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corona virus may be the one thing to tilt trump supporters away from him. not because of the deaths - cutting food stamps etc causes deaths - but because it generates fear and many studies have shown that conservatives are more responsive to fear. that’s why trump uses it. but he can’t use the corona virus for himself. and he cut cdc funding. and he seems to be trying to gaslight everyone about the risks. risk-averse fear-driven conservatives may finally have a reason to start doubting trump.

also, the fact that trump said that not everyone may be able to afford the vaccine (when we eventually create one) creates a pretty good argument for m4a. cause right now anyone who gets sick and can’t afford to go to the doctor, the hospital, or to take time off of work is likely to be out and about infecting others. brilliant. =/

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people do not need to be intelligent, emotionally intelligent, mentally healthy, mentally ill, sophisticated, experienced, educated, graceful, or tactful to lie, charm, and manipulate people. they just have to know what buttons to push.

this is about trump and any other relavent figure

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This means demoting that phoney, Roberts. Robert’s sole case for existence is to protect corporate America and their Republican lackeys in office. That’s it. Robert’s isn’t even qualified for that position and their are many more judges smarter and more qualified than him. He is just another corporate flunky from the Federalist Society. By helping Trump, Roberts helps his 1% buddies. He is a disgrace. The most important thing one must consider when voting for president in this country is who they will nominate to the Supreme Court and the lower courts. This is very important. You witness how this has played out since Bush and Trump.

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Truly, it’s his respect for science, attention to detail, and intimate care for the subject that make me hope that the species that replaces us as the dominant life form on this planet after we go extinct, pays attention to our mistakes, and doesn’t develop reality tv.

Same guy, who thinks windmills-cause-cancer, Atomic-bombs can stop hurricanes, and paper-towels are needed by Hurricane-victims; a REAL “STABLE-GENIUS,”  who modifies NOAA maps with his SHARPIE. Trump’s illiteracy is a reflection of his supporters and their bad spelling.

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Let’s not forget the “wonderful” racism and bigotry that Trump and his fascist followers bring; oh, and the corruption and disregard for the environment. It never fails to amaze me that people that were bullied and totally insulted by the current man in the WH during the campaign are now sticking up for him. Why? They agree with his reactionary fascist policies and, their political fortunes depend on playing to Trump’s mob.

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Is this edited?????

Oh my god trump’s so orange… my friends and I call him the orange man, but this is ridiculous!

Compare his eyebags to his cheeks… jeez he’s so dumb

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The consequences of elections.

President Trump’s first two years were obstructed by weak spined Republicans who refused to back his agenda.

The midterm elections roled around and the Republicans lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats, but retained majority control of the Senate.

Because of the Republicans fickle and weak minded nature President Trump had to resort to executive action to get his agenda through. The problem with this is the next president can undo all of it with an executive order. Very few of his accomplishments are actual bills passed by both chambers of Congress and signed into law by him.

To protect his accomplishments he will need a super majority in both chambers of Republicans that will support his agenda. This means many incumbent Republicans need to go. This is why the primaries are so extremely important. This is when we can get rid of incumbent senators and representatives.

Be sure to vote in your states primaries!

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