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Drunk Night

Klaus x M! Reader

Not requested!

Credits to @writing-ideas-inc for the writing prompt

Summary: male reader goes out on a mission then returns home to see Klaus being drunk.

Warnings: drinking, drugs mentioned, cursing


Originally posted by maclexa-bane

The mission was simple. Just take down the husband and steal the valuables. It was simple until the wife striked back by hitting you with a metal baseball bat.

“Do you mind if I take you out, real quick?”

“Sir, I have a wife.” The husband said, confused as he leaned against the front door that he just opened for you when you knocked.

“Aw, no, baby. Not that kind.” You chuckled before throwing a punch at his face. He trumbled backwards and landed onto the glass coffee table in the living room. The wife ran down the stairs, confused, when suddenly she realized that you knocked down her husband. She screamed and ran up the stairs as you looked around for things that seemed important.

“All clear.” You shook your head.

You tossed jewelry into the black bag when you felt metal hitting your back. You fell with a thud and looked up to see who had hit you. Pain throbbed throughout your back when you stood up, slowly. The wife stared at you as she gripped the bat tightly. She was able to swing the bat when you grabbed it and melted it. She gasped softly when you punched her out. You sighed and dragged her to the couch, along with the husband.

When you decided that you had enough, you stormed off as if nothing had happened. Walking home, no one asked why you carried a backpack while wearing dark clothing. It was normal. Actually, nothing is normal.

As you locked your apartment door after walking in, you threw your backpack onto the dining table before spotting Klaus on your couch. “How did you get in here?” You asked, walking to the kitchen and grabbed a ice pack. Klaus smiled as he blew a puff of smoke, “I have my ways” he said before showing an copy key. You scoffed before waving away the puff of smoke and sitting down next to your “brother”. Klaus chuckled before staring at you, “You look like crap” he said when you glared at him slightly. “Yeah, I just got hit with a metal baseball bat” you sighed as you tried to place the ice pack on your back. Your “brother” raised his eyebrow before patting your back.

You hissed in pain before groaning softly. Klaus let out a soft ‘ow’ before nervously smiling, “If it make you feel better, I need more money” he said. Klaus was known for borrowing money and never returning the cash since he didn’t work and he spent the money on drugs. “Drugs are gonna kill you” you scoffed as you slowly laid back onto the couch.

Klaus grinned, “As if I haven’t heard that before” he joked before putting out his cigarette with the bottom of his boot. Silence came before Klaus spoke up with a soft voice, “You okay?” He asked. You looked at him, “No, not really” you huffed before closing your eyes, “But I’ll survive like usual” you said. Silence returned when he spoke up again, “Would a kiss make you feel better?” He asked, whispering slightly.

You opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling before looking down at Klaus. His eyes then his lips. Klaus took noticed and he slowly leaned as you picked yourself up with your elbows while still leaning against the couch. His lips were soft and you couldn’t just get enough of them. Soon the kiss turned into a make-out session as you pulled Klaus towards you. Eventually, you were on the couch as Klaus was on top of you. You guys pulled away while taking deep breaths, “For your information, that kiss did make me feel better. But perhaps I need more?” You joked, acting innocent. Klaus scoffed as he loomed over you, with his hands next to your head. “Well, guess what? You’re my new drug. And you’re addicting” he whispered before leaning down to connect his lips with yours.

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