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One interesting thing about Umbara is how practical and utilitarian all of their military weapons are. 


Their fighters look like transport pods. They’re joyriding vehicles that had a gun slapped on the front, maybe a few shield generators or a missile tube…these things could be right at home skimming along the surface of the ocean for a water show, or dancing in formation with dozens of identical twins to form a lightshow. Heck, if these things were trimmed up with a system of blinking lights, they could be their own lightshows. Four or five could easily tell a whole visual performance in the night sky.


This? This is a mining vehicle. You tunnel with this thing and then run cables and small transport vehicles behind to bring up whatever materials you need. You can demolish buildings quickly and navigate disaster zones, you can climb cliffs and traverse mountains with cargo on the back…or you can strap a few guns and shields onto the front and ta-da, you have an absolutely devastating assault vehicle.


This is a police vehicle. At worst. You can’t rely on wheeled vehicles on Umbara because it’s a pitch-black mudpit of fog. If a tree falls down in the road, you’re going to crash. If the bridge is out, you’re going to fall. If an animal crosses your path, whammo. But if everyone’s moving around in nice, large, spider-crab things? You step right over that log, you catch yourself on that cliff, the animal knows to get out of the way of the giant stompy-things (or you stomp on the animal and keep moving). But when war comes, you put a BIG GUN on top and you have a tank! 


And lastly, this…hover-tank…again, probably a police vehicle. It has electromagnetic cannons, it’s going to disable your vehicle if you are exceeding the Umbaran Speed Limit. Maybe it has some planetary security purposes, but it’s also probably a freight hauler. 

The bottom line being:

The Umbarans were like the Naboo and Gungans but in darkness. A peaceful planet that didn’t want conflict but wasn’t afraid to get its hands dirty by going to war themselves, rather than hiring a bunch of clones or battle droids because “heavens we might get hurt in war”. 

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for the newest "meme thing" ask: please tell us your favorite the Clone Wars story arc :D

A tough question, since there’s so many good stories in TCW…but I think if I had to pick one it’d be Umbara. It’s essentially a proper war movie (albeit animated - very atmospheric and gorgeously animated) that’s been split across four episodes. And the story and characters are very compelling - the struggle between following orders/the chain of command or defying senseless orders from a seemingly overconfident/careless/incompetent commanding officer, who turns out to actually be a malicious one, and how to deal with that.

Star Wars obviously has no shortage of stories about the damage a fallen Jedi can do, but Umbara really gets into how terrible that can be to those they’re in a position of power over. The clones’ situation sucks to begin with, and seeing how little recourse they have against abuses of power, how many of them Krell gets killed, really brings that home - and it’s all the more inspiring to see them stand up against that, to demand better treatment from and eventually expose and defeat Krell. It doesn’t change their base situation of being bought and grown to fight in this war, it doesn’t save the lives lost, but it’s a victory for their own agency and right to exist.

It’s not even so much what it does but how it does it so well. The execution is phenomenal, the moments powerful, and the characters were great. Fives especially shines here, and it helps lead into his final arc, and it was a good step in Rex’s character arc (building on earlier episodes like The Deserter). And who doesn’t love Hardcase?

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2.  Favorite Star Wars Planet
FAVE:  Answered here, here, and here!
LEAST FAVE:  Answered here!


One of the most incredible things to me about the galaxy far, far away is that you can watch literally almost any episode of The Clone Wars or Rebels and see a stunning view of a planet, possibly one you’ve seen before, but just as often an entirely new one.

I’ve been doing a TCW rewatch and it still has yet to cease being a visually stunning feast every time there’s a planetfall sequence, that the animation and design teams for the TV series are just as on the ball as the movie designers and animators were.  It’s an amazing part of the SW experience!

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Eckhartsladder – The Republic Deserved Pong Krell

A discussion of the subtler parts of the Umbaran Arc, and how those nuances really illustrate how the Republic deserved to fall, and how far the Jedi strayed from their path to willingly participate in the Clone War.

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Did anyone else not notice this or was it just me??


During the battle on Umbara it can be seen on Waxer’s helmet that there is a drawing of a Twi'lek! I didn’t realize before but it’s the Twi'lek that him and Boil found while liberating Ryloth! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before!!

