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Diego = not a bully, he pretends to be real tough and then he’s like “HEY. I LOVE MY BROTHER. AND MY WIFE. AND MY MOMMY.”

Diego is like “I’m a deadly weapon. Do you have any idea how many villains I’ve taken down? Do you have any idea? I’m the freaking Kraken” and the old lady he’s helping to cross the street is like “that’s nice, dear :)”

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!!!!! Whoa that is a crazy coincidence, we must be lmao, ALSO guess who finally got a Ben!!! Now Klaus has someone to hang with that isn’t Luther or Vanya

!!!!!!!! it’s what he deserves

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Based on a hc by @dyll-pickless that Klaus loved to sing “you are my sunshine” to Dave and on The Day, as Dave was dying (or already dead, whichever hurts more) he softly sang the song to him one more time.

I made myself hurt for this 😔

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(for Fem!Five) Are you like... my mom then? If you’re a girl? I mean, if you wanna be my mom, that’s cool with me.

Fem!Five: Anyone who comes near my child will be dismembered, you will regret the day you were born and realize your purpose in life was death. In other words, where have you been?


Mun:Also I drew you :) I hope you like it, I also hope I got it right,,

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A thought: Ben is dead so surely he must be able to see other ghosts all the time, but when Klaus was sobering up in the motel Ben knew because the Russian ghost appeared. So does Ben also only see the ghosts the Klaus can see because they apparently have a stronger connection (hence why Klaus can always see him) or does he just Know when Klaus is starting to see them too

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I really need confirmation on that date. I think it would make sense if it IS subtly out in the open like that without actually being out. And maybe that’s why it’s not, out out?

This is driving me INSANE.

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Requests and Request Information

I only have a few more requests and I’d love to get some more to pick away at on the weekends. If you have any, please send them through my ask feature - not private messages.

General information

  • When sending in a request, please tell me the character you want and what you want the request to be about. Please be more specific than something like “something fluffy with x”
  • I will write all of my imagines with Y/N and most of my writing will be with a female!reader, though some will be gender neutral depending on the request
  • I will write some NSFW imagines, depending on the character (I will not write anything for Five since the actor is a minor) and the prompt. I probably won’t write super graphic NSFW imagines, just because I’m not that good at it.
  • I will write certain sensitive topics including: some mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, ADHD and ADD, eating disorders, and PTSD), self-harm, injuries and being hurt, violence, and torture
  • I will not write about abusive relationships unless it is in the past tense (i.e. the reader used to be in one)
  • I will not write about the death of a character
  • I will not write anything with an underage reader unless it is non-romantic
  • I will also write character x character imagines if requested

Series and characters I write for:

Star Wars (original trilogy)

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo
  • Leia Organa

Star Wars (new trilogy)

  • Poe Dameron
  • Finn
  • Rey
  • Ben Solo
  • Rose

Star Wars: The Mandalorian

  • Mando/Din Djarin


  • Temperance “Bones” Brennan
  • Angela Montenegro
  • Jack Hodgins
  • Seeley Booth
  • Camille Saroyan
  • Lance Sweets
  • James Aubrey
  • Wendell Bray

The Umbrella Academy

  • Luther Hargreeves
  • Diego Hargreeves
  • Allison Hargreeves
  • Klaus Hargreeves
  • Five Hargreeves
  • Vanya Hargreeves
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What episode is the one where klaus is smoking and listening to music in the tub? im making an edit but cant find that scene

I know u sent this ages ago and probably already found it but it’s ep 3 hakjdshakj

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