scene in front of her. She worked as an assistant to the director so she was able to see all the action up close and personal, including him. Him, being the Trevante Rhodes, the sexiest man alive in her eyes. She’s been working on this set for about 6 months now and she has yet to speak one word to him. The voices in her head tell her that a guy like that will never go for a girl like her, a shy girl from Mississippi, who loved watching anime while eating ramen, authentic ramen of course. So for 6 months, she has done a great job of avoiding having any conversation with him or anyone for that matter. Most of the staff thought she was weird because they never met a black girl that likes anime over reality tv, whatever.

“He’s fantastic, isn’t he Y/N?” She heard her boss ask her. She looked over to see her boss still staring that the screen. Currently, they were acting out the scene in which the female lead was attempting to break out with Trevante and leave his home but he was confessing his love for her. Y/N thought she would pass out but she pulled herself together answer her boss. “Yes ma’am, he’s a great actor.” She replied. “Y/N, please stop calling me ma’am, you’re making me feel old and we are almost the same age.” She laughed. “Sorry Heather, I keep forgetting.” She apologized. “It’s fine love. We’re about to wrap up here. Can you do me a favor and make sure that the caters have set up? It’s almost lunch and I think we could all use a little snack right about now.” She nodded and mumbled a sure before walking off to check the tables to ensure all the food was properly set up.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N. I haven’t seen you in a couple weeks girl.” She heard someone call out to her. She turned around to find Marla, one of the food workers talking to her. “Hey Mar, it’s been hectic around here. I haven’t been ducking you, I promise.” She replied, going up to hug her. “I know, I know. I miss our talks. You’re the only one around here that doesn’t have a stick up their ass and think they’re better than everyone else.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully as she eyed the box in Marla’s hand. “What’s up with the glittery box?” She questioned. Marla gave her a devious smile before placing the box in her hand. “It’s for you pretty girl. One of us had to remember your birthday.” She smiled and graciously took the box. “Thanks Mar, I appreciate it.” “No problem, have you wished for the courage to talk to Mr. Sexy or are we still pretending that you don’t have a thing for him?” She asked. “Ha ha, very funny. It’s a simple crush and nothing else. What would a guy like that, want with a girl like me Mar? Look at all the beautiful women walking around this place!” “And you are one of them! Look, I gotta go serve food but we are not done with this conversation ma’am. And answer your damn phone when I call you!” She said running off to the other workers. Y/N looked down at her watch and saw it was lunch time and headed out to her favorite spot to devour whatever Mar put in this box for her.


“Is that how they are going to end this week’s episode?” She questioned as she finished the current episode of My Hero Academia on her tablet. She was in her happy place, sitting at the picnic table by the river, watching anime on her tablet and eating the delicious present Marla gave her, chocolate covered donuts and cupcakes that say happy birthday. She was about to load up another video when she heard a voice behind her. “I know, I know but I’m still working on this movie for another couple weeks. I promise I’ll be home when I can.” She froze because she recognized that voice all too well. She turned around to see the man himself standing feet away from her on his cellphone speaking to someone. She turned back around before he could notice her and started her next video. Not that he would notice her anyway, no one ever does.

She can still hear him on the phone through her earbuds and hears him end the call shortly. She hears him breathe heavy and footsteps approaching her. She keeps her eyes on the screen, not paying attention to the show and then feels a tap on her shoulder. She prays that it is someone else but turns around to find Mr. Rhodes literal feet away from her face. She pulls her earbud out as she notices that he is trying to speak.

“Hey, can I sit here? I don’t want to bother your little set up you got going on here.” He asked smiling so hard, she thought her thighs were going to break by the way she was clenching them. “Y-yeah. Go ahead.” She mumbled. He sat down beside her and watched the river flow. There was a comfortable silence between them before he spoke again, “You work for Heather right? I always see you beside her. “ “Yeah, I’m her assistant. I’ve worked for her for about 2 years now.” She replied. “That’s dope. I’ve seen you around and I always tried to start a conversation but you always seem nervous or anxious and I don’t want to bother you when you’re busy.” She paused her video and took out the other earbud. “You want to talk to me? R-really?” He turned on the bench to face her, “Yeah, you seem like a cool girl. I also heard you talking to Jordan one day about food and I heard you were from Mississippi and I was like ‘I gotta talk to her, she knows what good food is’’ He replied, making both of them laugh. She pushed her curly bangs out of her face before she grabbed another cupcake from the box. “Is it your birthday?” He asked. She nodded showing him the topper on the cupcake. “Yeah, I’m the big 26.” “Why are you at work?!? You should be celebrating with your family and friends!” He exclaimed. She put the treat down before looking out to the river. “My family is in Mississippi and I, uh, don’t have any friends. Most people think I’m weird or whatever so I keep to myself. Which is probably why I always look nervous or anxious when you see me.” There was a calm silence before he replied, “I don’t think you’re weird. Everyone has their own thing but that doesn’t make you weird for liking it. I think you’re pretty cool.” He replied. She looked over at him and saw him smiling at her, making her clench her thighs together again. She looked at the box and gave him a huge smile back,