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So i decided to pour my anxiety and feels about TCW season 7 into a little Codex oneshot/ drabble. Thank you to @angelwars11 for being my beta- reader for this! (This is my first ever fanfiction i wrote on my own 😍) I hope you enjoy, please leave a comment!

Summary: Captain Rex has PTSD after Umbara and there is only one person that can comfort him.

Warnings: Fluff, Angst!, Mentions of death.

Captain Rex was tense. He was barely listening to the briefing and General Skywalkers voice at all, his mind feeling numb. He tried to snap back into focus, but his thoughts kept wandering off into the dark abyss of pain.

It has been two weeks since the Troops have returned from Umbara. He had lost many brothers, including Hardcase… and now Dogma was being court martialed for doing the right thing. Poor Dogma, he thought, he has his heart in the right spot. It was the blind loyalty, that the Kaminoans hammered into his brain, that made him follow all of his superior‘s orders.

He felt anger bubbling up in his chest at the thought of the traitorous General Krell. He was the reason he had lost so many of his men, his brothers, and he manipulated the entire operation from the beginning!

Rex clenched his fists tightly as he tried to push down the fury rumbling in his chest and tired to ignore it making his ears ring. It’s over now, there is nothing more you can do then move on, he thought, swallowing hard. shaking his head of the thoughts slightly, he caught up with the General’s Monologue.

„-which is why we need to bring those supplies to the villagers as quickly as possible. Any questions?“ The Jedi asked, looking around the room, catching Captain Rex‘s eye for a split second, to which said clone immediately stood at attention. As the General received no questions, he ended the briefing. „You may go and rest now, we still have a long travel ahead of us. You are dismissed.“ He said, and the men saluted and left to get some downtime.

All except for Rex. He was still staring at the Holo- Map infront of him, expression blank. As he made no intention to leave whatsoever, Skywalker approached him and laid a hand on his shoulder plate, to which Rex flinched as he snapped back into reality. „Captain, are you okay? You look pale.“ He said, making eye contact. Rex straightened up and replied: „No, i’m fine, Sir. Just tired, that’s all.“. The General quirked an eyebrow, but simply gave him a pat on the shoulder and said: „Go rest, Rex. You can’t keep putting off sleep, i need your mind sharp for the next mission.“ Rex’s expression was unreadable as he thanked his General and turned around to leave for the barracks.

It was true, he’s been neglecting himself and avoiding sleep ever since he returned from Umbara. He knew he needed to sleep, he knew he needed to gather strengh, but every time he falls asleep he hears his brothers scream, he smells the burnt stench of cauterized skin and the swamp, he sees his brothers fall one by one and he feels their pain as if it was his own.

He cringed at the memory as he took a left turn and tried to ignore his stomach doing the same, wanting his breakfast to stay where it was.

I should have known sooner! Something was off with that Jedi the first time i saw him, i should have shot him right-

but he cut himself off. There was nothing he could have done. He couldn’t have known.

It should have been me! I should have killed Krell, not Dogma! I should be the one getting court martialed, not him!

He briefly closed his eyes, his chest feeling uncomfortably tight thinking about his brother. And not just him. All his brothers that fell due to Krell‘s poor tactics. All the ones that he himself shot at, not knowing it was them. Hardcase, who sacrificed himself for his brothers and the greater good, like the heroic madman he was.

Rex took another turn, finding the way to his quarters easily. He sighed deeply as he reached his door and simply stood there for a minute, looking at it. He gathered himself and was about to hit the passcode into the panel to open the door, when he heard a brother call his name. He looked up at the person jogging towards him , who wore a slight smile, datapad in one hand, helmet in the other.


He slowed down to approach him, shaking the datapad in his hand demonstratively. „Hey Rex, you gotta check this out!“ He said, holding out the illuminated datapad with a smile. Rex just stood there motionless, staring into his brothers face with a blank expression. Cody stared back, his smile starting to fade, letting his arm fall to his side again.

„Uh… Rex? you okay?“ He asked, his face turning into a concerned frown.

Rex felt a clump forming in his throat, making breathing and clear thinking hard. There he was, his closest brother, the one who always listens to him, the one who has been saving his life on many occasions and the only one who can seemingly read his mind. In this very moment Rex realized how long it had actually been since he last saw him. It was long ago, too long, as he decided. Rex was shaking as he desperately tried to push down the urge to cry and scream and tackle his brother in a bone crushing hug and never letting go… but the lump in his throat became bigger and his vision became blurry, and he couldn’t hold himself off any longer.

