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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I doodled this at work a while back but never posted it bc my handwriting was illegible. I’m too lazy to clean it up so I just typed over it

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Me: There’s nothing I respect more than the diversity of thought and expertise among people in a community, and there is no field that does not contribute significantly to the fabric of society

Me, earlier that day: I don’t care for business majors

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if you went to benihana and watched the chef make food on that big griddle and in the end just eat it all themselves, would that be fucked up or what

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It’s the Whoring 20s and I’m ready to live my life like Winnie the Pooh… crop top… pussy out… fat as all shit… loves his friends, zero thoughts in his head… delectable lifestyle

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I’ve been browsing a lot of real estate sites lately and the conclusion is - 90% of the flats out there are ugly as fuck and I don’t know how people live in them and what communist genius architect designed them, because they’re totally not functional, and they’re not worth of their price (I’m talking about old flats here, but new architecture is no better). I’m praying to Hades that the thing with my future flat goes well, because I will never find another place perfect like that and for such price.

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romance died when they shut down club penguin. i still remember my first pizzeria date… she dumped me when she found out i was a girl (i was wearing a suit and she assumed i was a boy) and it broke my heart so much i went to the iceberg and sat down to stare sadly into the sea… but she later came back and said we could be friends

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Me when I lose a party game: It’s so nice playing games for fun with friends, for fun!

Me when I win a party game: Is it easy being on the top? No. But I got here because I put in the WORK

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I will now lie in bed in peace, surrounded by silence, with my phone off, and hopefully no thoughts in my head.

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Me: Welcome to the future! I have so many things to show you! This here is called a CELL PHONE.

Time traveling George Washington weeping at the sight of me: To Think That America Has Been Invaded By The Yellow Barbarians Of The Orient


Me: And THIS is called SPOTIFY,

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