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#tua deigo

Okay but I really like how TUA (the show at least, I haven’t read the comics yet) is that they didn’t try to redeem Reginald’s abuse. They didn’t try and say that Reginald loved them in his own way (that was said by Pogo, but it was shown that he didn’t actually love them) or give him a sob back story that was meant to give him justification for his actions. They said that what he did was bad and that there are no excuses. They also did that for Leonard. They showed why he was abusive, but they didn’t say he was justified for it. And I really appreciate that they didn’t try to use past abuse or “love” as a scapegoat.

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No powers + Everyone lives AU

Luther: Started a flower shop with Vanya. Studying Astronomy because it fascinates him. He lets Klaus work at the flower after his final rehab visit because he can’t keep a job anywhere else. Five, Klaus and Ben live with him. Ben and Klaus record their Youtube videos in the Hargreeves mansion. Five jokingly told them to start a podcast and they did.

Diego: Graduated from the Police Academy with great scores and is working on becoming a detective and getting his degree. Wants Eudora to train him but she keeps saying no. Sometimes on Klaus’ channel and podcast. Helps Klaus get clean after hearing about all his drug related arrests from Eudora.

Allison: Became a child actress and her career went from there. She was the first to move out after she met Patric however that didn’t work. She got divorced and has shared-custody of her daughter. Supports everything Vanya does. Discovered her love for Broadway and tours a lot.

Klaus: Started a Youtube channel as a joke and it actually worked out for him. Struggles with addiction, constantly getting arrested by either Eudora or Dave who work on the drug unit. Had a scare after an OD and decided to get clean (with the help of Ben and Diego) and find a job. Couldn’t keep a job so he lives and works with Luther. Is helping Five with his music career.

Five: Hates his real name so Klaus jokingly called him by the shortened version of it “Five” and it stuck. Luther got costudy of him after Reginald died so he lives with him, Ben, and Klaus. Loves making music because of Vanya and wants to become a musician or a mathematician. Started a Youtube channel with Klaus’ help to make music on.

Ben: Started a side business as a Photographer and eventually that escalated to Youtube. Klaus gave him a shoutout and they made a collab channel and podcast sometimes brining their siblings along. Had his own apartment but after Klaus’ OD he moved back into the mansion to make sure it didn’t happen again. He runs the flower shops Instagram account because of his skill in Photography.

Vanya: Helped Luther start his flower shop and became a co-owner. Went to a music school and worked on her English degree. Started writing a book about their childhood with the collaboration of her siblings, each have a chapter dedicated to them. Her girlfriend is an advocate for the LGBT community and Vanya joined her and eventually Klaus does too.

Dave: Eudora’s childhood friend, both decided to go to the academy after high school. They graduated and Dave decided to work for a drug unit where he met Klaus multiple times. He accepted Klaus’ number after the fourth time arresting him. He was Diego’s partner for a few months before he decided to become a detective and is being trained by Eudora. He also trains the police dogs.

Eudora: Dave’s childhood friend, training rookie detectives and officers. Works in the drug unit with Dave and their Police dog. She’s on and off with Diego, which Klaus likes to tease her about every time she arrested him. She teases him back about his crush on Dave. Her and Dave volunteer at animal shelters all the time, where they often meet either Vanya or Luther also volunteering.

i’d love to give @totallyevan credit for luther’s flower/plant shop, i literally loved that idea so much

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it's just a cute Diego Hargreeves imagine where him and yn are expecting a baby and decide to name her Grace in a tribute to his mom. what do you think?

A/n: ahh so cute!!


Watching Deigo you couldn’t help but smile, he was going to be an amazing father. Shaking your head you walked over to the man who was doing the finishing touches on the crib. Wrapping your arms around his neck you gave his head a small kiss, your belly touching his back.

“Ah y/n! You shouldn’t be standing! Here let me help you to the rocking chair.”

Rolling your eyes at your husband Deigo wrapped his arms around you guiding you over to the chair. It seems that he had gotten more protective with the baby’s due date become closer.

Sighing you relaxed into the rocking chair as he still fussed over you.

“Are you thirsty?! Need anything to eat?! Tired?! I can get you a pillow?!”

Stilling a laugh you ran your fingers threw this hair giving him a teasing grin. “I’m fine Deigo.”

Relaxing the man nodded his head still not convinced as he knelt infront of you, his hand rest on your stomach.

“So since I’m so close to the due date how about we think about some names…do you have any in mind?”

Biting his lip Deigo cleared out his throat then nodded his head.

“Y-Yea…I have one name in mind….Grace…after…after my mom.” Blinking away a few years he gave you a weak smile. “But if you don’t want-.”

Pressing your fingers to his lips you shook your head giving him a smile. “I think Grace is perfect…isn’t that right sweetie…do you like the name Grace.?” Feeling another kick you let out a laugh as Deigo beamed. “She likes it too.”

Relaxing his shoulders he then rested his cheek agsinst your belly. “Mom would be happy.”

Nodding your head you couldn’t help but agree, you knew how much she loved and cared for Deigo and watching your husband whisper to your belly about how much she’s going to be spoiled you just knew that your little girl would be in perfect hands, that he’ll be a wonderful father.

“Our little Grace.”

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Luther: hey Five, can you help take out the trash?

Five: fine, just give me a moment. I need to ask Diego for help.

Luther: why do you need Diego’s help to take out the trash?

Five: well you’re heavy, I can’t lift you all by myself.

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I don’t even remember why I decided to watch umbrella academy, usually, I’ll watch the trailer/preview, but this time I just decided, fuck it, and watched it. It was an amazing decision. Umbrella Academy is one of my obsessions, and I will fight for it until the day I die.

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My dash is empty.

Boring, right?

Help me change that.


I don’t know. Just hmu.

Before I wither and die.


Originally posted by nicolegs97

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