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#twilight imagines

for @ninjago1282

“Please Alistair? They really need our help,” you begged and pleaded to your mate; he was being very stubborn and showed no signs of budging. “Y/N, absolutely not, this could all be a trick, and we’d be playing right into it.” You rolled your eyes and stamped your feet into the ground, refusing to back down. “But this is Carlisle! He’d never ask for our help if it wasn’t serious.” When Emmett and Rosalie appeared on your doorstep a few days ago saying the Cullens needed your help, you didn’t hesitate to offer your help but Alistair was very skeptical.

“Unless you want me to go alone?” “No,” was his reply and you smiled, thinking you had him until he answered, “because you aren’t going either. And why should we go when they won’t tell us what is going on?” “Look, Alistair, it’s a long story, but you have to believe us. Our family really needs your help and the rest of the family is spread out around the world trying to get help. We need to get the Volturi to listen,” Rosalie said, desperately. “You’re going to try to get the Volutri to listen? If they’re involved then we’re definitely not going Y/N. End of discussion.” “But Alistair—” 

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for @robowarrior5015

- You’re dealing with two dorks at the same time

  • you have control over the one (1) brain cell between the three of you
  • one time you wanted toast, Emmett and Garrett thought it would be a good idea if their friend Kate did it instead of you using the toaster
  • of course it wasn’t a good idea and part of your counter caught fire
  • you had no idea how to explain it to your landlord and you made Emmett foot the bill to get it fixed (and the bill was not cheap)
  • but you love them anyway

- They remind you to put your bonnet on at night. Even when you don’t feel like it

- Your boys watch black youtubers with you

  • Emmett loves Jackie Aina
  • he thinks she’s hilarious
  • Emmett also does the intro for all videos
  • Garrett loves Jackie even though he doesn’t like sitting still for 20+ minutes during a tutorial

- They help you try any hairstyle you saw in a haircare tutorial 

  • so many hairclips and grease and oil everywhere
  • but they refuse to help you detangle and take out your braids
  • suddenly they have to hunt
  • you’re on your own on washday

- Emmett and Garrett are the best when you go to marches and rallies

  • they help with the signs
  • Emmett acts as a bodyguard so you don’t get hurt
  • Garrett is always getting in someone’s face (usually a cop)
  • Chris Evans who?

- When the news gets stressful for any reason they turn off the tv and turn on calming music, make your favorite snack

- You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to them

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Things you should know before requesting something (smut edition)

Warning for smut and mention of triggers 

A/N: Hi it was hard to write this. Why? Because I think too much and kind of triggered myself, but anyway please please don’t use any on the last list. Anyway if there is something you want that isn’t on here check with me first, and I’ll respond to you and also add it to this list

These are kinks/topics I WILL write for since I know them enough

If you question any on this or the other lists I seriously just looked up a list of kinks and things online haha

  • Daddy/Mommy kink
  • Dominatrix (my knowledge is a bit limited though)
  • Praise
  • Sex toys
  • Choking/breathplay
  • Spanking/impact play
  • Pain kink
  • Bondage 
  • Blind fold
  • Handcuffs
  • Shower sex
  • Car sex
  • Public sex (although idk if it’ll be good)
  • Overstimulation
  • Edging
  • Biting 
  • Angry/jealous/make up sex
  • 69
  • Gags
  • Wax/Ice
  • Masturbation
  • Hair pulling
  • Mirror sex
  • Anal (gay or straight)
  • Nipple play
  • Cupping
  • Double penetration
  • Electric play
  • Exhibitionism (may not be good though)
  • Face fucking
  • Breeding/impregnation
  • Orgasm denial

Things to use SPARINGLY (these are most likely due to triggers, but I can write them if I’m not triggered for certain things in the moment. Some of the ones above this list are triggering but I guess not as bad as these)

  • Knife play
  • Degradation 

These are kinks/topics I WON’T write for since I don’t know them, or might be uncomfortable with (meaning they’re probably triggers)

  • Pee/poop/vomit (I forgot what this is called)
  • Consensual nonconcent (hi, I beg you please don’t even think about this I don’t care if it’s technically consensual)
  • Age play/big age gap (where one would be underage and the other not, you get the point)
  • Fisting
  • Foot fetish (I wouldnt know how to write this)
  • Blood play (I know I’ve mentioned blood in maybe like two smuts, but those weren’t necessarily blood play)
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for @bellenuitcesoir

