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There’s this dude at my school who’s hella tall, got a very pretty face, nice hair, and always wears cute sweaters(aka my weakness. Seriously, guys in sweaters murder me) and I’ve literally never talked to him, but my friends and I saw him in the lunch line one day and we all fell in love automatically because of how handsome he was. Anyway, the next day we see him again and talk about him as we leave lunch walking down the hall. Literally the second I break away from them, I pass him in the hall and make eye contact with him, and it was like this weird af surreal moment. Wait it gets better. So I was at a sleepover talking about this boy, who I think is quite possibly the most attractive boy at our school, and someone points out the fact that his name is Edward. HIS NAME IS FRICKEN EDWARD. And they’re like “oh my God it’s meant to be, you’re obsessed with twilight blah blah blah” and so of course, me being me, I freak out for a second. And then I’m like “WAIT. MY NAME IS LITERALLY BELLA” and everyone’s like “yeah, exactly” so I freak out some more. Basically, I now NEED to fall in love with a boy I’ve never talked to. Wish me luck!

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is it just me ir is it really weird that smeyer named charactwrs after peoplw she knew? like, wasn’t Jacob one of her relatives or something? I get so weirded out when I’m writing and coming up with names and I start to use a name of someone i knew, like I knew a girl in first grade named Eliza so I can’t use that name. my cashiers name at hot topic was Britney so now I cant use that name either. idk its just freaky to use people that you know’s names in your writing. I would get so weirded out if someone used my name in their writing too, like ew just. ew

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