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#tua klaus
yo my dude do you know if any fics exist where the comic tua meets the netflix tua? like i want to see the netflix tua react to the insanity that is comic five or seance’s powers and all that fun stuff

No but I’ll write that if this gets 500 notes

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Emergency Writing Commissions

My name’s Leo, I’m a trans man in debt of about $1,300 and I need help. I’ve tried finding jobs, but no one will hire me, so I have no source of income right now. Me and my wife are constantly living in stress, since she can’t find a job, either.

So I’m taking writing commissions as well as donations.

What I can write about:

  • Borderlands
  • Steven Universe
  • Umbrella Academy
  • OC’s
  • DND
  • Dramatical Murder
  • Gorillaz

I can also help develop backstories for your OC’s, or help you make an entire one with a few references!

I am willing to write about almost anything, except pedophilia, sexual content between minors, or graphic sexual assault. There may be more things I would decline to write about.

My writing rate is $6 per hour, or $3 per half hour. I keep close track on how long it takes me to write.



The last time I made a post, it didn’t seem to get any notes, so if you could at least reblog this I’d be thankful!

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More of my high school au. Klaus can make Ben laugh until he cries and no one understands how. Also Ben is baby and everyone proteccs him, even when they’re all half asleep uwu

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