There was a loud thump and a clattering noise when two helmets and a datapad hit the durasteel ground, the thin datapad breaking in the process. Rex had slung his arms around his brother‘s shoulders tightly, pressing his face into the crook of his neck and inhaling his familiar scent.


Cody was startled but didn’t hesitate to place his arms gently around Rex, holding him close as his brother tried to stiffle the sobs coming from his throat.

„Vod‘ika, whats wrong? What happened?“ He gently asked, his voice becoming raspy as he placed one hand at the back of his head soothingly. He was puzzled as to what could be so horrible that it made his brother, the Captain of the 501st, cry. Rex never usually cried. Not infront of anyone, anyway.

Rex tried to answer, but all that came out of him were sobs and whimpers, muffled by Cody‘s shoulder. „Shh, i’m here vod, it’s okay“ He cooed into Rex’s hair, stroking the back of his head. He figured questions had to wait for now, as they were still standing in the middle of a corridor, holding onto each other tightly, and Rex was in no position to muster up a functioning Galactic Basic sentence.

Cody closed his eyes and leaned into his brother a bit more, their stiff armor making it harder to be close, not being able to fully curl up into each others embrace, not being able to hear the sooting heartbeat of his brother through the hard duraplast chestplate.

All of the pain, the trauma, the numbness, it all seemed to pour out of Rex and right into his brothers warm, familiar embrace. Rex pressed his face further into Cody’s shoulder, he could feel Cody‘s pulse from his neck on his cheek and it was like a lullaby to him, soothing his violent sobs and turning them into quiet cries and whimpers.

„Let‘s get you inside, then we can talk. Sound good?“ Cody asked barely above a whisper, turning his head to look at his surroundings, never letting go of his crying brother. Rex nodded slightly, lifting his head from his brothers shoulders, his eyes turning red and puffy from tiredness and crying, the cold air of the hallway hitting his tear- stained cheeks. The two men looked at each other with a slightly pained expression, but Cody tried to muster up a reassuring smile nevertheless. He kept one hand on Rex‘s arm as he bent down to pick up both of their helmets, while his brother typed the code into the panel next to the door with shaking fingers to open it. After handing Rex his helmet, Cody gently guided him inside the small room, the door closing behind them with a hiss.

Rex slumped down on the bed, helmet abandoned on the desk and his head in his hands, sobs starting to shake his exhausted frame once again. The tears were still cascading down his defined cheeks, his eyes squeezed shut with pain and agony. Cody wasted no time, placing his helmet next to his brother’s and sitting down beside him, wrapping his arms around his brother’s shaking form.

„They… they’re all gone! so ma- many of them!“ Rex sobbed after a few silent minutes, his voice hoarse and quiet. Cody closed his eyes and tried to push away his own dark thoughts, only clinging onto his brother tighter. He didn’t know what to say. He heard about the events on Umbara, he knew the numbers. His own eyes began to sting, but he forced his tears away, trying to be a comfort to his brother.

„It’s not your fault, Rex. You did all you could.“ He said, choking up as well. He tried not to picture the corpses, tried not to listen to the screams in his head. He reached up to gently pat rex’s head again, running his calloused fingertips through the soft blond hair which was starting to grow out.

They both lost track of time as they simply held each other, Cody murmuring encouraging and comforting words to his vod. Rex’s crying eventually subsided, leaving him feeling drowsy and weak. He looked up to his brother with swollen eyes and said in a small voice, barely a whisper: „Thank you brother. i needed this.“ He tried to smile up at Cody, but he knew he wasn’t fooling anyone.

„Thats what a brother is for, vod. We’ll get through this, together.“ He smiled down at Rex, pulling him close again.

Rex nuzzled into the crook of cody’s neck again, sighing.

„I love you, Cod’ika”he whispered as he started to feel at ease for the first time in weeks.

„I love you, too.“ Cody murmured back, placing a featherly kiss on Rex‘s temple.

He was going to be okay.

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Do you guys remember how fucked up the Umbara arc from the Clone Wars series is? Like, General Krell was sending Anakin’s troops into battle with horrible plans, causing way more casualties than necessary. And the 501st was like “This is horrible, he’s going to get us all killed, we can’t listen to him.” And Rex was conflicted with following orders or helping his men.

