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I just realized now that if Five was written to be irritated over Vanya dating Leonard, it will make the show more interesting. He would definitely be the second person next to Allison (Diego will probably be the third) against the relationship.

Allison and Five would join forces in spying on Leonard, trying to justify why he’s a creep, and they’d come up with schemes to sabotage every date. Every family dinner, both would weigh in in antagonizing Leonard, compelling others to join them on the hate.

So this two would bond over their mutual dislike towards Leonard.

Now that I think of it, we were robbed of Five and Allison moments.

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Just thinking about how Ellen Page starred in the video game Beyond: Two Souls.

She portrayed Jodie who has special abilities that seems like telekinesis but it’s actually an invisible phantom tied to her that’s helping her, if anything, doing all the work. He has helped Jodie for as long as she can remember. Sometimes she asks him to do it, but there are times where he acts on his own especially if Jodie is being harrassed, or that he doesn’t agree with what Jodie wants. And since he’s tied to her, he goes wherever she goes.

He’s not an evil force but he has his moments. If he’s mad, he’s gonna fling any object within proximity or just sabotage what she’s doing.

It was revealed later on that they were actually twins, and Jodie survived while the other was stillborn. The name of the phantom twin brother? Aiden.

Aiden, a variant of Aidan which is the name of Five’s actor on The Umbrella Academy.

Just a happy coincidence I noticed.

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Where’s the fun in being something I’m not?

Potential spoiler for fans who haven’t read the comic? Idk lol

Video and mom voice by @winterpersephone

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