“Would you like a donut?”

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Night Owl 🦉- Part 11

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A/N: Hey Babies! More of our lovely couple that are officially a couple now! Plus some brattiness and taming of it! We love to see it!

Luh Y’all!




It’s been a week since they made things official and both of them were on nothing short of cloud nine! As promised Deaysha had not ventured to Trevante’s room on school nights and as expected, he was wound super tight to say the least. Speaking of the handsome devil, he appeared on her FaceTime just as she was thinking of him. She bites the corner of her lip as she presses the green phone button.

“Your classes are over for the day so I better see that pretty ass in my room, pronto, Tommie! No games! I’ve been blue balling it all week which is completely unacceptable,” he says wiping sweat from his face and chest. He must have just left practice.

“Aren’t we going to your little frat costume party tonight?” she counters, peeking at his sexy face as he squints in the sunlight.

“Yes and don’t be frontin on my Org! Ain’t shit about us little,” he huffs giving her side eye as he looks closer into the camera.

“I can’t come over then, since I will have to get ready,” she says sitting at a table and chair set near the cafe, finally taking a breather from her crazy day.

“Fuck that! Bring your ass and your clothes to my door now!” he says deepening his voice and tone, making her almost jump a little, excited to only push his cute little buttons further.

“Who do you think you are Trevante? You must have bumped your bitty head if you think you’re gonna talk to me like you crazy,” she says in an even tone and straight face, the subtle tightening of her jaw showing him she was not playing any of his games.

“I wasn’t trying to be extra Baby. A nigga just wanna see you,” he says lowering his tone and his head.

“You saw me this morning on the way to class and that ass better act right before I don’t even spend the night afterwards,” she says flipping her hair.

“Mannn, fuck all that shit Tommie! You doing what the fuck I want and that’s final,” his cockiness returning full swing. Just as she rolled her eyes, brimming with a retort he continues.

“Aht aht! Don’t even start! Be at my place in 10 minutes or bare the consequences. Now, I don’t have time to play games with you on the phone and I gotta go talk to the coach so see you later, bye,” he says rushing off the phone, smooching it a few times before hanging up. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t be mad at him for long. She was going to make his ass wait though.

Getting a good amount of her French assignments done while letting time pass, she was feeling pretty productive. Glancing at the time, she decides to use the bathroom then head over before he started to blow his gasket, completely surprised he wasn’t blowing her phone up at this very minute. Grabbing paper towel from the rack, she opens the door and is almost scared completely shitless as Trevante pops out of nowhere, pushes her back into the bathroom and locks the door.

“What in the fuck? Have you lost your fucking mind?” She aggressively whispers as he holds his finger to his lips while looking at the bottom of the stalls to see if anyone was in there besides them, the answer being no.

“No, but I know who did tho,” he says roughly grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her into a deep kiss, his lips encircling her bottom lip, sucking hard, letting the tips of his canines bite down onto her flesh, his annoyance playing out in all of his actions.

“Oww,” the muffled sweetest groan lets out of her lips, making him want to rip both of their clothes off and fuck her raw, something he would have never even slightly thought of in reference to anyone else. She was his defiant little bratty Tommie and no matter how much she worked his nerves, it only made him want her even more.

Sliding his hand down into her leggings, he grips the rim of her panties, bunching them up and pulling them taute, the fabric applying pressure to her clit, causing her to pull him in closer. Gripping the back of his shoulders as he bites down on her lip, sloppily sucking it before releasing it, gripping her up by her panties as her thighs clench together, adding more friction to the stimulation.

