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#tua vanya

Okay but I really like how TUA (the show at least, I haven’t read the comics yet) is that they didn’t try to redeem Reginald’s abuse. They didn’t try and say that Reginald loved them in his own way (that was said by Pogo, but it was shown that he didn’t actually love them) or give him a sob back story that was meant to give him justification for his actions. They said that what he did was bad and that there are no excuses. They also did that for Leonard. They showed why he was abusive, but they didn’t say he was justified for it. And I really appreciate that they didn’t try to use past abuse or “love” as a scapegoat.

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Vanya: Whats the best way to diss an adult

Diego: O K B O O M E R

Vanya: what if they’re not a boomer though

Klaus: *hits blunt* Boomer isn’t an age it’s a state of mind

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Vanya: You are the worst at pranks in the whole world.

Five: No, I’m not.

Vanya: Yes, you are. You either go too small -

Past Five: Let’s pour some juice near Luther’s shoe.

Vanya: - or way too big.

Past Five: Let’s hit him in the knees with a ski.

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Could you do one where Five’s s/o is hella shy and nervous and he’s super protective of them? And like once he saw someone yelling at them and scaring them and Five literally beat the shit out of the person who was rude to his s/o

yes ofc!



  • he doesn’t exactly know how he met you or how he came to be your boyfriend, he wakes up in morning and thinks to himself, “why are they so mf adorable?!!???”
  • like boi who would ever date someone as rude and overall a small ball of anger like him?
  • he made sure to keep his cool around you when Luther was around as well. He didn’t want to make you scared of him.
  • “dad sent me to the moon—“ five nearly lost his head, “y/n would you go find my other sock for me I think I lost it—“ as soon as you left he has Luther in a chokehold
  • this man literally gROwLs at any of his siblings or even any pedestrian that dares to even blink at you
  • He made it his job to make sure your feeling absolutely happy and perfect and amazing and every good thing in the world.
  • He never had to do anything serious or step in although he was weary when you said you had volunteered at a neighborhood library
  • Even though you were shy and sweet, a peaceful person and overall a angel, he couldn’t shake the fact that someone might want to taint you
  • and to his despair the dreadful moment had come.
  • he had come to pick you up quite grumpily already so he could have a nice cup of coffe but, he saw that you were already in tears, picking up books around a man that was currently shouting at you to stop being useless
  • he heard his teeth gritting together with how hard he was clenching his jaw, he had never run so fast in his life
  • When I tell you he flew, he flew.
  • Grabbing the man by the collar he made sure to take him to a place faraway from you. Slamming him against the wall he spoke low and dangerously
  • “Listen up you piece of garbage, you ever think about going near that library or doing anything like that ever again I’ll make sure a grave is the last thing you see bastard.” He let the man go.
  • did I mention he left him unconscious and upside down in a sewage? because he did.
  • did he enjoy that immensely? yes yes he did
  • when he came back he forced himself to comfort you, gently hugging you and making sure that you knew everything was going to be alright becsuse he was there now
  • and damn did being your hero feel good.
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Klaus: get your terminology right!

Klaus, pointing to Vanya: an accident is when your parents didnt want you but still love you

Klaus, pointing to Luther: a mistake is when your parents didnt want you and hate you

Klaus, pointing to Diego: a disappointment is when you parents wanted you but still hate you

Klaus, pointing to himself: and if your none of these? Well-

Five: we’re all accidents what are you talking about-

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