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#unordinary blyke

Ending of UnOrdinary:

*everyone defeated the big bad and EMBER is gone, and the hierarchy is erased. The Wellston students in John’s dorm eating pizza and drinking boba, when suddenly*

John: Can you pass the breadsticks?

Arlo: Wanna fight for ‘em though?

John: Ight, one more game? Bring it.

*Both rear their fists back, barriers shrunk around their fists, they collide, their arms get eviscerated*

John/Arlo: Ow, good hit.

Sera: Can you guys not FOR ONE SECOND?!

Blyke/Isen/Elaine/Remi, internally: Well one thing hasn’t changed…unfortunately.

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Okay okay so I knoww no one here came for my un-ordinary posts but like

I can just freaking relate to Blyke so much??

Like being in the constant eye of others, put into this crazy expectations you need to meet and when you fail once everyone is already pitying you and in a way disappointed?

He feels he disappointed everyone who looked up to him being the next king even though it was nearly impossible beating John the joker…

Just a random thought but…. uhhh…. cAn AnyBodY LoVe BLykE?

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