“My little nasty ass Tommie likes all this freaky shit don’t you? That’s why you like to test me. You want Daddy to pull them panties down in front of all those people and fuck you like the badass little nasty bitch you are. Isn’t that right?” He grunts into her ear as she goes breathless at him curling his middle and ring fingers into her, already hearing her juices squelching around his hand as he bites down hard onto the side of her neck.

“No, I don’t want that,” she mewls, rocking her hips into him, arching her back to get just the right sensation, as he slurps, licks, and suckles her flesh.

“Yes you fucking do. How about we go make that shit come true babygirl? Be the real exhibitionist, come on, let’s go,” he says unlocking the bathroom door.

“No, no, no! Please! I’m sorry for fucking with you, please don’t,” she nervously pleads, physically blocking the door, kissing on his neck in an attempt to distract him. Seeming tough before he begins encircling her clit with his thumb, applying deep pressure as his fingertips reach her g spot.

She lowers her head, her jaw goes slack, and her mouth gapes as he digs further, hearing her juices coat his hand and feeling her walls squeezing tighter and tighter, mere seconds from her ultimate release.

“Fuck,” she squeals as he grips her hip with his free hand, angling his fingers even better. When she tries to push his forearm back to give her some relief, he wraps her thighs around him, his hand stroking and rubbing faster and harder as she squirms in his arms.

“Cum for me,” he whispers in her ear, returning to suck the last bit of fight in her from the spot on her neck.

“I’m gonna mess up my clothes,” she pleads, kissing his thick juicy lips, trying to illicit any sort of sympathy from him.

“That’s what you fucking get. That ass stay writing checks it can’t cash but you will learn. Now cum on my fucking hand, and stop playing with me Tommie,” he growls in her ear as she ascends to the very top of her tippy toes, her legs trembling as her orgasm rips through her. What she thought would ruin her whole lower half surprisingly didn’t, only managing to mess up her panties with no other evidence of their scandalous rendezvous.

Not quite done with her, he wraps a hand around the base of her neck, the sudden constriction of her airway causing so much delight, her eyes roll into the back of her head as his relentless hand continues hitting her g spot full force. Realizing he was on a mission to fuck her clothes up and have her squirting all over the place since he had her completely pinned to the door, fucking her to and through her orgasm, simultaneously adding more hickies to the base of her neck.

“Please,” she whimpers feeling herself getting closer and closer to her release as she tries to escape his expert hands.

“You want me to be nice to you after you defy me time and time again babygirl? No. You gonna take this punishment and squirt all over my fucking hand. Right…the fuck…now,” he says adding more squeeze to the sides of her neck as her whole body writhes in his arms, her leggings now soaked. He takes command back over her lips as she recovers, now letting his tongue slowly explore the caverns of her mouth, the hairs of his beard lightly tickling her jaw from time to time.

“You ready to act right now?” he asks, gripping her chin and staring down into her eyes.

“Yes,” she answers, matching the smirk on his face with one of her own.

Disentangling themselves, she peeks out of the door to see if the coast is clear, afterwards pushing him out of the door, choosing to walk closely behind him to hide her stained pants. Thank God for black clothing, she thought to herself as she walked the short distance to her bookbag and to his car.


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Training - Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: Hey Lovelies! I finally got some inspiration for this! Thank Goodness! Hope y’all love it!




“Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go! Get that ass moving!” Trevante yells from a whole megaphone he got from God knows where as he runs in a circle around her. Deaysha, chest heaving and rolling her eyes before she begins her fourth sprint around the track as he runs behind her.

“I think I said Sprint Miss, not jog. Get to it,” he yells coming in front of her and running backwards, showing off in his cut up T shirt, showing almost all of his chest and upper body.

“Leave me alone! I don’t feel like it! We already raced and you wanted to be Usain Bolt out here, showing off for your hoes up there in the stands and I will not be used for your entertainment or sexual gain,” she says with a lash fluttering eye roll.

“When will you ever believe that I have zero hoes? I mind my business Deaysha, you know that,” he says slowing down a little so she was ahead of him. The bounce of her ass was just a little too good in those leggings, he had to watch.

“Tell that to your nipples thats all out for the world to see, wit ya nasty ass! You need to put clothes on before they chaffe,” she says as he places his hands over his pecs, gasping in fake shock.

“Why are you looking Deaysha?” he asks deepening his voice knowing she would slightly jump, as they both break into a walk to catch their breath, now half way around the track.

“And you clocking my peen? If I didn’t know any better I would think you wanted some yourself,” he continues with a sly look on his face as she continues to look ahead, ignoring him.

