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Oh man, guys, when Ben asks if Klaus can hear gunfire in 1x10, Klaus looks around and brings a hand to his ear as if to check whether it’s in his head.

Okay, it might be a little more complex than that. But I’m going to stake money on the fact that he’s confused as to whether it’s real. Let me lay it out for you:

In the scene above - and I genuinely only thought more about this as I giffed it - he flinches as a shot rings out. The shot sounds different from the others. Closer, and more booming. Perhaps more like the shots we heard in the flashback in 1x06 The Day That Wasn’t, rather than the automatic fire of our time-hopping SWAT friends? So I’m now less certain as to whether he’s checking if it’s in his head, but he’s definitely confused.

But then again, friends, the gunfire sounded outside before Ben pointed it out, so??? Either a) Klaus genuinely didn’t hear it until this point, or b) it’s only once Ben hears it that Klaus questions it - which means he’s not surprised it’s there, but surprised someone else can hear it.

So excuse me Netflix, you mean to imply he’s been casually eating a burrito to the soundtrack of submachine guns as if it’s something he hears everyday? As if he’s fresh out of a warzone and normalised to the sound of gunfire??

Yeah, okay, you put it like that and I’m pretty sure he just stood there assuming he was mid-auditory hallucination. Hearing things others can’t might seem like the norm for you Klaus, but there’s still a line. And that line is between hearing actual ghosts, and hearing phantom gunfire.

Once again, Ben is the check and balance to Klaus’s so very tenuous link of reality. (See: ”You went there again didn’t you?” Break my heart. Ben is really the only one who can confirm if the ghosts are real, or if Klaus is seeing memories.)

I’d even argue the fact that Klaus forgets it’s not a hallucination as he rushes into the theatre, desperate to tell his siblings about Cha-Cha. ”What about the gunfire?!” He genuinely doesn’t consider it: whether he considers it a hallucination or not, running through a hail of bullets is just another day in Vietnam.

Klaus has so many layers of PTSD, he and Five are going to start a club.  

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(You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I understand a good majority of the fandom hates Luther) Maybe something with Luther and Diego where Luther has to hold Diego back from something? That scene when he was holding Diego back from attacking Five gave me life

Hey, there! I don’t mind writing Luther at all! And that little moment was so like, natural and instinctive, I wonder how many times he had to hold Diego back? I love it. Hope you like this one too! <3

Allison is so full of shit.

Sending him and Luther grocery together is so far her worst attempt at getting them to get along better and Diego is going to kill himself if he has to spend one more second at Walmart with him.

“Should we buy almond milk?” Luther asks, holding up the carton like Diego cares, “I think one of us is lactose intolerant but I can’t remember who.”

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Requested? Yes, by two anons
Word count? 656 oops 
A/N: Spoilers for those who haven’t seen episode 5

You were nearly asleep when loud pounding at your door jolted you awake. You looked to your clock. 11:32pm. You frowned and stood up slowly, trying to think of who could be at your door so late. Then, as your brain woke itself up, a name came to mind: Klaus.

You rushed to the front door and opened it, revealing your best friend. “Hey, everything okay?” you asked, knowing he only came to you late at night when something was wrong.

He shook his head slightly and stepped in, shutting the door behind him. “I miss him.”

Your heart broke at how sad and vulnerable he sounded. You pulled him in for a tight hug. “I know. I’m so sorry.”

When Klaus had told you he’d been sent back in time, fought in a war, fell in love, and watched his love die, you weren’t sure how to react. You talked to Five about it, knowing he had experience with time travel, and he explained how Klaus would have been affected by it all. You did your best to comfort Klaus; telling him stories to distract him, holding him when he needed to cry, doing whatever he asked as long as it didn’t put yourself or him in any danger.

“I keep hoping I’ll wake up and see him lying next to me, but…” Klaus sniffed and held you tighter.

You rubbed his back slowly. “What can I do to help?”

“Can you… braid my hair?” he asked sheepishly.

You smiled and nodded. “Of course. Go to the bedroom. I’ll make us some camomile tea and then I’ll be right in to braid your hair.”

He nodded and shuffled towards your bedroom.

Once you had two mugs of hot tea, you went into your bedroom and placed them on your bedside table. Klaus was sitting on the edge just staring at the wall. “Ben says he wants some tea.”

You sat next to Klaus. “Tell him he can drink mine if he wants.”

Klaus turned his head to the corner where an armchair sat. “You hear that? Hear how good Y/N is to us?”

You smiled and rubbed his shoulder.

He took one of the mugs and blew on it gently. He sighed. “It’s not alcohol, but it’ll do.”

“Still sober?” you asked, beginning to comb your fingers through his hair.

Klaus nodded before taking a sip of tea. “One day.”

“I’m proud of you,” you told him, starting to work on a French braid on one side of his head.

He tilted his head back ever so slightly, eyes shutting with content as you worked with his short curls.

“I saw this bird today,” you said after a few moments, trying to distract him. “It was some sort of sparrow, I think. But then again, I’m not really good with birds so it could have been anything.”

Klaus huffed in laughter. “You once thought a dove was a pigeon.”

“In my defense, they look very similar.”

“They don’t, but sure.”

You rolled your eyes and tied off one braid. “Well, anyway, whatever it was, it was bathing in a puddle. It was very cute, actually. Like in the cartoons when a bird splashes around in water.”

“Sorry I missed it.”

“We can visit the park it was in tomorrow if you want,” you told him, starting on the other half of his hair. Once his hair was more or less all in two French braids, you rubbed in between his shoulder blades. “How do you feel?”

Klaus sighed and drank what was left of his tea. “Better. Thank you.”

“Good. Why don’t you get some sleep?”

“You didn’t drink your tea,” he pointed out, though he lay down on your bed.

You shrugged and lay next to him, pulling the blankets over the two of you. “Ben probably drank it all anyway.”

And then, Klaus smiled. A genuine, wholehearted smile that made your heart swell.

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Luther is a bastard and I’m SO mad at him for what he did to Vanya but I still love him and want to see his good side and see him grow as a person and properly reconnect with the others

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Do you have any headcanons/ideas for Vanya and friends? None of the Hargreeves really have friends but I’d love for Vanya to have a squad she chills with, if you could write that? If not/you don’t think it’s realistic for the chat, that’s okay too! 😘
  • Vanya isn’t the type to have a large circle of friends.
  • Sure’s she’s nice to everyone, but she likes to keep her core group to 5ish people, max.
  • Her friends are all orchestra people.
  • They have a weekly rotation of who’s house they hang out at after Thursday rehearsals.
  • Vanya is the mediator of the group.
  • She’s the one who will sit and listen to you vent for hours and genuinely listen.
  • “V, you’re getting a birthday party this year whether you like it or not, god damn it!”
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Luther: I have a plan.

Diego: You have a plan?

Luther: I have part of a plan…

Allison: What percentage?

Luther: I don’t know, 12 percent.

Five: 12 percent?


Five: So what if it’s better than 11 percent?! What does that have to do with anything?!

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Traits and tropes I love in characters (and i don’t know why)

  • teleportation,,,, i’ve always loved characters who can teleport
  • the Time Police trope
  • self-destructiveness
  • geniuses who make dumb choices that fuck shit up
  • the Badass Adorable trope
  • committing murders without blinking
  • shitty childhoods
  • making mistakes that ruin their life
  • inconventional/unique Tragic Backstories

basically, no wonder I latched onto Five immediately.

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