- Leah did NOT feel like sharing, but at least it was with the one person in the pack that she tolerated

  • if she had to share her girlfriend with Paul or Jared she would’ve lost it

- But she learned to get use it and found that it wasn’t so bad

  • at least it was with Embry

- If you family barely speaks English, then Embry and Leah will download duolingo with the quickness

- Your mom is always cooking for them

  • and they use this to rub it in your face
  • whenever you go to pick something from a plate of food your mom will slap your hand away with a wooden spoon
  • “that’s not for you”
  • you honestly can’t remember the last time she made you something just because

- Not that you mind because it means that Leah and Embry are family

- You were pretty nervous about meeting Leah and Embry’s moms

  • Leah warned you that her mom would be a little tough but Seth adores you
  • Embry’s mom Tiffany is ecstatic because her little boy brought home a girl
  • she immediately shows you every picture and video of him as a baby

- Everyone gets along, the parents hang out with one another

- This is the most relaxed Leah has been in years

- You trust them so completely

  • which was rare because you hardly trust people so quickly
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for @faralasunita

When the Cullens found out that you were pregnant, everyone was prepared and knew what to expect this time around and Bella was your biggest help while Renesmee was excited for a cousin just like her, but then it got you thinking. Yes your child would be half vampire but also half white, and everyone was so caught up in how much your child would be like Nessie that they just forgot the kid would also be mixed race. Would they identify as black or mixed? How would they be treated in the human world once they were old enough? Whether or not they drank blood was the least of your concern and you had to be the one to bring everyone back to reality.

“Guys, you do know that this kid will be mixed right? We can worry about everything else later, but right now we need to talk about the reality of raising a mixed child and how they’re going to be seen when they navigate the human world.” The room was quiet as you finished your sentence and everyone looked guilty for not realizing it before and Esme was the first to speak. “Of course Y/N, you’re absolutely right. I’m sorry we didn’t come to this conclusion earlier.” You had mixed race cousins who always had a story or two about racist white or nonwhite grandparents or a white or nonwhite mother who showed her true colors, and you took that into consideration.

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for @sugarbby99

When Naomi had gone back to school after spring break, she had already booked her first job for a major makeup and skincare line, and her first runway show for a major fashion house which everyone had found out about, and she wasn’t even thinking about Bella and Edward. She went to junior prom with her friends, and all anyone could really talk about was Edward’s bad timing. “Imagine breaking up with your girlfriend only for her to become a model not even a month later,” a jock whispered to his friend as they caught sight of her in her dress by the punch bowl. “She’s not gonna stay single for long,” the other boy whispered back, but she didn’t pay them any mind, no matter how much her friends reminded her of it, and Naomi didn’t even want to think about getting into another relationship. That night, she, Larissa, Meghan and Brie were the textbook definitions of black girl magic and carefree black girl as they got their life to (some) of the songs played. On the other side of the room while Edward was waiting for Bella to finish her conversation with Jacob Black, he got a good look at Naomi dancing with her friends.

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Emmett buys a Naruto jacket online and vampire speed Naruto-runs through the woods outside Forks High School only when Edward signals that Mike Newton is looking out the window. 

The mysterious Naruto haunts Mike his entire senior year but he can’t tell anyone because if Eric saw it he’d mention it at lunch and if Angela saw it she’d blame Eric…so who the fuck is pretending to be Naruto and why hasn’t anyone else seen them??

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imagine for @moon-amethyyst

You loved the Cullens and they were like a second family to you. You got along well with everyone, but you had a close bond with Edward as he was the one you saw everyday since Emmett and Rosalie decided to live on their own as a married couple a few years back. You didn’t think there was anything inappropriate about your relationship, you knew he was with Bella, and respected that; you were married to his brother Jasper, and you knew your boundaries, and if Jasper didn’t see the harm in it, why should anyone else? You and Edward had bonded over your love of playing music and over the fact that you’ve known Edward ever since you were children in Chicago as your mother was a maid for the Masen family while your father was overseas in WW I. None of that calmed Bella down.

The human was so convinced that you wanted Edward for yourself, that you were only using Jasper, when one night you just fucking snapped. Bella was supposed to come over after school and you had one of the biggest fucking migraines this decade. All because of her. Of course you couldn’t tell her off in a school full of humans so you just did what you always did. You just suppressed it and held it in to not cause an argument and it was beginning to take its toll.

