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Klaus *after Ben punched him*: I must stay clean, I must stay clean, I must stay clean

Ben : I see you really doing it seriously this time. Is it because a certain Dave, maybe?

Klaus : yes, I want to see him again

Ben *romantically *: ah yes, the power of love

Klaus :and think about all the ghost sex we’re going to have

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I don’t know if I discussed this before, but recently I revisited a little idea I had:

The unadopted umbrella kids were the original Blackwing subjects

Blackwing started in 1988. The umbrella kids were all born in 1989.

Now, the time gap seems weird - a whole year? But keep in mind, they already had Moloch by the time the project was officially started. They might have upped the number along the way, and 42 was the final/biggest one.

But there aren’t 36 Blackwing subjects. There are 42.

We already know about Burt, Dirk, Mona, Moloch, and the three original rowdies. (I’m not counting Vogel, because he looks young enough to be an umbrella kid, and his age was never specified). That should up the count to 43, right? One too many.

But we do have 43, by the second season.

We have Ken.

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A List Of Fandoms

Aka What To Expect On This Blog

By Stella

  1. Percy Jackson
  2. Nct
  3. Stray Kids
  4. Carry On
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Detroit: Become Human
  7. Markiplier
  8. Jacksepticeye
  9. CrankGamePlays
  10. Dan and Phil
  11. Good Omens
  12. Undertale
  13. Umbrella Academy
  14. Riverdale
  15. Buzzfeed Unsolved
  16. Hearts and Heroes
  17. Detective Conan/Case Closed
  18. Magic Kaito/Magic Kaito 1412
  19. Doctor Who
  20. Sherlock
  21. The Hobbit
  22. Lord of the Rings
  23. Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children

I will add more once I think of them



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