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#twilight revival

So it’s confirmed in Midnight Sun that Charlie’s thoughts are partially blocked to Edward (he can only catch the general tone/feeling of what he’s thinking), but it’s not like Bella where he can’t her thoughts at all.

It’s also canon that vampires who share genetics can have similiar abilities. (Edward and Bella with Renesmee, Jane and Alec, ectc).

Ergo, if Charlie Swan were to become a vampire (wouldn’t THAT be a trip) he would totally have the ability of a partial shield: not completely immune to mental vampire powers like his daughter, but the full potency of the vampire gift cannot be used on him.

So like Jane could make him feel some level of pain, but not completely incapacitate him, or Alec could cloud his senses but not totally deprive him of his senses. 

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you: edward would not love bella if he could read every stupid thought that flashes through her mind

me, an intellectual: edward would still try to humanize his signer by listening to her conversations with others at school and, eventually, offering her his phone number to work together on homework projects from afar as they always seem to end up partners in their shared classes because they are both viewed as outsiders by the other teens in forks. after months of this, he would eventually fall in love with her at a distance where he cannot hear her mental conjectures about whether or not he is, in fact, spiderman. someday he will have to contend with his girlfriend’s strange fixation on adonis and plans to cook meals as vegetable-free as possible.

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Summary: The one thing Demetri did not expect at the trial of a possible immortal child was for his mate to clumsily stumble and stutter her way into his life.

Word count: 2,849

Warnings: Swearing, angst but ends in fluff. Sweet, sweet fluff.


For all intents and purposes, Demetri considered himself to be content in his current position with the Volturi. He was the best tracker in the world after a full century of honing his abilities. He had life-long friends in the forms of Felix and Heidi, a modest amount of wealth secured under his belt… Yes, overall, Demetri would say that he was perfectly content with how his life was.

Except for one thing; he did not have a mate to share his life with.

Over the years, the vampire had seen many relationships form and weave together both within the ranks fo the Volturi and outside. The precious, unbreakable bond between two beings was something that he yearned for, but after two centuries, his hopes waned. It nagged at his mind in the quiet moments. Whenever he shared a night with someone who’s name he cared not to remember. Whenever he would be walking down the halls of the Volturi’s residence and would out of the corner of his eye, see Marcus staring at a painting of his late beloved with a sad fondness. And even now though fleeting, as he surveyed the faces of the vampires gathered today to defend themselves, standing side-by-side their beloved mates.

Face calm and collected, he showed no sign of emotion as he observed the trial before him. The Cullens had gone ahead and meddled with the carefully-placed rules of their kind and played God by creating an immortal child, the mind-reader and his mate being at the forefront of the drama. As per usual.

The thing that made him finally quirk and eyebrow a the situation and finally show some interest was when the immortal child herself came forward. Demetri could hear her strange little heart fluttering away from where he stood.

The accuser, Irina, was now in some deep trouble. He moved forward and grappled the ill-informed vampire, pushing her to her knees before Caius and Felix.

The screams of her coven mates as she burned etched into his memory. Tanya and Kate charged forward, grief and fury shown in equal measure on their faces. A nomad tackled Kate, whereas another unknown vampire attempted to hold Tanya down, only to be thrown forward.

Edward Cullen had taken the fallen vampire’s place, holding her back and whispering something Demetri couldn’t make out. Had he not been as alert as he was, he might have missed the new sound to reach his ears. Another heartbeat.

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hot twilight take #16

emmett mccarty cullen who doesn’t eat bears. emmett who loves bears.

“thanks to the bears i have the best life ever. my wife, my family, eternity.”

emmett cullen who doesn’t realize it. but given the choice between eternity with him or humanity alone, rosalie would always choose him

rosalie who never asked for this life. rosalie who thinks her brother’s selfish

rosalie who yearns for more

rosalie who’s only light is her husband

rosalie and emmett taking the world by storm.

emmett and rosalie opening a chain of preschools

emmett and rosalie tutoring younger students

rosalie and emmett providing defense against those who have been abused

rosalie who hold the hand of witnesses as they testify against the men who hurt them

emmett who provides a physical barrier.

“he will never put his hands on you again. he will not so much as even look at you”

emmett and rosalie doing good with their eternity

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is it just me ir is it really weird that smeyer named charactwrs after peoplw she knew? like, wasn’t Jacob one of her relatives or something? I get so weirded out when I’m writing and coming up with names and I start to use a name of someone i knew, like I knew a girl in first grade named Eliza so I can’t use that name. my cashiers name at hot topic was Britney so now I cant use that name either. idk its just freaky to use people that you know’s names in your writing. I would get so weirded out if someone used my name in their writing too, like ew just. ew

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