When your mother was alive, she had always told you about white women weaponizing their tears to gain sympathy from other people and she told you to hold your tongue and ignore it, but this was a different time than a 100 years and your mother isn’t around, so you would speak your mind, and no one was going to beat your ass about it. Bella was supposed to be coming over after her shift at Newton’s and you were mentally preparing yourself. “Y/N will you please be on your best behavior? I know you don’t like her, but this is important to Edward,” your husband pleaded to you, twirling a finger through one of your coils. “I’m always on my best behavior. She complicates shit for no reason.” It was true, you never did anything to her, but she was so threatened by you, and for what?

Truth be told, if you wanted Edward for yourself, you would’ve made a move on him the second interracial relationships were legal. You didn’t see Edward in a romantic light, nor did he reciprocate those feelings for you; the two of you only ever saw each other as brother and sister. When Bella came around later that day, you saw how happy Edward was, sitting at his piano with Bella next to him, and he was truly in love. Then a few minutes later, everything had gone to shit.

Edward was telling a story about your childhood that involved things of the past: you and Edward playing in the attic of his house in Chicago. Your mom making vanilla ice cream during the summer, and you still had the same inside jokes from your childhood. Bella rolled her eyes as Edward called you queen; your favorite game was when you would pretend to be the queen of your own kingdom and Edward would defend you from the knights of the opposing kingdom. Even Jasper laughed as you acted out a “scene”. Everyone found it funny except for her.

“I’m still having a hard time believing nothing ever happened,” Bella muttered. This. This was the final straw, and you finally had enough, and something like a switch flipped. “And I’m still having a hard time believing that I’m still explaining this to you. Nothing ever happened between Edward and I, and it never will happen and you wanna know why? BECAUSE. HE’S. MY. BROTHER! How many times do I have to explain this to you? If I wanted Edward I would’ve done something in 1967 when it was legal to do so! He loves you! He is with you! What more does Edward have to do to prove his love for you? If you bring this up again, I swear on my parents’ graves that I will not hesitate to hex you. Are we understood?” The living room was quiet after your rant, and Bella looked like she was getting ready to cry. “Don’t even think about crying, I have told you over and over again that I do not want Edward but you wouldn’t listen. Wipe those tears.”

“Are we understood Isabella? It’s a yes or no question.” She nodded her head and her bottom lip quivered. Edward just glared at you and you shrugged your shoulders; you will not be made to be the villain. Edward ended up taking Bella home and he still glared back at you as they walked out the door. “Don’t you think you were a little harsh angel?” Jasper whispered. 

“You thought that was harsh? That was tamed compared to what I wanted to say, and I have been nothing but nice to that girl, and I told her over and over again that nothing has ever, or will ever happen between me and Edward but the girl was stubborn. If she has a problem then she can see her way out.” There was absolutely no way you will be villainized for defending yourself because some little white girl started crying, and you won’t apologize for what you said either. You telling your truth is not the end of the world and Bella will get over it.

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Twilight Characters as Tiny Meat Gang Lyrics

Bella - “Run your mouth, boy, you can take a hike! (take a hike)

Gloves off bitch, I’m feeling impolite! (get lost)”

Edward - “I ain’t tryna poke it down unless we tradin’ bands, lil bitch.”

Jacob - “All my shirt tags say XM (extra). Got girls sayin’ I’m their best friend.”

Alice - “That’s called money in the bank.

I put 91-Premium in my BMW gas tank

Because I’m fucking rich,

And you’re fucking poor.”

Jasper - “She got that cookies and cream, I call her Shake Shack,

I got that IHOP dick, she call me short stack! (Ay)”

Emmett -  “Now I'ma need written consent.

Please fill out this form describing the context,

Granting me the option to feel on your breasts,

I’m tryna be nasty with some respect.”

Rosalie - “I fucked yo bitch

Two shots of Henney and she let me hit (ayy)

Making a mess of yo bed

She texting yo phone while she givin’ me head (yah)”

Esme - “I pull up in a foreign whip, you hear my Honda Civic.

I pulled another foreign bitch, I think (s)he might be British”.

Carlisle - “I’m getting married and taking her name

You say it’s gay? Stay in your lane.”

Charlie - “Stole your bitch, was a breeze, she a super-fan.

She a ho, ‘cause she’s fucking with my farmers tan.”

Seth, Paul, Quil, and Embry - “And I don’t give a fuck about nothin’,

Your girl is in the kitchen and I know she’s cookin’ muffins!”

