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#tua incorrect quotes
Diego: The thing slipped out of my hand.
Luther: Right after you said, quote, "You better duck, Luther, because I'm going to throw this frying pan at your head"?
Klaus: You threw a frying pan at Luther's head without me here?! I hate you.
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Diego *discussing with Five the different messages behind Disney movies*: Bambi?

Five: Men is dangerous.

Diego *getting more frustrated*: Pocahontas?

Five: White men is dangerous.


Five: Well, now we’re back to the lack of consent with sleeping women.


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grace: so what would you want to eat, dearest children?

young klaus: waffles please

young ben: eggs would be nice!

five: maybe we can get some donuts and coffee?

young diego: i just want to serve some justice

young klaus:


young ben:


grace: i‘ll just make waffles then!

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Klaus energy be like:

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someone: damn who hurt you???

the hargreeves kids:

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Vanya: And apparently, now that I'm the pretty spinster living all alone, Five's concerned for my safety.
Allison: Did he tell you all this?
Vanya: Do you think I labelled MYSELF the "pretty spinster"?
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Diego: I only have one policy: talk shit, get hit. Understood?

Luther: Oka—

Diego: [punches Luther square in the face]

Allison: Oh my god, Diego! What the hell?

Luther: [holding his bloody nose] Jesus, how was I talking shit when I was just going to agree with you?!

Diego: I just added a second policy, [points at Luther] you exist, you get the fist.

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Diego trying to convince Patch to try things his way:

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