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Her and Him
Him: you trying to use my line and that’s fine it comes from the divine but in due time you'll find my rhyme.
Her: I guess I'm getting better than my teacher, I don't want to lecture or be a preacher and in due time yes I will find your rhyme I like that it was a cute gesture – small sign, but just like that dick, your soul bout to be mine.
Him: I feel how you keep you keep it class but this dick makes you nasty. Your eyes roll back when you try to look at me. The teachers dream for the student to pass me, class is inn session.
Her: Why thank you gentleman, I do my best I'm not the kind to flaunt my sexiness, its personal and private it's special like a secret island, between my legs until I don’t want to hide from the right one who begs for my mind first, with no intentions to hurt, class is in session so I'll keep my hands from under my skirt.. My eyes do roll back have you seen yourself everything I see is immaculate.
Him: Oooooo you win this time
Her: 😌😌😌
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I’ve been too busy to take pictures but trust me when I say antibiotic resistance is one wicked evolution.
So here’s a very lovely photo of my university’s library during golden hour that my friend sent me as my apology for not posting more frequently. Hopefully I can get back to posting original content for you guys soon.

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^going over my physics textboox with highlighters like ~crazy~ and getting up even earlier to see the sun rising

(okay, i get up early to catch up on work cuz i am literally drowning in assignments but that’s okay; worry not)

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25 Feb - After spending a month travelling in Japan I am finally home to the real world, I’ve instantly had complications thrown at me with work and money and uni starts in a week but I tell myself that everything is okay, I have grown and learnt a lot from this trip and I am prepared to take on the year with a fighting fist. I hope you are all fighting the same!

Photo of the new porcelain I brought in Japan and some instant drip coffee!

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Dark Physics Aesthetics

-Staying up all night working through a problem, surrounded by pages and pages of failed attempts but unable to sleep until you’ve figured it out

-The delicious hunger of constantly feeling like everything you’re studying is at the very edge of your comprehension, slippery photons slowly taking shape in your imagination as the mathematics coalesces into a tangible concept

-Reading a section of the textbook saying, “this is all we know about this topic so far”, and the flash of fire, the need to know, the need to discover burning under your skin

-Forcing your way through derivations in a desperate attempt to understand the elegance in the equation that is printed on the page

-Forgetting the world while working on a particularly fascinating problem only to resurface hours later, suddenly aware of your empty stomach and dry eyes, wondering vaguely when the sun went down

-Half empty lecture halls populated by the same group of students who never miss class, whose eyes all have the same parched look, drinking in every mark the professor writes, starving ears devouring every word that echoes in the silent room

-The grim determination of coming back to the same problem every day for a week, letting it consume every passing thought until it even invades your dreams and not even sleep is restful

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24/02/20 • 04/100 days of productivity

Linear Programming is fun! (We’re doing very basic analysis with excel so maybe that’s why.) Accounting continues to be a grind. On the bright side, finally got my Muji pen refills!

☕️ Warm sweaters and a cup of tea makes everything easier.

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100 days of productivity: day 2

Today is going to be a long day. I planned to ‘sleep in’ till 5:30 but my body woke me up at 4:50. So there was no going back to sleep. I just finished my 8-10am lecture on civil procedure.

I’m so happy I meal prepped because damn I just ate the yummiest overnight oats for breakfast. I also made vegan meatballs and pasta for lunch today. And I have a lentil and spinach salad as an extra snack.

I don’t finish class till 6pm today, ah I’m already tired. I have so many readings to do for my honours class tonight!

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Me noticing how many things the enemy wants to throw in the wheel to stop my progress, hinder me from finishing these last few months at uni, mess with my mental health and not flinching because my God is bigger than that all that and I already prayed.

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25 feb 2020

Did my first exams as a double major in financial accounting and in leadership and organization. It went well but im unsure if I’ll pass.

Current courses: Marketing and leadership in political organizations.

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