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people liked the klaus/dave thing I wrote a couple days ago so I decided to start a fanfic!! I’ll probably have it on Tumblr in a few days, but for now you can read it on Archive of our Own here.

(plot: the hargreeves family is basically royalty and they all own their own territories of the world. klaus is a prince and dave is his personal guard.)

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“I’m bored”

Headcanon: Sitting at the academy with Diego and saying “I’m bored!” to him in an exaggerated bratty girl voice. He says okay and leans in to give you a wet kiss and holds your waist to keep you still in this makeout session with him.

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nobody asked for more of this but: ep 2 rewatch recap

  • Listen. I need to know. Did they have to explain to child klaus’ actor how to roll a joint to film the breakfast scene. that’s such a hilarious image.
  • Five: KNIFE. Also - the subtle difference in Five’s ability to spacial jump when he’s actually a child vs. In the present is a really good touch. it’s just a tad more obviously difficult for him in the past.
  • Do you think they searched for Five when he went missing? Do you think the other siblings where allowed to? At what point do you think they all individually decided he wasn’t coming home? When did Reginald have that portrait painted of him?
  • Also - Aidan’s acting in the scene where he first arrives in the apocalypse is so so good. christ.
  • I don’t understand why the commission mails Hazel and Cha Cha their gear. Seems slightly stupid. Guess they’ll just murder anybody who finds it anyways? Also - I love their introductory scene. The bickering. The sickly puke-yellow green light in the motel. The foreshadowing of the screw falling.
  • Detective Patch I Love You. Also I love the use of POV switched flashbacks, and how Agnes recounts five fighting the goons.
  • Diego getting arrested and the other cops greeting him like an old friend is so funny. Also I hope they bring Patch back next season, her and Diego’s chemistry is fucking fantastic.
  • The parallels from the first episode of Luther getting up on the moon and him waking up at home are so good. Poor space boy.
  • “Can’t smoke eggs” is the best line in the fucking show. Also every moment with Ben on the screen is a gift to humanity. (Do you think Robert has it in his contracts he has to get semi nude in like every role he does? I feel like I’ve seen more of this man than is appropriate.)
  • GOODY TWO, GOODY TWO, GOODY, GOODY TWO SHOES (klaus bby if u wore more practical pants you could put ur money in pockets, you know. Also, your jacket has pockets??? why your underwear. Why.)
  • Also I love how Klaus converses with Ben even when it makes him look crazy to everybody else. He could just ignore him but that’d be rude??? Better just have conversations with air in front of other people.
  • Klaus getting smoke in his eyes is so adorable. Also his little pout after “oh well lucky bastard” “indeed” is too much.
  • Five is my feral child. That’s all.
  • The 1938 cold case thing is a cool call back to Five’s assassin days but it also bugs the shit out of me because they did not have accurate finger printing technology then. Why did nobody on the writing staff google this.
  • The shot of Luther’s reflecting in the needle point on Diego’s wall as a metaphor for Luther understanding Diego just a little bit more - that he lives in the boiler room of gym, mops floors for room and board - is so good. So so good.
  • The way Roberts accent pops out during “this is my nicest outfit” is so cute ahjshakdhs.
  • “We met at … the disco” Klaus there haven’t been discos since like. When you were born. what are you talking about. Also I love his shirt. It really is his nicest outfit. That he probably stole off a clown.
  • Poor tow truck driver. My nipples hurt in solidarity.
  • “And what about … MY consent” these feral fucking idiots I love them so much.
  • Why. Why in the lords name. Why does Klaus just. make bedroom eyes at Lance when he’s going through the records. Who told you to do that. Robert Sheehan why did you make that acting choice. The subtle hand on the back. Now is not the time to flirt with the doctor.
  • I hate Leonard. I hate him so much. Him and his creepy vibes. I never trusted you for a second you fuck.
  • Diego’s knife curve when he realizes somebody is in his apartment? so sexi. Also “I could smell it was you” is maybe the weirdest line in the show.
  • Diego please stop eating raw eggs. I’m begging you.
  • FUCK but Leonard’s manipulation of Vanya is so fucking well crafted, so careful. I hate him so much but it’s so well done.
  • “She doesn’t know anything about me which is fine because I don’t know shit about her either” - Allison doesn’t *really* address the trauma they went through but this is such a good summary of how much they’re all strangers to one another despite being siblings. It’s a really good line.
  • Baby klaus making himself a drink in the surveillance footage is fucking sad.
  • The lighting on Delores when five finds her. The soft background music. How he screams when Hazel and Cha Cha show up. The transition into Queen. ART.
  • Every time Luther starts a moment of emotional growth - admitting he shouldn’t have accused Diego of murder - it gets interrupted. Let the moon boy evolve.
  • Poor baby Five finding his siblings dead. Shaking Diego. Running to check on all of them. God.
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