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Anonymous said:

The angst imagine of Rosalie x Volturi is amazing!! Maybe a part 2?

It’s at the ball that the Volturi hold like they do every few decades where Rosalie crosses paths with them once again. She sneered at them and as they probably thought they had the chance to try and convince her once again to leave her coven, now that she was on their turf. 

She wouldn’t give them the chance. 

“How many times do I have to say it?! I will not join you and your coven?! Just leave me be!” She practically screeched at them. Audience be damned. 

Silence reigned.

Conversations ceased. 

Every pair of eyes, crimson and gold were watching the both of them. 

To see who would strike first. 

Instead of despair and utter sadness that always showed in their whenever she rejected them, Rosalie was more than surprised by what happened next. 

They stood taller now, at their full height. Their volturi cloak draped over them as if it were a second skin, the warmth in their gaze was replaced by a cold, calculating expression. 

“Miss. I have not laid eyes on you in my entire vampire existence. But now that I have, I can say without a shred of doubt that I would not want you to join my coven. If I had any desire to know you, it is gone now. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your evening." 

And with that, they walked away, the crowd parting as if it were the red sea and they joined their fellow guard members.

Leaving a flabbergasted Rosalie behind. 

Out of all the gazes that made contact with her own, none saw through her more than the gaze of Marcus Volturi. 

Gods up above. What had she done? 

{This was so much fun to write! Anyone interested in a part 3? -Mod Alex}

Tag list: @twilightfansofcolor

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Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

You alarm started going off, and you only cried harder. Pushing yourself up off the ground, you walked across your apartment to turn the alarm off. It was already 6AM, and you hadn’t slept at all. In fact, you hadn’t done anything since talking to Heidi the day before. You’d gone back to your rooms, sat down against the wall, and cried. And now you had to get up, and do something, anything. You needed to change your clothes, probably take a shower, brush your teeth, eat something…maybe not in that order. 

Your joints felt stiff as you wandered towards the bathroom. Would today be the day you died? You were sure the answer was yes, unless they waited to interview the new secretary before getting rid of you.

If you were being honest with yourself, you had come to terms with your own mortality weeks ago, after realizing that you were working for vampires. Dying wasn’t really what was on your mind, no, you were worried about something else.

Before you knew what you were doing, you were walking toward’s Heidi’s rooms. You told yourself she wouldn’t even be there, in which case you would turn around and get ready for the day.

You knocked, and before you had a chance to lower your hand, Heidi flung the door open.

She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, even down to the stilettos.

“Why?” you asked.

“What do you mean, Y/N?”

“Why were you toying with me? Why are you going to kill me? I’ve been doing my best,” you said, your voice cracking. You knew you were mixing your role as secretary with your relationship with her. “I think I love you,” you said, covering your mouth as you began to sob.

You felt her hands on you, and you thought it would be the end of you before she pulled you to her chest. She swept you off your feel, depositing you in her bed as she kicked off her shoes. Maybe she was going to eat you, you thought, and you laid heavily on her bed like a dead fish, tears trailing down your face.

“Oh, Y/N,” Heidi said, wiping away the salty tears. “I have never toyed with you. I love you too, so much. You must believe me,” she urged, tugging at your limp body until you were curled up in her embrace. She kissed your forehead, your cheeks, your neck, your collarbone, any skin she could reach. Her hands tugged at your tucked-in shirt until she could sneak her hand under to rub your back. The cold touch made you shiver, but she continued her ministrations until your heart had slowed and your breathing had evened.

“I got emails for the secretary ad,” you whispered. “I don’t know what I’ve done…” you said, your chest heaving.

“Shh, calm yourself,” Hedi murmured, pushing the hair out of your face that had stuck to your teary cheeks. “That is for your replacement, yes, but you aren’t going anywhere. No one is allowed to hurt you,” Heidi said, with enough confidence that you looked into her eyes. You got lost for a minute in the deep crimson of her eyes,

“I don’t understand,” you admitted.

“You are my mate, Y/N,” Heidi said, tucking your hair behind one of your ears. “And when I turn you, we will need a new secretary.”

Your eyebrows drew together. “Turn me?”

“Into a vampire,” Heidi said. Your mouth fell slightly open, and she took the chance to lean in and kiss you. She straddled your hips, taking one of your wrists in each hand as she trailed wet kisses across your cheek, down your neck…

“Will you stay with me forever, Y/N?” She asked.

“Yes,” you whispered.