“Is that what you want Deaysha?” He says, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her back onto him.

“Get off! I’m sweaty,” she protests as he kisses her cheeks, trying to move his hands as he holds her tighter.

“So am I but I want a kiss. Gimme dat suga,” he says tickling her as she tries to wiggle out of his grasp, somehow managing to evade him and run away. He waits a few seconds giving her a head start then he is off.

“Stoppp!” she screams as he gets closer, using all her energy to run faster. After she pasts the white line, he catches up to her, almost tackling her to the ground, yet somehow still gentle. She lands straddled on top of him with him holding her hips, looking up at her and licking his lips.

“You know you want me baby. One day you will admit that you want this good D,” he says flexing his hips, lifting him and her, bouncing her on him, watching the panic in her eyes as she tries to grab onto him to hold on and not fall from his wild antics. The second she catches a grip she rolls off of him, both of them now cracking up, laying on the field of grass, looking up at the sun and the sky.

“You’re such a perv,” she says turning to him.

“I see you finished that mile tho! And sprinted like I wanted you too! Plus you’re the perv since you liked it,” he says rolling onto his side to look at her.

“Who said I liked it Trevante?” she says, real slick at the lips. He spins her around, quickly pulling her to, lifting her legs, pushing them back and spreading them in less than a second, now completely on top of her.

“Who said you didn’t?” He says slyly, watching her look of shock turn a little nervous, as both of their chests heave into each other, his lips less than a centimeter away from hers.

“Can you stop trying to seduce me? Move, before somebody sees and gets the wrong impression,” she says in a low voice, pushing him aside to which he finally obliges and stands up.

“But what if it was the right impression?” He says extending his hand and fully pulling her up with one hand, using the other to stabilize her as she collects her balance.

“Trevante, you only flirt this hard when something is on your mind. You okay or are you just entering lonely boy hours?” she asks before taking a gulp of water, as they walk to the exit.

“Fuck that, I’m never lonely,” he says sucking his teeth and puffing his chest out.

“Don’t try to front like we both don’t be in the lonely hours, with no one to cuddle so we cuddle each other, me the big spoon and you the little spoon,” she says, smiling, knowing that she was the only one who could get him to do stuff like that.

“Well imma be the big spoon tonight. What movie you wanna see?” He says looking up a few titles on his phone.

“Oh, I can’t tonight, maybe tomorrow,” she says sounding vague and grinning at her phone like whatever it was, was actually funny.

“What you got a secret date or something I don’t know about?” He says taking a swig of water.

“Actually I do, but it’s not a secret, and its also not a big deal either,” she says as he literally chokes on his water with a loud cough.

“With … who?” He asks between coughs as she pats him on the back, his eyes bulging more from what she was saying than the water itself.

“His name is Amir. We met at Starbucks, he asked for my number and we’ve been talking for a couple weeks. You know I don’t trust people but he’s been sweet thus far so I said dinner wouldn’t hurt,” she continues with a little smile on her face and in her eyes. That’s supposed to be his fucking smile.

“What kind of fuck name is Amir? And Starbucks? Did he fucking work there Deaysha? How old is this nigga? He probably little as shit, ugly, and a whole ass creep,” Trevante adds trying not to express his full outrage at the turn of events from him having to try to shield her from his semi hard dick to basically hopping on another man.

“Shut up! Stop being an asshole! I knew you was gonna shit on it, that’s why I didn’t tell you,” she says looking at him before rolling her eyes. Fuck, she must kind of like this nigga. How tf did this happen?

“Alright, alright, alright! I will stop. You grown and I trust you. What time is the date?” Trevante switches up his tune to get more information, knowing he can get more flies with honey, as his grandmother used to say.

“Its in a couple of hours, so I have to shower and get dressed and stuff then take an Uber I guess,” she says planning things out to the T, as usual.

“Bump that, I’m taking you,” he says matter of factly.

“What? No, you’re gonna act up, I can already tell by looking at you,” she says shaking her head and laughing.

“You are not getting kidnapped by no Uber or no nigga named fucking Amir on my damn watch, just cause you think you grown,” he counters, completely absolute in his decision, whether she liked it or not.

“Whatever, I guess, but you better not act up,” she concedes, wagging an admonishing finger in his direction.

“No, he better not act up. Text me when you ready, kid,” he says, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulling her in to kiss her cheek before opening the door to her building.

