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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Cute under appreciated things people do that melt my heart:

  • Sweater paws
  • That one ‘ugly’ high pitched laugh (i.e. Catra style)
  • Cat stretching in the morning
  • When they get all excited over something they really like or know a lot about.
  • when their hair is all messed up when they wake up
  • when they’re baking and that one piece of batter is on their nose
  • when they’re super focused on something and it looks like they really want to concentrate but can’t
  • when they smile. When they really, truly smile, a smile not for you or anyone else; a smile for themselves.
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È brutto quando ti ritrovi la notte sul letto a fissare il vuoto e senti che quel vuoto ti appartiene, perché tu sei vuoto dentro. Inizi a pensare che quel vuoto sia casa tua, una casa che però non ti appartiene. E rimani lì a fissarlo, con gli occhi fermi e distanti dalla realtà, lo fissi finché non li senti bruciare e capisci che non sbatti le palpebre, capisci che quel vuoto sti sta facendo strada sempre più in profondità. Rimani a fissare il vuoto con la speranza che ti risucchi dentro e ti faccia arrivare in un locus amoenus dove tutto è perfetto, dove tutto è colorato e solare. Però poi capisci che tutto ciò è un pensiero utopico e quindi chiudi gli occhi e ti abbandoni tra le braccia di Morfeo sperando che questa sia la volta giusta per raggiungerlo per l'eternità.

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Btw we still need some people to play characters so if you’re interested just PM me and I’ll tell you who’s available!! We all have crackhead energy!! I promise it’s a lot of fun!!!!

@myeverythingisyourstruly @the-story-of-the-tucks @nancyisdad @rila-yeol-virus

  • “You’re not born gay, Steve Harrington takes a look at you and decides for you.” - Robin
  • “I once had a stare down with a deer.”- Richie
  • “My iron deficiency decided to say hello and I fell over BUT I’M GOOD.”- Stanley
  • “Me after saying I’m gonna fix my sleep schedule yet its somehow 3 a.m”- Eleven
  • “When it gets close to 12 a.m the more of a crackhead I become.”- Eddie
  • “Y'ALL CALM DOWN OR I’LL CALM YOU DOWN” - Mama Steve who is just done with his kids shit
  • “Y'all ever seen the show Ned’s declassified school survival guide? Well my siblings also used to call me coconut head.” - Will
  • “But drama? Pining? Not telling they like each other tho it’s obvious? Hell yes”- Beverly cause she just wants to see the world burn
  • “CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re now the mom to 13 little disasters!” - Nancy @ Steve who just unknowingly adopted the losers club
  • “We rocked out to fergalicious the whole way to Hawkins!” - Bill
  • “I almost touched a jellyfish and electrocuted myself” - Dustin
  • “I’m low-key a boomer when it comes to this stuff.” - Stanley
  • “Cause a bitch be anxious.” - Max
  • “They’re busy being straight.” - Richie talking about Benverly
  • “The gays are among us.” - Mike Wheeler
  • “I have no idea because the english language is shit either way.” - Mike Hanlon
  • “I legit looked like the fucking Tasmanian devil running around my room when i woke up.” - Eddie
  • “Sounds a n g s t y.” - Lucas
  • “Hold my hairspray I’m getting the kids” - Steve

Should I do a part 2 or?

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