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☕ Give us one (or more if you feel like it) of your OCs deep dark secrets! Why do they keep it hidden? Spill the tea! 🏡 Describe your OCs ideal house! Give us a tour around! What’s their garden like? Their bedroom? Kitchen? Where is it and how many people live there?

Ermahgerhd! Im so sorry i missed this for like….a week now? ooof.

Darius’s deepest darkest secret is that when he and Jaydzia were fleeing their father’s home, they came across a brigand and his henchmen. He used magic in defense of his sister and himself and severely injured the assailants. Then ran. To This day, he doesn’t know if they survived or died. Every now and then he wonders. He’s never told anyone and only Jaydzia knows. Asra doesn’t know until after Jaydzia’s death with the plague. Darius was a willing and active participant in Asra’s ritual so he told Asra about that incident. he’s not so much keeping it hidden as he really doesn’t want to talk about it. It affected him.

As for Jaydzia’s deepest dark secret…hmmm. i dont know if she really has one so much as a coupel of fears she never talks of, at least at first. She’s terrified of dying alone and dying of Fire (thanks to that having already happened really). IF she does have a deep dark secret she certainly has not told me about it yet. xD

Their ideal house? hmmmm. Darius is a simple man so he has no true preference. As long as he with the one’s he loves thats all that matters to him. He lives with Portia in her little cottage post game so thats pretty much his sanctuary.

Jaydzia loves the Magic shop and wouldn’t want to just up and move never to return to it. She wouldn’t mind making it bigger, with a bigger garden and not jsut the back balcony thats soemtiems too small with all the plants they have up there. Post game, and after she and Asra have married, I bet she starts trying to draft up another bedroom to put somewhere. Perhaps two, she loves when their friends hang out so a guest bedroom, and a bedroom for any youngun’s she and Asra might have one day.

In other words, her dream house is jut the Magic Shop but BIGGER. xD

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You won’t know what is true rage and despair until you actually try to create what has haunt and taunt you for endless moments.

No matter how talented, how calm you think you may be , the muses will always find a way to destroy you.

They are not gods to pray to, nor are they devils to be hated.

You have nothing to do, except to try. Which is already enough at the moment.

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Updating for update’s sake (drew this back in 2018 but I finished it up😬)

Ryunosuke Yuze from Dandy Shot/ Pub Encounter

certified panty maker and dropper 😂 Lover of 🍑

Loved his romance scenes with MC and he’s a sweetheart, but his route (and sequel) were ermmm….lol.

Do not edit/repost !

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I haven’t done a drabble in a while and I’ve been meaning to do this~

I have to go back and fix everything because I was accounting for Ol’ Chesty here and this is one of those rare times I missed the mark.

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Would Mav like to make peace with dinosaurs in general or would he rather just stay away from them?

Perhaps when he was younger, and far closer to the trauma, he’d have a harder time staying less than feral at the sight of a gigantic, murderous lizard, but these days it takes pretty specific circumstances and triggers to send Mav into a state.
    He’s not truly afraid of anything besides rejection from one he has devoted himself to/has become close too, fully confident in his ability to survive absolutely anything - so while he’s not FOND of dinos or wolves and wouldn’t go out of his way to say, take revenge on them for what happened on a particular prehistoric island, there’s no saying he wouldn’t absolutely hit on Drake(winkwonk @xdiez​) even if he knew he was a godamn T-rex.

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I - I didn’t drink it. I just… I just used her stool to do a home feacal transfer. And you didn’t think to mention that? You said my UTIs were unrelated. They didn’t get better with antibiotics, so I did exactly what I was supposed to do. The video swore that it was completely safe.

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