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#umbrella academy spoilers

So…is it pretty much just canon that the Umbrella Academy kids are numbered by power in reverse order? And Reginald was just tricking them for Reasons™?

Because there is no way Ben, Number 6, is ranked less powerful than Luther, especially pre-chimping. Or Five. Or Klaus, once he realized what he could do. And Reginald was already calling Vanya Number 7 when she was four and it was obvious what she could do.

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ppl commenting n saying vanya is the most powerful….*laughs in i have a brain*…no she isnt heres my DEFINITIVE ranking

1. five bc he can time travel theres no counter to that…it just makes sense

2. allison pre-vanya neck slice…the only thing holding her back was her own morals and how fast she can say i heard a rumor

3. klaus i dont even know his powers in the comics but apparently hes overpowered too im just putting him here bc i love him

4. vanya ok i will say shes kind of busted…idk why she blew up the moon though…i think gerard made her strong because hes a self insert and he had to make a musician character be the center of attention

5. ben my KING….the way he was dead and still had more impact than luther…a legend…also can we comment on the irony that is calling diego “the kraken” when ben literally summons tentacles..🆗️

6. diego….honestly he just curves knives thats not even that cool like i think some people can do that irl. hes still cute so im putting him here

7. pogo because FUCK luther he doesnt deserve a spot here

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leonard/harold jenkins(what kind of a shitty name…id change it too tbh) is literally the most like…how do i say this in the most insulting way possible….hes the type of guy u find at a gas station like he really has NOTHING going for him i bet his dick game is weak and vanya is really killing people for him….🆗️

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Things I liked about Umbrella Academy:

- Macho man Diego not missing a beat when Klaus admits to a relationship with another guy

- I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt a twinge of fear from Ellen Page of all people

- Hazel gets the ending he deserves

Things I didn’t like:


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How Luther and Vanya Talk About Trauma, Part One

In this fandom, I’ve heard a lot about Luther and Vanya. 

Most of the things I’ve heard about Luther are negative. He constantly whines about his time on the Moon. He won’t shut up about how he had it worse than everyone else. He invalidates his siblings’ trauma. Meanwhile, Vanya is spoken of as if she’s his polar opposite: a kind, timid woman who genuinely did have it worse than everyone else but suffers nobly in silence while quietly ensuring her siblings are okay. I wanted to see if these perceptions were accurate, so I decided to take an empirical approach. During my sixth rewatch, I noted every time Luther mentions the Moon or Vanya mentions her exclusion, as well as how each of them responds to hearing of someone else’s trauma.

I want to stress that I am not out to throw one character under the bus. I’m not out to prove that Vanya is the actual worst and that Luther is the literal best, or that Vanya is amazing and Luther is awful. I’ve just heard a lot about both characters from within the fandom and I want to see how strongly the show itself supports the fandom’s perceptions. I won’t be examining every quote they have, and I won’t be looking at every scene they’re in. A deep study of both characters would certainly be fun, but for now, I’m only interested in how they address their own trauma and how they respond to the trauma of others. 

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