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And that was that. 

Megumi was dead. Ua had watched dully, though their gaze did linger on the screen after its show came to a close. Their mind was still processing and digesting the execution and the events that had immediately preceded it. The answer, as they thought, ended up being useless. Entirely useless. But oh, they would be a liar to deny that the intensity of the answer and paralyzing glitch sent their heart racing. 

That’s right. Before that. Before the execution and before the booming answer….

Ua looked down at what was given to them: an open notebook, which they raised and finally began to read. As they eyes travelled down the page, some life again returned to their impassive expression. It was touching, in a way. The hope Megumi had poured into her words could make any heart yearn. But more than anything, the irony of the note had them smiling— grinning.

They really were so different.

“A fool ‘till the end.” 

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It’s Over || Ch5 || Ua || RE: Results

That punch had really done some work on Ua, mentally. Akin to a hard reset, they feel about as calm as they were walking in and about as collected as they ever persist to appear. Atsushi can declare his hatred and sob all he likes.

For several reasons, Ua doesn’t regret a thing. 

And then the voting ends. They patiently listen to the run down of the events, lowering their gaze to their podium. It’s about word for word as Megumi had put it, and there is the undeniable proof that they had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. It was just the official announcement that they had lost. Atsushi is safe. Megumi will die. So be it. 

Even being reminded of that does not upset them as much as it did before Atsushi’s tantrum. Why should it? If Megumi had in her mind put them so low, even below Hiroha, why should they get bent out of shape if she dies? They shouldn’t, and they won’t. 

Yet this frustration—

And the question… It was surprising, but not a bad question. Hopefully the answer isn’t bad, either. Something good has to come out of this trial. Well, something good already has, they remind themself. They haven’t lost entirely.

And then. Bellamy. Comes running. 

Ua watches. They watch Bellamy run to Atsushi, who stands at their neighboring podium, while Bellamy sobs and hugs and seeks comfort. In a way, it was Bellamy who had taken the reigns of the trial and steered it from them. Bellamy and Ua both had been fighting for their own priorities, their own “favorites”. And now Bellamy flaunts his victory. 

Right. Next to. Them. 

And all they can do is watch. 

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The fuck did Atsushi just call them? 

Ua doesn’t have time to process the threat, much less digest the sudden grippling fear Atsushi managed to instill within them in the minute their shirt was grabbed. All they can do in the split second between being grabbed and having a fist meet their nose is pathetically grab the fist that holds them in place. 

The impact, painful as it was, knocks their senses back to them. All frustration and anger was replaced with the adrenaline and fear of the immediate threat. Atsushi is going to beat them. Right here. Right in front of everyone. Ua’s grip on Atsushi’s hand tightened. 

As if.

Their hand goes for their pocket. 

Ua glares, daring him to throw the next one—

But Mugen is quick to the scene, too quick to give them the chance to defend themself. Ua’s deadlock glare on Atsushi doesn’t waver, but they do withdraw an ornamental pen from their pocket… to pointedly re-cap it with their thumb. 


“You should know better.”

Now they wait to be released. 

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