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The Umbrella Academy’s names according to my mom

Luther: “Uhhhh, that’s not Klaus. Bernard.”

“Why Bernard?”

“that’s a monkey name.”

Diego: “That one’s Klaus.”

“You sure?”


Allison: “Patilda.”



Klaus: “That kid from the Sixth Sense.”

“What’s his name?”

“I see dead people”

Five: “That’s the kid.”

“That’s not a name.”

“Little boy.”

Ben: “William.”

“That’s so close.”

Vanya: “Oh I know here, she’s Vanya.”

Mom/Grace: “That’s Nicole. I have a mom friend named Nicole.”

Reginald: “Satan.”

Pogo: “That’s Paul.”


“He looks like my brother.”

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Ella to Luther, Chapter 8 of The Spark, AKA the only good thing I’ve written in that chapter and I wanted y’all to see it bc I suck.
Mommy said you were [On the moon], but I just wanted to make sure. I made sure to say goodnight to you, though! I said goodnight to the moon every night….. I know you couldn’t hear me, but it’s not really a good night unless someone says ‘goodnight’ to you, an’ I wanted you to have good nights.
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Open Roleplay Starter

It was not a good day, rainy and cold. It was one of those days in which you wake up and feel the bad luck crushing you down. Klaus was having one of those days, he had woken up with a horrible headache. It felt even worse because he was finally trying to get clean and that meant no medication, fearing that it would temp him to relapse. And the ghosts. They were always loud but today they seemed to have even more strength.

Klaus walked down the great staircase, hoping to get to the kitchen. He always felt better after a way too sweet breakfast.

(open to all, including OCs)

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Guys I’ve convinced someone I work with to watch Anne with an E and I myself am going to binge watch it repeatedly during my time off work, I’ll even watch it on the way to my concert so that we can try and keep it. Please keep in mind that Umbrella Academy is approaching it’s second season and that Netflix likes to cancel popular shows after the second season. I will be binge watching that as well. And don’t forget award recognition plays a big role in this, so vote like crazy for these shows so we can keep it. Spread the news, getting people talking about it.

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Klaus: [Has a big red hand mark on his face] You guys can’t still tell where Luther slapped me, can you?

Diego: Your face looks like a “Don’t Walk” signal.

Vanya: Your face looks like a photo negative of the Hamburger Helper box.

Ben: A palm reader could tell Luther’s fortune from looking at your face.

Five: The phrase “talk to the hand cause the face ain’t listening” doesn’t work for you because your face is the hand.

Klaus: A simple “yes” would’ve sufficed.

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yo my dude do you know if any fics exist where the comic tua meets the netflix tua? like i want to see the netflix tua react to the insanity that is comic five or seance’s powers and all that fun stuff

No but I’ll write that if this gets 500 notes

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I’ve been rewatching Umbrella Academy and I know that Luther isn’t perfect and is really flawed sometimes, but he is also getting a lot of crap from people.

I’m on episode 6 and Luther has brought up the moon twice.  Once to say he understands that he doesn’t understand how lonely Five was and once to say he thought the moon was connected to the apocalypse.  Diego has brought it up twice to hurt and taunt Luther.  Alison brought it up once to ask about what it was like.  

No, Luther was not perfect.  He’s intense and occasionally problematic, but so is everyone else.  He has mocked and hurt all of his siblings, but all of them have mocked and hurt him.  He included Ben when he found out he was there and he “went ape” when Vanya was attacked by ChaCha.  He apologized when he realized that saying one of his siblings might have killed Hargreves was wrong.

(I made this post a while ago, but never got around to publishing it)

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TUA Headcanon-

When they were kids Ben definitely had nightmares and body dysmorphia. None of them know what to do until one night Luther just shuffles out of his bedroom into the bathroom where Ben is staring frozen at the mirror. He picks Ben up in a princess carry and shuffles back into his room and curls up around him until he stops crying. When Grace finds Ben curled up under one of Luther’s arms the next morning she doesn’t say anything, nor the countless mornings after that. It takes a while, but Ben eventually stops flinching every time he walks past the mirror, and even grins at his reflection when Luther stands behind him and adjusts his tie the first time he wears a suit.

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Luther: hey Five, can you help take out the trash?

Five: fine, just give me a moment. I need to ask Diego for help.

Luther: why do you need Diego’s help to take out the trash?

Five: well you’re heavy, I can’t lift you all by myself.

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It didn’t say for what character so I’m doing the main 7.

14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible or not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food intolerances, etc.)

Luther: Monkey body Nah, uh… Luther’s had asthma since he was a kid, which make missions with a lot of running pretty difficult for him. He also had to have glasses when he was young but when he turned 21(I think that’s the age requirement) he had laser eye surgery so he doesn’t need them anymore.

Diego: Diego is lactose intolerant but doesn’t give a shit about it. He will drink a whole carton of milk at 3 am while making unbreaking eye contact with only a slight amount of regret later. I also like to think that under his gloves Diego has scars on his hand from when he accidentally knicked himself while training. And being attacked while vigilante-ing.

Allison: She once had an ear infection from her earing as a kid but it’s all cool now. Allison has back and hip problems. She doesn’t really know why and neither do doctor’s, but it doesn’t cause too much discomfort so she’s living with it.

Klaus: Klaus is allergic to bees and pollen. He claims he doesn’t go outside because he’s a loner, and an introvert. But really it’s because as soon as he steps outside he can’t stop sneezing and his eyes get puffy. He also needs glasses but wear contacts and/or is just blind because he’s lazy

Five: He’s got this weird pineapple allergy and he likes to pretend he’s better than it, but literally every time he’s eaten pineapple he’s almost died so his siblings have to watch out for him.

Ben: Ben my dear has got ADD, and he’s a little lactose sensitive. He can handle a little more dairy than Diego, but it still sucks. He also had insomnia as a kid but he was a little better before he died.

Vanya: She’s got vitiligo, but because she’s already so pale, you don’t see it until she tans. Also, she’s allergic to peanuts, but unlike Five, she respects her body and doesn’t put it in harm’s way-

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Luther: Vanya, go put this dress on

Five, as Vanya’s walking down the stairs: Okay, stop. Go put the giant sweater back on. You look so uncomfortable in that.

Luther: Klaus, you go be the fake prostitute.

Klaus: YESSSS! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be the fake prostitute!

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