“Don’t act up Trevante! I don’t want to have to beat your ass while I look cute,” she says looking back over her shoulder at him, before she enters the second set of doors.

“You always look cute,” he shouts after her, unsure if she heard him or not. He shook his head, thinking of how he could get rid of this new little fucker trying to get her attention.


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Things are going good for Trevante and his fiancee Monica. They just bought a new home and are enjoying each other’s company. While at his new job, he meets Nia. A young beautiful woman who doesn’t have any kids or a partner. He’s smitten with her and harmless flirting turns into something more. With guilt and lust on his mind, things start to change as his feelings for Nia deepens.

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Aphrodisiac ✨

A/N: Hello my loves! Bringing y’all something outside of the box and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do! I had part of this idea for a while now and it’s finally coming to fruition!

Here are some of the posts of recent inspiration.


”Myth in Blaque” read the gold bolded raised letters on the art gallery invitation in his hand. Pensively statuesque,Trevante muses at the captivating painting before him. Donning a white button down with faint blue lines, navy blue slacks and nut brown wingtipped shoes, he brings his glass of champagne to his lips, letting the bubbles glide slowly over his tongue before swallowing. Reflections from the gold cuff links and watch on his wrist glint in his eyes as he lowers his glass back down.

The click of heels against the linoleum floor echoes through his ears as a woman approaches to his left. His eyes climb from her electric blue polished toes in her golden strappy heeled sandals, lazily up to the draping of her navy blue jumpsuit, fitting her curves to absolute perfection. The ornate golden pendant around her neck, and the ombred blonde tips of her shoulder length defined coils accenting the look, amplifying her buttery mahogany hue.

This woman, was art herself.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” the beautiful stranger asks, glancing up at the painting before them, her nails lightly tapping against her champagne flute.

“Completely mesmerizing,” he notes, curling the corner of his lips, his eyes returning to the other beauty he had in mind as he takes another sip.

Black Aphrodite. A canvas painting, about 20 feet by 10 feet, depicting a cocoa colored voluptuous plus sized woman walking into the ocean, just before looking back over her shoulder one last time. Her white halter dress drapes across her hips, her tummy rolls, some back fat, and stretch marks in full view. Her eyes matching the gold glitter shimmering on her skin as she bares straight into your soul. Her hair, a little longer than a pixie cut, black side parted pin curls, mimicking the oceans waves. Stunning in the most divine way. Almost as captivating as the woman beside him.

“Hmm,” Trevante utters as he bites the inner corner of his lip.

“New discovery?” she questions, staring at the minutia in the painting and the brilliant colors.

“I wonder why the artist chose not to depict African mythological deities like Oshun or even Egyptian like Isis or Ra. I enjoy the retelling of Greek mythology, but, we have our own as well,” he says, squinting his eyes and taking another sip of champagne.

“We? How Hotepian of you,” she says, downing the rest of her champagne and giving him a hint of side eye, her tone reflecting her disappointment a little too much.

“I didn’t intend to sound that way, but please let me know if I am misinformed,” he says turning in her direction, eager to hear her viewpoint. As a Professor of Classical Antiquity with an emphasis on Classics and Post Colonialism, he was never usually one to be challenged in his opinion.

“If humanity was born from the womb of Africa, wouldn’t Greek myth inherently be African as well? This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen white washing to this extent. Also, It’s up to the artist to portray what he or she deems worthy of representation. And this… is most certainly worthy, wouldn’t you agree?” she quires, turning to face him as well, the corners of her lips quirking up a bit, relishing in having the last word, before grabbing another champagne from a nearby server, her heels clicking away as she walks to another painting.

Falling short of his usual charms, mesmerized by the sway of her hips, he tries to think of something, anything to get her back that close again.



“Dus is gonna murder you when she sees this, even though I think it’s quite stunning,” Deaysha quips to her bestie Dyon as she looks up at the depiction of Medusa.

Illustrated as a black woman with a hue of coffee and cream, pre-snakes, encaged by the harsh male gaze inflicted upon her natural beauty, hair deemed “appropriate” by eurocentric standards, confining her to a small, less than human sized frame. Transitioning to current Medusa with a strict bolded black vertical line separating the two, now a snake haired sea blue colored badass with scales of golden lustre, beauty still there but accompanied by such strength and force in her ability to now conquer man, she is infinite and power itself.