Venom pooled in Heidi’s mouth. She located your artery, biting down sharply as she pinned your wrists out to the side. You let out a surprised cry, wriggling involuntarily at the discomfort. Heidi forced herself to let go, panting heavily.

“I know, I know,” she whispered as you began to scream out. She heard heavy footsteps, and the voices of Renata and Felix outside her door before they took off to find Alec.

A few hours later, Aro and Marcus scrolled through the email and selected their next victim. Er, secretary.

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What if our boy Eddie decided to audition for the high school play in order to impress his lady love without first reading which play he was auditioning for? He uses a monologue from Romeo and Juliet and does super well (cause he’s dramatic and angsty as shit) and the whole Cullen family waits with bated unnecessary breath for the cast list to come out and when it does…

Ta-da, Edward is cast as the lead in Peter Pan and must now sing about how he will never grow up while Bella loses her shit in the audience at every single matinee. 

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not requested

Naomi and Edward. Edward and Naomi. You couldn’t say one name without thinking of the other, it was impossible to separate the two of them. Naomi Mitchell and Edward Cullen were the most popular couple at Forks High School, and the best looking couple as well. They were goals, but they were extremely lowkey, never really flaunting their relationship except for a few kisses here and there.

Naomi thought they had a good thing going until Isabella Swan came to Forks. She didn’t think much of the chief’s daughter except for the fact that she looked skittish whenever a boy tried to talk to her, but Naomi was on the school’s welcoming committee, so she had the task of showing Isabella, or Bella as she liked to be called, around school and letting Bella sit with her friends. When Naomi left for Seattle with her mom to visit her sick dad, Edward had absolutely despised Bella, but when she came back, he was always talking to her, and everyone was talking about it. It was all her friends were talking about in the group chat. Girl, you really need to talk to Edward, because new girl beginning to be a problem. i’m surprised Jessica and them didn’t fill her in, her friend Larissa typed.

All this talk about Bella Swan was overshadowing her good news she received in Seattle. Naomi had been scouted by one of the biggest model agencies in the world, known for representing the biggest models in the fashion industry like her namesake Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, Iman, and Heidi Klum. Naomi typed back, ain’t shit happening between her and Edward, he can’t stand her. now can you, meghan and brie stfu so I can tell yall what happened in seattle? Three dots popped up just as Naomi began to type. homegirl goin around sayin Edward saved her from tyler’s van.

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Follow your orders


fic where the reader is the very first vampire like the mother of all vampires and she visits the volturi and scolds them for their bad behavior like their 1 year olds and this is around the time the cullens are there because edward was gonna expose himself. Maybe she’s actually like a vampire (like fangs, blood red eyes, dark cloak: the stereotype vampire)

Request by @fandomnationwhore


Sighing, I look towards my children. As of late each of their actions have been displeasing. Exposure of our kind. Controlling other covens. The only one who gets to control is me.

I am the mother of the night. Giver of a second life. Regeant for all new beginnings. Creator of a superior species. Queen of the vampires. A blessing upon strong and curse upon the weak.

Standing from my throne, I toss the letter of recents reports my spies have gathered and clicked my tongue.

My children have displeased me, acting like worms and leeches to each other. Snapping my fingers once, my servant and son James walks through the door.

“You called Mother,” he says getting down on one knee, bowing to me.

I gesture for him to rise and continue “ I have a situation. You James are one the best trackers, locate the Volturi and Olympic covens, and find when the are meeting. You have 35 minutes to do so. That is more than enough time, so go,” I say staring down at the feral blonde.

“Yes mother,” he says and turns to complete his tasks. Heading to my chambers, I pay no mind to the hundreds of servants and pets, who bow down as I pass.

“Novia,” I call. Within seconds the short Cameroonian girl appears behind me, already bowing. I don’t turn to look at her

“Yes Queen Mother?” She says sweetly, making me smirk. I’ve always loved how her voice sounds, especially right after she has eaten.

“Prepare a warning to the Cullens and Volturi. They both need to taught a lesson about order,” I says calmy.

Novia stands and smirks. “Yes mother. Who shall I have complete the task?”

“Who you shall deem fit, I trust you are ready for such tasks,” I say turning to the girl.

I can hear the excitement and energy coursing through her veins as she says “right away my queen,” and skips out to complete her task.

Walking to my closet, I walk past the dozens of boring outfits, each covered with diamonds,pearls, and other crystals.

Past the organza, satin, and neoprene. Beyond the blood reds, matte black, and ash gray outfits.

