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#twilight renaissance

is it just me ir is it really weird that smeyer named charactwrs after peoplw she knew? like, wasn’t Jacob one of her relatives or something? I get so weirded out when I’m writing and coming up with names and I start to use a name of someone i knew, like I knew a girl in first grade named Eliza so I can’t use that name. my cashiers name at hot topic was Britney so now I cant use that name either. idk its just freaky to use people that you know’s names in your writing. I would get so weirded out if someone used my name in their writing too, like ew just. ew

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@starkrobb replied to your post “twilight renaissance | part 6 pairing: vampire!Bucky…”

also is nat a vampire too or she just used to date james? i honestly don’t remember if it’s been mentioned before bc i have the worst memory pls help :(

It hasn’t been mentioned till now don't’ worry abe your memory’s fine! When I started writing I hadn’t decided it yet! Now I have BUT you’ll have to find out in the next chapters eheheh <3

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all the kids who thought augustus putting an unlit cigarette in his mouth was the most sophisticated metaphor they had encountered clearly never saw the scene in twilight where edward is glaring at bella in the bio classroom, thinking of all the ways he can kill her efficiently while also having intense emotional turmoil about how giving into his natural masochistic instincts will unequivocally  disappoint his only father figure (that we know of) and further his eternal damnation, with the stuffed owl wings behind him looking like an angel’s wings and hence depicting how his sense of morality and empathy make him undoubtably good, despite his own personal beliefs of his soul (or lack thereof)

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Yes hello hi sorry to bother you but omg osksjsjs I just read your vampire bucky social media au and holy mother of god is it perfect I love it so much! I really love your blog and your writing k I'll shut up now bye have a lovely night

Sweetheart, why would you ever apologize omg??? You just made my freaking day asdfghjkl nay, my whole weekend!!!! Thank you so much for this, sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I wasn’t home last night aaaahhh I adore you ok?  💗💖💓💞💕

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So, I’d love to be tagged in Twilight Renaissance if you have any available spots left. It just ran through the first 6 parts, and I’m wholly invested now. And as a former Twihard, I am here for this.

Hi thereee haha yes I’ll tag you, no problem!!! I wasn’t that much of a twihard but I did read all the books lmao plus I love supernatural plots involving vampires and right now I’m obessed with Choices’ Bloodbound because it’s such a good vampire book :’) Anyway, glad you like the story 💕

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Hey hun can I be tagged in twilight Renaissance? I lost it but now I found it again and I need it to stay in my life uwu it's fantastic

Absolutely!!! I’m so happy you found it again aaaah I know how frustrated I get when I lose fics I like oof 💕thanks, darling!

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