”You think so? I don’t want one of those snakes to come and bite me in the ass!” Dyon, a 6’5, caramel colored, athletic framed handsome giant asks, breaking out his million dollar smile, leaning his elbow on her shoulder.

“Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, its beautiful. You’ve really outdone yourself Dy,” she says, getting a closer look and feeling the texture of the painting, the scales being actual raised three dimensional bumps, adding even more depth to its brilliance.

“I spy with my little eye, a certain sniffing dog who looks like, he wants to lick your inner thigh,” Dyon says in a sing song voice, ever the story teller and all around dramatic.

“Who? Him? The stench of his haughtiness is purely nauseating,” she says, shaking her head.

“Mmhmm,” he says giving her ample side eye. “Whatever the case, our little doggy seems a bit upset at me being so close to you. I wonder if he knows how I would twist and bend him like a pretzel. You don’t think he’s aware, Do you?” Dyon asks, looking over at Trevante with a mischievous smile.

“I’m sure he does not,” she laughs, walking over to the white and black speckled marble fountain, shaking her head and giggling even harder when looking back over her shoulder at Trevante, only long enough to glance in his direction but not long enough for him to see her glancing.

“Or I could just invite the both of you into my bed? That would be one truly delectable evening,” Dyon says running his tongue across the front of his teeth, and placing his arm around her waist.

“Behave,” she says pushing him away gracefully as his wryly smile gets bigger and bigger.

“So you are interested?” Dyon says with a smug grin.

“I’m not interested. I just want to see what the puppy dog will do. Simple curiosity, that’s all,” she says trying to convince him of its truthfulness.

“It’s always that simple curiosity that leads you to a number of compromising positions, but I’m always here to be entertained so carry on,” he says patting her back and continuing to make his rounds through the exhibit.

Smiling and shaking her head, she can feel Trevante’s stares behind her and hear him clearing his throat before approaching once again.


He couldn’t describe it but this woman was magnetic. Her aroma was intoxicating. Sweet but sultry with floral scents and a vanilla undertone, it seemed to linger a bit after she’d left the room and carry him straight to her direction. Between that, the plunging back of her jumpsuit, exposed calfs from the splits on both pant legs and how delicious she looked in general, he couldn’t bring himself to focus on the rest of the exhibit. For some unexplainable reason, he needed to be near her. Seeing her gathering her coat from the front, he quickens his step.

“Leaving so soon?” He says, sounding more nervous than he would have liked, as he helps her with her black mink coat, the mere skin to skin contact with her buttery smooth skin on his fingertips made his breath hitch.

“Thank you and yes its getting late,” she says grabbing her clutch from the desk.

“Before you leave, I never got your name,” he says, coming a little closer.

“I’m aware. Enjoy the rest of your evening, King,” she teases with a pointed nod and a smile as she opens the door. Looking back over her shoulder, she winks. In a fleeting moment her eyes and a symbol on the back of her neck flashes a bright golden hue, its light so bright it almost pierces his eyes. Shutting them and looking away, when he returns his gaze she is no longer there. His heart beating faster within his chest, partly frightened and partly thinking he needs way more sleep, he exits as well, scanning the street for any traces of her, coming up completely empty.

Resolving that he had one too many champagnes, he returns to the gallery to grab his things. Before leaving, while putting on his coat, he looks up at the Aphrodite painting one more time, and in a small corner of the frame, a golden symbol caught his attention. He didn’t remember seeing it there before. He took a quick picture just to ensure it wasn’t his imagination and proceeded in calling it a night.

Showering and turning on the record In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, he gets into bed reflecting and trying to make sense of the bizarre day. Unable to sleep, he pulls out his leather bound journal and begins to put his thoughts to paper. Having been uninspired now for almost two years, his hands seemed to be motor powered as quickly as page after page was filled with black ink. The penultimate line reading,

She is the seas,

Deep and crashing into me.

Body buried under raging waters.

There is no breath

for me.

I long

to drown


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Get Well Soon (Trevante Rhodes One Shot)


PAIRING: Trevante Rhodes + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: He wanted some space. But after coming down with a bad cold, Trevante realizes he needs you close again.

WARNINGS: Language

A/N:  My first go at our favorite #GodivaDaddy! Based on an anonymous request.



“You have to drink it, Tre. It’ll work faster than the pills.” You poured a tiny dose of Robitussin into the plastic cup, squinting your eye to make sure the measurement was just right.

