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#umbrella acedmy

So I just started the Umbrella Academy, and I need help picking a favorite character. 

It’s a toss-up between:


#7 Billie Eilish

  • To her family, she is a Saltine Cracker Personified…but I get the feeling she’s got a few surprises up her sleeves…

#6 Baby Cthulu Never Asked For This

  • Dead. And Tired. So….a Mood™

#5 Numbah Five

  • Cute Little 58-Year-Old Baby Doomsday Prepper That  I’m Somehow Expected To Take Seriously

#4 Waffle House 

  • Your Average College Student the Week Before Finals 
  • His picture is next to the word ‘Disaster’ in the dictionary.
  • (And I love him for it.)

#3 Rumor Mill

  • The girl who used to spread gossip about you in school but actually grew up to be pretty decent all around.

#2 Stabby McStabbers

  • A textbook example of what happens when we let angsty youngins play with the cutlery 
  • (I drew him a little knife in MS Paint…)

#1 Big Man on the Moon

  • I am………unnerved. 
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i only ever borrowed killjoys and never read umbrella academy so im having big fangirl energy!!!!

sorry for the selfie spam lately im just feelin myself 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ

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