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Klaus: Whoops.

Ben: Whoops? WHOOPS? This is not a ‘whoops’ situation. We are far past whoops. Whoops is a distant speck in the rearview mirror. We are solidly in 'oh fuck’ territory, and I expect you to act like it.

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Really grateful for the opportunity to feature my design on The Hillywood Show’s new TUA merch!! 😊💕✨ Thank you so much, Hilly and Hannah!! 🥰

This design has gone through a lot of drama, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed polishing it for t-shirt printing 💕💕

Go check out The Hillywood Show’s amazing TUA parody on their YouTube channel and their online store for TUA fan merch!! 👌✨

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Klaus: I love feeling my clothes fresh out of the oven

Klaus, later: Okay so I realised I said oven instead of dishwasher but I forgot what it was called and used the next thing I could think of

Diego: It’s called a washing machine

Five: I think it’s a dryer. Who would be feeling wet clothes?

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Here’s a digital painting of Klaus that was a WIP way longer than I had intended (my ADHD has been annoying lately, making me jump from project to project)

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