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28/100 days of productivity (25.2.2020)

  • finally sent in my digital humanities course work! :] it was a chill course and the content is crucial for future studies so i tried my best
  • this vocab list is from this post btw
  • i finally received the last grade from the autumn semester and i’m happy :] !!!!
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Me noticing how many things the enemy wants to throw in the wheel to stop my progress, hinder me from finishing these last few months at uni, mess with my mental health and not flinching because my God is bigger than that all that and I already prayed.

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24.02.2020 [day 4/100]

I had a cute rain photo lined up but it’s disappeared

Been working on a group presentation today and group work is so stressful I wish I just had control over it all myself.

Need to do more on my essay tomorrow but I have time to do that.

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02.23.2020 | It has been a very productive day! I’ve decided to took the day to organize my house and the things I need to study by the end of the week. The semester starts next week but I already have some texts to read and some behavioural tests to analyze. So, today I finished organizing my room and I’m prepared some food as lentil & beet hamburgers and homemade tomato sauce (I usually froze them to use during the semester so I can always have a health and quickly meal).

For this week, I’ve planned to:

  • Take some time for yoga practice every morning;
  • Read two texts per day in alternate days (by the end of the week I will have read all that I need to read lol);
  • 1 hour per day to do the behavioural analyzes for my research;
  • 1 hour per day to do a course on Scientific Dissemination;
  • (at least) 1h per day to write anything I want to;

Now, I’m starting to revise about cognitive-behavioural therapy (I love this subject!), And I’m going to read a book later. Hope you all have an awesome and productive week!

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NEW VIDEO: How I Prepare for a New Semester! 📝💗

I’m back to uni this week so I thought it was the perfect time to show you all the little life hacks and tricks I’ve developed over the past couple years to help me get the best start to my semester possible. I think an integral part of being a good college/uni student is staying organized, especially ahead of time. I hope you enjoy this video! I’m really proud of how it turned out. Let me know what else you want to see me post! x

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23.02.2020 [day 3/100]

Overslept and feeling a little tired and very poorly. A resident I was looking after yesterday was being sick so maybe I’ve caught it myself.

Giving myself an easy task this morning with coffee and a book.

  • Read the childhood experiences part of Myra hindley ✓
  • Read the dissertation for references
  • Read cycle of violence paper ✓
  • Maybe try some writing ✓ (kinda but getting even more confused)
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I’m in 2nd year and this semester, the core module helps us to start our thesis. So for the next week, I already have to hand in an annotated bibliography of ten readings that might be useful for my topic. I thought about my topic for three months now, and finally starting to read on it simply blew my mind. I feel an overall joy, a sense of fulfilment because I get to find all these amazing things on a topic that makes me so happy. My topic is on food culture and material culture and this summer I will do fieldwork in Romania. I am so excited when I read and take notes that I sometimes feel my chest is vibrating.

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February 2020 // I’m doing an anthro module called Povery&Development and it gives me so many answers to questions I had all the time growing up. Questions around page these little observations and questions that I am so carried away by. What makes it funny is that all my colleagues complain of how boring this module is and they constantly doze off. School is amazing because it exposes us to things that make us click. That help people discover that they are into horses, death, Papua New Guinea, or wood. It’s a magical quest.

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21.02.2020 [day 1/100]

Hey so I’m starting the challenge again because I haven’t been posting or doing much work lately. My mental health has been getting on top of me again but with 5 deadlines in the next 4 weeks I need to pull myself together.

If you want to find me on Forest I’m Jonah (not sure how you find people though)

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|| 20 February 2020 || Student Union

Decided to spend all morning making a detailed study guide from my first exam in astronomy based on what was on the test. I figured if I do this for every exam, I’ll have a rock solid study guide for every chapter by the time finals come around!

(Ps. For the love of god take astronomy, I’m so in love with space it’s not even funny :’) 💕)

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20.02.2020 🌦

Couple days before my exam 😖 I didn’t have much time to think about how nervous I’m to this test. I’ve been thinking about work and getting things done the whole week, so I ended up not being kinda numb about it. Saturday I’ll be attending the DTZ Prüfung from 9 am to 16 pm ✌️ and then I’ll have to go to work. I kinda need money so I can’t complain about it haha

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First day of last semester wasn’t so bad. Started of feeling not myself and frustrated over something that I had no control of. Luckily me and Abba are at a point where we constantly talk so with time the problem rolled on and i started enjoying my day.

I said to J how that I wanted to go the museum because I was out of inspiration after finding out that we still needed to be manufacturing poems on a weekly basis despite our poetry dissertations were handed in. I logged into my email to see that we were advised to attend a poetry event at the same museum I was hoping to go to this Wednesday so I’m geekily excited for that!!!!

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[1/100 days of productivity]

I’ve been working on this essay for a while as I really wasn’t happy with the grade I got on my last essay. I’m determined to make this one better. I’ve finally finished writing it, but now I just need to edit it and get it down to the word limit. Hopefully it’ll be submitted today! 💖

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Taking care of yourself can be the hardest thing at uni and I’m sick of the way things have been going lately. I’m so desperate to get better. I’m testing out a new system of planning and organising but it’s the start of my final semester tomorrow, I just hope it doesn’t overwhelm me and the changes I’m trying to imbibe for the better.

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