Stopping in front of my velvet cobalt blues. Using my powers, I breeze through the different options till I find the one I want.

“Finally,” I say levitating the dress off the rack. It was a slim long sleeve dress, that tightened around my top half and lightly flowed at the bottom. With the dress ending just below my feet.

Within a snap of my fingers, the dress was pressed, ready and on my body.

The evening sky blue inside of the dress helped complement the ice gray on top of it. The sleeves went down to the back of my hands, ending in points as light blue and gold embordiary lay across the gown.

Putting on the matching shoes. I walk further into my closet for my crown. Walking past several others before I stop infront of the gold sapphire crown.

Placing the fifteen pound, 17th century crown. A gift from the Queen of France for my blessing. It wasn’t a favorite, or most expensive or meaning.

Picking up the trinket, I gently place it on my head. Giving my self one final look. I say “ this will do for now,” and walk out of my closet.

“Oh mother,” says James, waiting out my chamber doors. I walk over to the blonde and frown seeing him struggle to rise.

“You have returned from your task,” I state taking in James injured appearances, “yet you are injured. Step forward to I may heal you, James,” I say putting one hand out.

Clutching his torso and limping, James steps closer to me. I gently place my finger tips on to his forehead, making the cracks in his skin and fractured leg, heal into plus, while cleaning up his hair, and putting fresh clothes on him.

I never understood why he chose those filthy rags of ripped up jeans and a necklace but it made him happy. So, I gave him a fresh pair of jeans with a new belt and a leather jacket. I didn’t bother with a shirt on him.

Removing my fingers from his forehead. James releases a soothing and relaxed sigh that brings a smile onto my face.

“Good as new, my boy,” I say as he is about to bend down, “there is no need for that my child. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t heal you,” I say cupping my hand around his gentle face.

“Yes mother,” he says prepping his arm out. Even though James is one of my more actively hunting kids. He and his coven always came to see me.

Taking his arm, we walk steadily as we arrive to the doors of the castle. Novia and two guards stood together at the doors.

“Hello Mother,” says the trio bowing to me.

“Hello children,” I say letting go of James’ arm. He moves next to Novia as I say “have you all completed your tasks from earlier?” I ask.

James gives me a curt nod, as the two guards each pulls out a small chest. Novia opens the chest and reveals two shimmering orbs.

I smile at the kids. “Well done, my sweets. Come come it’s time to go,” I say as Novia closes the chests.

“Wait Queen Mother,” says a high pitched voice coming towards us.

I look towards that direction of the child like voice to see Katja running down the hall with a giant cloak above her head.

“Hold on, mommy. I have something,” she says finally reaching us. The young 6 year old vampire smiles and holds up several cloaks.

Wearing a little black sundress, she skids into a halt infront of the group.

“You nearly forgot your cloaks,”she says. I smile at Clara, one of the physically youngest daughters I have.

“Thank you little one,” I say as Novia takes my dark bison hide cloak and drapes it across my shoulders and secures the leather straps and covers my head and crown in the wolf fur hood.

I give her a simple thank you as I drape on her dark navy cloak and fix her hair a bit before standing straight.

One of the guards holds their hand out for me. I gently take it, as the other guard grabs James and Novia.

Within the blink of an eye, we leave my castle and enter the hallways of the Vulturi home. Letting go of the guard, I frown at the stench of old blood and the decapitated human head on the floor.

“Disgusting,how do you kids live like this?” I say, “honestly this place is a mess. Dust,blood, and bones are everywhere. Ugh I must talk to A—,”

Looking to one of the guards chests, I sigh. “Right, I ordered you to handle that issue. Well then come,” I say as the scent of blood hits my nose.

No one else notices the scent, since it was far out of there range. Slowly and quietly we walk to main room of the Vulturi home as Calculate how man humans there were.

There were 12 in total. *Must be tourists* I thought since it there was some festival or celebrations outside.

There were nine females and three males in the group. From the foot steps they were all in good health, under thirty years of age, with steady heart beats.

I turn away from the sweet coppery scent as my children turn and growl at it. “Come now children we must work first then eat,” I say as they continue to look down the path towards the humans.

I frown slightly seeing how James struggles to compose him self. As all of my children struggle to compose themselves.

My heart tingles seeing their hunger,but they must learn to hold their own as Vampires. Clapping my hands, the children send me a glance as I look at them.

