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Insomnia is so fucking frustrating. Every night I wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake for a few hours until I’m so exhausted I pass out again. I don’t know what it is that my body wants, and I legitimately don’t know when the last time I had a solid amount of uninterrupted sleep was.

It might’ve been in June when I was sleeping in the arms of my love, and if that’s the case then I’ve still got a little over two months left of shitty sleeping until I can have that back.

It is entirely possible I am going to die of exhaustion before we’re reunited lmao.

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Cant wait to spend 4 whole days editing a sketch I’ll never finish

Oh wait no, probably a whole week bc of character design and knowing my perfectionist ass

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Zelda: I live for research. Knowledge is what I thirst. I could never settle for anything but the absolute best.

Link: *tries to use a soup ladle to fight a lynel*


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Just applied for like the perfect job. Can’t wait to never hear from them.

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“someone’s a little jealous are we” with ethan being jealous about his girl hanging out with a guy friend

ethan tries his best not to be that boyfriend. you have space from him and separate friend groups that he’s not in and that’s totally fine with him. until you mention a childhood friend that you’ve been hanging out and catching up with

you come up to ethan while he’s editing and give him a little peck on his cheek, telling him you’re meeting up with your friend and that you’d be back later

“wait, the same friend from a few days ago?” he tried to sound apathetic, just a hint of his ‘cool guy’ tone sneaking into his voice

but of course you saw right through it. you’re his girl. you know him almost as well as grayson does

“someone’s a little jealous,” you sang. his eyes widened and mouth dropped open in response to how forward you were being

“i- what? i am not!” he stuttered, cheeks visibly warming up. he wouldn’t look you in the eye, but you could see from where you were standing. you stood beside him and spun his chair so he would face you

“hm i didn’t think you were the jealous type,” you mused, a grin tugging at your lips before you dropped it, seeing his pink lips in a little frown and dark eyebrows pinched together. you stood between his legs, loosely hooking your hands around his neck like you would if you were straddling him 

“hey,” you cooed, “you have no reason to be, i’m with you”

“does he know that?” he grumbled, pulling you towards him by your waist and hiding his face in the fabric of your shirt. you raised an eyebrow at him- you didn’t have to, he knew he was being childish

“would you like to call him and tell him?” you offered, running your fingers through his hair from the base of his neck and up. you lowered your voice, soothing and sincere, “i’m your girl”

your head dipped down to his, catching his lips in a gentle kiss before he pulls away, whispering a simple okay with a growing grin on his face

you gave him one last peck and removed your hands from his hair, stepping away from his legs before teasing again, “okay, your girl has to leave to go hang out with someone else now”

ethan’s face whips around before he yells after you, seeing you giggle as you ran off, “just wait! you’re gonna get it later y/n!”

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just giving gray some good head 😩✌🏻

after the hawaii trip, you couldn’t wait for grayson to get back to you. you saw the pictures he took with fans and you needed him. for the days leading up to when he would be back in los angeles, you were dreaming about him in those little… shorts? boxers? briefs?

it didn’t matter. the only thing that did was the way they definitely didn’t help hide anything; his tan, thick thighs, glistening with water, the way the material would be practically see through when it’s wet, clinging to his skin and outlining every part of him

when grayson finally got home, you got to the bedroom and on your knees, staring up at him and his intimidating size. you removed his shorts to reveal him straining against the tight material, kissing and mouthing over the outline of his dick. the briefs came off and you jerked his hard length in your hands, paying extra attention to his balls because you knew he fucking loved that. every moan and curse falling from his lips encourages you even more

“fuck, baby that’s it. missed me that much hm?”

“shit- all the way down, show me how good you can be”

grayson’s thigh shakes for a second and his neck is straining, his breathing is speeding up and he warns you that he’s cumming. you feel his hands grip your hair as he gives a few short thrusts into your mouth, grunting as his load shoots into your mouth 

there’s so much that it drips from the corner of your lips and back onto his dick. after you swallow, you quickly licked it up and giggled when grayson twitched and jumped from sensitivity. he pulled you up from your knees and sat you on the bed, connecting your lips in a deep kiss before continuing the night

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