And then that whole thing with Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase where they disobeyed orders and blew up the supply ship to cut off the weapons from the Umbaran capital and Hardcase sacrificed himself, so they only lost one soldier instead of many from Krell’s suicide mission? And Krell’s response was to have Fives and Jesse court-martialed and executed? Like dude. They saved so many clones and cut off supplies, helping Obi-Wan’s forces take control of the capital.

Then he decided to skip the trial and go straight to the execution, and the clones had to fire on their brothers. Except they purpisefully mussed and decided that they couldn’t really listen to/trust Krell at all anymore.

Then Krell sent the 501st out to fight the Umbarans, warning them that they would be dressed like clones. And they got into this battle, with casualties on both sides, ending when Rex saw one of their “enemies” dead on the ground, his helmet sort of off, and he saw that he was a clone, and they were shooting at another platoon. So he took his helmet off and was running through the crossfire yelling “Don’t shoot! They’re clones!” And then he took the helmet off of a clone from the platoon they were fighting to show everyone. And it turned out Krell sent them to kill each other.

So they joined together and freed Fives and Jesse, then staged a mutiny against Krell. But ge put up a good fight, having two double-bladed lightsabers and all, killing many more clones. And when they eventually caught him, they realized the Umbarans were coming back to reclaim their airbase. They decided they couldn’t risk keeping Krell alive, so they went to execute him. And Rex couldn’t do it, so the one clone who had always blindly followed Krell shot him. And it turned out Krell was a Sith sympathizer who saw the future and was going to join the Empire when it came into existence.

Like that four episode arc was so effed up, for a show only rated PG. Honestly, that rating should be higher, because in the final episode of the arc, Krell picked up a clone and snapped his spine over his knee. Plus all the killing and dark subject matter.

I know this isn’t a quote, but I just needed to rant.

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Aight uhhhh can you do Dogma getting picked on because hes got some messed up wings (like they're too small or an odd color or shape) and no one likes him (bc hes dogma) and no one will preen him. One day they're in their preening circle and Dogma is struggling with reaching but Fives takes pity and helps him out.

Alright, sorry this took a while!

I hope it’s okay I changed this - I think I headcanon Dogma’s relationship with the battalion very differently from how much of the fandom does. However, I hope this is still like what you were hoping for. :)

If anyone else has wingfic suggestions feel free to send them!

Series on AO3


As the Resolute jumped into hyperspace, the entire 501st huddled up in their shipboard barracks, straggling among bunks and their usual preening area, brothers sitting in tight groups as they tended to wings that had needed care for days. Even Rex was sitting down with a group, after having been persuaded to by Torrent Company - although everyone knew that Rex would have rather disappeared into his office to do reports and avoid them. He was silent and still as Echo quietly smoothed his feathers back into place.

Dogma was the only one sitting alone.

Rex and General Skywalker had gotten him out of GAR custody for the killing of General Krell, if only barely, and really Dogma knew that should make him glad. He should be relieved, something, and he knew that the others would have been bragging, if they were the ones to kill Krell and get away with it.

But Dogma wasn’t like the rest of them, he really wasn’t, and he knew none of them would want to talk to him right now. He was the only brother who had been stupid enough to try to stop them from going after Krell, the one who had led a firing squad against two of Torrent Company’s best troopers, the one who had to be locked up while the rest of them got shit done. They must have thought he was a traitor, all of them, and maybe- maybe they were right after all. What other brother would have done this? He knew he had had his reasons, that he didn’t want to be court-martialed and he thought that if they followed the regulations, they could come out alright in the end.

Even after he had killed his own brothers. What was wrong with him? He ought to know what was right, he knew the regulations, the rules, the way things were supposed to work, but suddenly everything felt torn apart, and all his knowledge of his duty had failed him. And he couldn’t be with the others, couldn’t ask them what to do.

He had clumsily oiled his flight feathers and those other feathers that he could reach, trying to clean them and pluck out the damaged shafts, but his hands were shaking and he couldn’t do much. But to ask someone to help him was too much, and so he told himself that he’d manage a dust bath and a sonic shower and that would have to do. Maybe Kix would help him, later. If Kix wasn’t angry too.

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