“Come my loves,” I say holding out a hand to them. Slowly and fighting their hunger one by one my children hold hands together. And we walk away from the scent of human blood.

With each step they regain their composure until they are no longer holding my hands and standing tall.

I give a smile to them but as soon as my smile came it went away as we stood in front of the doors of the Vulturi main room. I could smell who was behind those doors.

All of the members of both the Vulturi and Cullen clans and one human.

My two guards draw their weapons and open the door. Both of them moving in complete synchronization as light from the room entered on their gold and black armor.

No one could see my face but everyone instantly bowed and got down on their knees. All besides the human.

I opted to ignore the human upon seeing my poor grandson Edward being held in chains by his Vulturi brothers.

I don’t bother to tell any of them to rise as I walk over to the poor boy.

Cracks and fractures cascaded down from around his wrists and neck. Barely able to bring his head up. I run my fingers through Edward’s smooth hair.

Letting the chains turn to rust and ash as his wounds heal. He takes deep breaths as he slowly rises to his feet and open his mouth.

“Hello Queen Mother,” he says meekly. I could tell he was nervous like most of my children meeting me. I wanted to hug him. But I couldn’t not right now.

Not if my children think it’s okay to hurt and harm eachother for some fake personal vendetta.

“Go join your coven and human while I discuss with your Vulturi brothers,” I say. Edward nods and bows and walks off to his coven before I turn to the Vulturi with a scowl on my face.

With their red and clad black cloaks on their backs and still on their knees. I walked up to Aro and Marcus and smacked them.

The boys winced. I could see the small cracks on both of their faces. But I would not heal them.

“Does any one know what that was for?” I say scanning the crowd filled with members of the Vulturi Coven. My children. My babes. “That was for the mistreatment of your siblings.”

I watched as some of them tense and fidget. “Because you lot have seemingly forgotten that family comes before all. That you don’t fight each other. Than you are a family before you are a coven!

“This is unacceptable for you kids to genuinely think it is okay to even raise a hand upon your siblings and believe that I won’t know it. That I your mother, your queen, the first Vampire, Leader of this Race and Species would not know that you are trying to execute your siblings,” I scream making the children since as the ground shook beneath me.

“Stand up all of you,” I say. Synchronized all of the Vulturi children rise and stand.

“You believe that due to your covens power. A power that I have blessed you with and can take away any moment. That you are better than your siblings. Right! Right?” I ask.

Some of the children take a step back as the collectively say yes.

“What was that ? I couldn’t here you,”

“Yes, Queen Mother” they yelled.

“When what is the truth? My dear Jane,” I call making the nervous short blonde take a deep breath. “What is the truth?”

“The truth is that we are all a family, no matter our coven, our belief, or our differences. We are a family. You as our mother and queen. Us as your subjects and children.” She says timidly.

“Say it again for your siblings my dear,” I command. “But this time Aro will say it. Seeing as he is your coven leader that you have chosen. My dear Aro, please educate your younger siblings on the works of family,” I say coldly.

Aro slowly steps forward and calms his nervous facade. And with grace and elegance says “The truth is that we are all a family, no matter our coven, our belief, or our differences. We are a family. You as our mother and queen. Us as your subjects and children.”

Aro says it perfectly and so will his coven. Slowly yet surely. I call each of my children’s name and make them recite of the family values. One by One. Word by Word.

I could hear the humans light giggles as my last son and newest member of the Vulturi Coven Daniel finishes.

“Good Daniel,” I say turn to the Olympic coven. “Now Carlisle I believe this human is Isabella Swan,” I say making the young girl gasp and look at Edward terrified.

“Yes, Mother this is she,” says Carlisle calmly.

“Good. This is she want to be a future Vampire especially of your coven then she is the perfect person to start us off.” I say making Edward and Carlisle open their mouths to objection only to be met with a flick of my wrist.

“Isabella,” I call, making her straighten up. “Recites the values of family. Surely you have been paying attention. Seeing as over 20 of my children have said them.”

“Y-Yes your Highness,” She says timidly and clearing her throat before saying “The truth is that we are all a family, no matter our coven, our belief, or our differences. We are a family. You as our mother and queen. Us as your subjects and children.”

I give the small girl a smile and a curt nod before the rest of the Olympic Coven says the values.

Once every one of the two Covens had said the values I turn back to the Vulturi.

“What have we learned today or for some been reminded off”

“That we are family that goes beyond our covens and should not act in childish manors. And that if we should have a dispute come to you and handle them.” Says Daniel leaving everyone else in the room to nod and agree.

