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My history teacher brought his vacation pictures from when he went to visit a politicians hacienda and while showing us them on the projector he goes “Ugh who’s that moron standing in the way of the gate? Could someone please turn off the lights so we can see who it is?” And when a student turned off the lights he goes “ah wait it’s just me.”

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So we were talking about Research Methods in my Psych class and here’s the highlights

1) Prof: Mundi, does dark chocolate taste better than milk chocolate?

Me: *pulls out a bag of chocolate eggs* No, and I can prove it.

Class: *cue laughtrack*

2) Prof: So, because I wasn’t able to move the paper with my mind, I don’t have telekinesis.

Me: Unless you were subconsciously blocking your own psychic abilities because it was a test! Kinda like the Thumb not being a Carrot to the brain thing!

Class: wtf

3) Prof: So, is it possible to say for certain that it WILL rain here in about a million years?

Me: Well, global warming says no, so….

Class: *cheers*

Prof: *dies laughing*

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Originally posted by msjessicaday

We have lots of views of how Uni will turn out, how it will be. For most people, I imagine the idea of parties and drowning in essays comes to mind. While this will be some people’s reality, it won’t be others and the people you meet at Uni are going to fit into lots of different categories that won’t really exist once you’ve really thought about who you know.

This post is a lot longer than I anticipated it being and it covers the people that you’ll meet at uni, doing uni work, and being social in the ways uni brings

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It’s pancake day today, the day to clear out your cupboards and eat as unhealthily as you like. (I actually don’t know if anywhere celebrates outside the UK but oh well). Pancakes are also super easy to make and they only need 3 ingredients: flour, milk, and eggs! So as today is pancake day, I thought I’d share the recipe I’ll be following today. I’m pretty sure it’s an invention of my mum’s and it sounds super weird but if you try it, I promise it’ll be worth it. The total of all the ingredients (plus extra eggs etc) is about £3.50 and the extra flour and eggs will keep.

Chicken pancakes (serves 4, keep leftovers in the fridge)

For the pancakes:

- 100g plain flour (all-purpose for the Americans)

- 2 eggs

- 300ml milk

1. Whisk together to make a smooth, thin batter (this is how you make proper pancakes, not the weird fluffy ones that you have with maple syrup)

2. Heat up a frying pan over a medium heat with a little bit of oil.

3. Spoon some of the batter into the pan and spread out so it’s thin then cook until golden on each side, flipping partway through

For the filling:

- Shredded chicken (if you have leftover roast/rotisserie chicken that works best)

- Campbell’s condensed cream of chicken soup (or another cheaper version)

1. Heat the soup according to the directions

2. Add the shredded chicken and cook until hot all the way through


1. Put some of the soup mixture in the centre of a cooked pancake and roll up

2. Leave in the oven on a low heat while you make the rest of them

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I’m sitting at Second Language Acquisition class right now. It’s one of the few classes where we have a teacher whose mother tongue is English.

He has such a beautiful way of speaking and a really nice tone. And his accent was somewhat familiar to me. Well, as it turnes out, because he talks so much like Ted. He is even about the same age, just a little younger.

Even if I’m not a fan of the material in general, I love this teacher not just because he is really positive and a good teacher, but also because it’s so nice to listen to him speaking.

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02.24.20// I can’t believe February is almost over, so crazy. But this month has led to a lot of realizations that I’m so thankful for. Now I’m getting back into the swing of things after reading week, and right now I’m studying for my sociology midterm. Pretty busy end to the semester but I just need to organize my time properly. Happy week everyone!!! ☕️✨

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a uni student’s first all-nighter

okay so I’m behind on my reading and need to have Frankenstein finished by my 12 o’clock lecture, I’m currently about a third of the way through. Sleep is for the weak. Will update - wish me luck

Update: it’s 2:33 and I’m more than half way!! Goodreads says i’m 51% of the way through. I’ve started on the snacks though - half a pack of chocolate fingers & a handful of maoam sweets so far, oops

Update #2: it’s 3:16am and I’m starting to feel quite tired, goodreads tells me i’m 60% through Frankenstein, so I might aim to get to 75% then sleep. I’m fully invested in the book now though, it took me a while to get into it but I’m loving it now, despite how tired I’m feeling.

Update #3: it’s 4:31am and I’m falling asleep as I read so I’m going to bed, I’m 72% through the book, but I can hardly stay awake to type this so I’m going to bed.

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Me noticing how many things the enemy wants to throw in the wheel to stop my progress, hinder me from finishing these last few months at uni, mess with my mental health and not flinching because my God is bigger than that all that and I already prayed.

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When I was in my creative writing class last week someone, no joke when we had to read out our flashfiction read out a Barry fanfiction.

Context: Our teacher is an asshole & even though it’s a creative writing class he says that we cannot write anything that includes science fiction, fairy tale elements, post apocalyptic, magic, witches, wizards, aliens etc because it’s ‘unrealistic’ & no one got anywhere in life writing about ‘those kind of things’ so that’s been the literal main subject of my anxiety for the past six months. The dude who read out the Barry fanfic always writes stories on Greek mythology & because the teacher doesn’t like that he legitimately read out a fanfic on Barry Berkman.

I could not make this shit up.

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I’m hating myself so intensely atm. Of course I had to be nice and pleasant and not make any problems so my friends would still like me. And because of that I did not say what room I actually wanted for next year. And now I’m stuck living on a floor with five guys/men, three of whom I DO NOT EVEN KNOW. There is no way this will not fuck w/ my final year grades/performance and my overall stress. I just cannot. This is already sending me down a panic spiral.

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