Trevante whined and pouted, tissue stuffed into both nostrils. “But it’s nasty!”

“And you’re sick!” You mocked. “You can’t taste it anyway.”

“Can’t you do a spoon full of sugar like Mary Poppins or something?”



“Open your damn mouth, Trevante!”

He did, reluctantly, and you poured the cough syrup straight down his throat, making sure he swallowed every drop. Contrary to what you said, he could still taste it and he stuck his tongue out just to let you know how terrible it actually was. You kissed him his warm forehead and laughed.

“Yeah, I love you, too.”

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Warnings: swearing, light (i can not stress this enough) very light smut. Like it’s so light, i don’t even know why i included it in the warnings.

“You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?
Ooh, darling, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby” - Mariah Carey


Originally posted by haidaspicciare


When Trevante broke up with you, you didn’t react the way he expected you to. You didn’t get mad and cuss him out. You didn’t get sad and you didn’t cry, begging for him to reconsider. You did something he did not see coming at all.

You laughed.

Yes indeed you laughed. You laughed so hard in his beautiful, serious face. He began to fear that you were crazy and probably gonna say some cryptic shit along the lines of “if I can’t have you, no one can.” But you didn’t. He thought the laugh was out of sarcasm but he was wrong. You looked him dead in the eyes and spoke:

“Go ahead and leave. You’ll be back.”

At these words, Trevante was stunned. He’s been through enough break-ups to know they always end in tears and avoiding your ex as much as possible. How are you laughing? You must think this is a joke.

“This is not a joke, Y/N. I’m serious.”

“So am I, baby boy. You wanna leave…” You stepped aside, giving your now ex-boyfriend a good view of the front door. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out but please wipe your feet when you come back because you will come back.”

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Riding forward Erik ignores the smell of fire and the promise he had made to himself needing an outlet to quell his rage. He had made it a point to stay away from Salise when he saw how Fey welcomed his children as her own. He’d realized his wife was capable of love in the way she cared for them dutifully and without any of the reservations or the disdain she had felt for him. Dismounting his horse under the cover of darkness he walks to the door using his key and entering his lovers home. He finds her humming on the top floor and playing the harp in a dress with transparent fabric.

“A fire and a visit from the king in one day.” She comments standing slowly and arranging her dress to fall correctly before she smiles bowing deeply in front of him.

Erik tosses her a bag of coins “I’m not here to talk”.

She smiles at his directness. “I’m no longer a woman for purchase - that ended nearly a decade ago remember. When you decided I would be your favourite?” She stands upright touching his shoulders and raising her head to kiss him softly.

“I want you back in the palace” Erik says and Salise smiles.

“I lost you the moment you laid eyes on her” she speaks freely.

“I did not want to dishonour my wife in her home” Erik reiterates his reasoning.

“Now you do?” His lover asks - she had his mind for years before it had been conquered by his betrothed. When he was younger she had been his first conquest - a woman that was all the best things about women. She brought him women and other aphrodisiacs to keep their love making fresh. She had been a woman from the isles, they’d been renowned for their lovemaking before the flood washed away their civilization and way of life. Her price had been unfathomable but Erik paid for the experience, and continued to pay so no other man could have the same pleasures.

“Im not concerned with my wife’s pride”

“Erik, you love her. More than you’ve ever loved me or anything besides war and I will not be made a fool of when I’m returned here with chests of gold for a consolation” Salise swallows. “You will not use me to make your wife jealous or provoke her because all else has failed.”

“I am your King! You will do as I say” Erik snaps grabbing her face angrily - he’d had more than enough insolence from women to last him a lifetime.

“No matter how much I love you Erik, you’ll always love her” Salise speaks freely with a soft expression making her lover sigh.

“I do not love her” he attests taking Salise to bed and breaking his vows to himself. His mother had advised if he wanted his wife to open up to him he would have to cut all emotional ties with other woman and allow for roots to grow between them but where was she now? Gone, somewhere or the other. He could feel the distaste for her too and the passion from hatred growing within him as he intends to put his passion into Salise.

He would make love to her like he should make love to Fey; his wife. He follows her silently to her bedchamber undoing her dress and removing it as he kisses down her neck to her shoulders leaving gooseflesh in his wake. Grabbing her breasts as he stands behind her still he returns to her neck until he finds the set that makes her vocalize her arousal.