“The next time I come here and see that your have forgotten your values it’ll be more than some words and a flick. Be sure that due to your recent actions, I will checking up on all of you so expect visitors. Clean your homes and prepare for the family,” I say.

All of my children and the human bow their head before saying “Yes, Queen Mother.”

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Slowly but surely, Bella Swan was beginning to get better. It wasn’t an overnight thing, more gradual but you could see the changes. She began taking better care of herself, doing things to keep her mind off him. In the middle of January, she started buying herbal teas to drink every night to help her sleep, she began reading before bed to stave off nightmares and it worked. Every morning after she woke up, she would look in the mirror and wouldn’t see the dark circles under her eyes.

The look in her eyes were brighter, and she smiled for the first time on the last Saturday in January. Charlie was surprised to see her at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal and scrolling through her phone. Bella sat her phone down on the table when she heard her dad coming down the stairs. “Mornin’ dad. Going fishing?” she asked, looking pointedly at the tackle box and fishing rods in his hands, and it took him a while to come up with a response. “Uh, yeah, but not until this afternoon, when it warms up. I’m just going with Billy and some guys from the station. What’re you up today?”

“Just going to pick up an order of books in Port Angeles then seeing a movie with Jessica and Angela. Is that okay?” Charlie dropped the package of cheese when he heard his daughter’s answer. “Y-yeah, more than okay. Just to be clear, just your books and then a movie? No stopping off anywhere?” The last time Bella stopped off somewhere, she said she saw a bear in the woods. “Well, I might get some gas on the way to Port Angeles, but that’s it.”

Charlie just stared at his daughter, trying to find the lie, but it was useless; Bella was always a terrible liar so he knew she was telling the truth. “Okay, just call me when you get there, and don’t forget to pack the pepper spray and the boxcutter I gave you.” He continued to get the stuff out the fridge for the sandwiches he was making while trying to keep his eyes on Bella who was pouring another bowl of apple cinnamon cheerios. “Sure Dad.” Charlie sat down on the other side of the table, watching her eat.

“Is everything okay Dad?” Bella asked him when his eyes didn’t leave her face. He noticed that her voice had a little bit more life than it did four months ago, and she was the one who initiated conversation this time. “Oh, yeah, I’m fine… I’m a little more worried about you. Are you okay Bells?” “I’m not completely healed, but that’s okay. I know he’s not coming back, and it still hurts, but not as much as it used to. It’s just time for me to start moving on.” Charlie felt a little bit better when he heard her response, but he was still royally pissed at Edward for what he had done.

“That sounds… very mature. First heartbreak isn’t easy, but it’s not the end of the world. Life goes on, and one day– hopefully a long time from now– you’ll find someone who treats you like a queen.” Bella smiled as she rinsed out her bowl and spoon. “Thanks Dad.” “So what movie are you girls planning on seeing?” 

“Don’t know yet. Jess wants to see the new joker movie and Angela wants to see Maleficent, so we’ll probably end up seeing both. I gotta go get ready, the bookstore opens at 10, and I have quite a bit of driving to do.” He heard Bella rummaging around her bedroom for clothes, then the water being turned on in the bathroom. 


Once Bella had her books, she sat down at a table with one of her newest purchases and a cup of hot chocolate, passing time until it was time to meet her friends at the movies. She was so into her book that she didn’t realize until someone was standing over her. A very handsome someone. “Can I help you?” she asked. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bother you, but I couldn’t help but notice that you’re really into that book. Is it that good?”

“It depends if you’re into art history, but I think it’s pretty good. I’m just trying something new. I’m Bella Swan by the way.” The guy introduced himself as Brendan Sinclair, and they ended up talking for half an hour until Bella’s timer went off, giving her a twenty minute warning for her movie. She was pretty upset that she had to leave him but they exchanged numbers as he walked her to her truck. “Hey Bella, I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything next Saturday afternoon, if you would like to roller skating? If that’s not your thing then we could do something else.”

“I’d like that, but I have to warn you, I’m kind of a klutz.” Brenden smiled at her, and it took her breath away. “Then we’ll just be klutzes together. Is one o’clock okay?” “It’s perfect.” He watched her as she pulled out of the parking lot and Bella let out a little squeal on her way to the movie theater, eager to tell Jessica and Angela what had happened. 

Was Bella healed from Edward? No, but she was one step closer to moving on.

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