“Let me pleasure you my king” Salise offers feeling the tension build between her legs, the longing, the soreness, the throbbing that needed attention. She needed to look up into his dark eyes and see how much she aroused him. She needed to see him smile at her skill before his eyes shut as he breathes through his climax.

“Let me” Erik says leaving her mouth agape; it had been over three years since she had had his mouth on her - out of respect for his wife. It had been just as long since they made love in positions that allowed them to look upon one another.

Erik had tried to be a husband to his bitch of a wife but that was over now as he laps as his mistresses centre. He finds his technique again enjoying the act just as much as he enjoys hearing her praise him while begging for more. She fails to be gentle deliriously grabbing as his dreads as she squirms.

“I love you” she pants her stomach rising and falling as he removes his pants revealing his manhood. Getting on his knees he pulls her to him by his until they’re aligned. Salise pulls his lips down to meet hers enjoying another kiss as she grinds on his fingers teasing her.

“How much do you love me?” Erik rasps with a voice deeper than usual.

“With all of me” she pants looking him in his eyes as he enters her abruptly.

“Then’ll have every inch of you tonight” he promises before making his words a reality in every way.

The smell of burning shrubbery and wood still lingered a week after the blade had been put out. Erik’s rage had brought with it darkness and thick fog. He could feel the uncertainty of his people and the superstition of bad omens that lingered with the fog but he maintained that training and harvest were still the top priorities of the kingdom. He waited at court for his wife as a formality and yet she refused to come. It was Elias who brought him the news of her seclusion.

Fey was barricaded into her quarters, her maids, ladies and even Bess were ordered to stay out. The guards she brought from her home stationed outside of each entrance ready to enforce her rule until the death. Erik had ignored her cry for attention as he saw it for two days before marched to her quarters in rage. Seeing the fear in Bess and Omar’s eyes made him feel a sense of uneasiness. Neither of them particularly liked him but all of that seemed to be second to their overwhelming concern which meant something was gravely wrong.

“It has been five days - she hasn’t allowed in any food or water” Bess speaks and Omar swallows as Erik notices tears forming in his eyes.

“And you’re allowing that” Erik steps forward making the loyal century raise his spear - an act of treason and war. Eriks guards step forward until he gestures them to be at ease. Omar had never been disrespectful - Fey’ s safety and well being was always his primary concern - he didn’t concern himself with their marital affairs and had always shown kindness to Eriks sons.

“How do we know she’s still alive? Has he come to see her?” Erik asks

“No, she has forbidden everyone from entry and these come out every night” Bess explains showing papers with simple numbers on them for each day. Erik swallows seeing the deteriorated penmanship to mark the third and fourth days of her strike.

“Did she say when she will be out?” He questions.

“May I speak freely?” Omar swallows getting a permissive nod from the king.

“My Queen is in a great deal of pain, anything but obedience could break her spirit” Omar says.

“In other words leave?”  Erik interprets clenching his jaw in contemplation. An unfamiliar feeling bubbled inside of him - fear. Concern, for the well being of his queen and fear of losing her. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach. The thought of having to explain her death to the kingdom made everything too much. He turns without words rushing to his own quarters wishing he too had a veil at times like this when he couldn’t stomach the worry.

Barely making it to a basin he throws up. His stomach heaving violently as he expels its entire contents without control of his bodily functions.

Salise’s words come back to him as he tastes the bitterness in his mouth. Sending his own staff away he sits at his balcony all night unable to sleep and watching fir the moon for the grey skies.

Did he really love her through all the hate?

Killmonger had taken the lives of many men with a clear conscience but this was different. Standing he searches for an old chest that had been given to him by his parents many years ago. His mother prayed often but in secret, she frequently used oils and herbs and waters to keep him safe - or so she believed.

He uses the passages to enter his mothers old quarters illuminating it and standing in the familiar room. He searches for her things until he finds it - the necklace she always wore during hard times - vowing it brought her peace. She had told him peace was important because men value beauty and without peace a woman is miserable and grows weary. His eyes fall on her candles, she lit one every night his father was away on a campaign. Swallowing his pride he lights the candle removing his wedding band as he’d seen his mother do time and time again.

His wife was withering and he would be a failure if he let her wilt completely.

Authors Note: Hope you enjoyed reading this part. It was fun to write. How are we feeling about Salise (like Elise but with a “s” at the beginning) and eriks relationship. How do we feel about the fog and his relationship with his mother and her wisdom? Don’t forget to like and comment :)


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