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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#unordinary blyke

Okay okay so I knoww no one here came for my un-ordinary posts but like


I can just freaking relate to Blyke so much??

Like being in the constant eye of others, put into this crazy expectations you need to meet and when you fail once everyone is already pitying you and in a way disappointed?

He feels he disappointed everyone who looked up to him being the next king even though it was nearly impossible beating John the joker…

Just a random thought but…. uhhh…. cAn AnyBodY LoVe BLykE?

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Dear, no one

About Unordinary…

Surprise, surprise

No one is in the right

Everyone is a victim of the social heirarchy:

  • Arlo thought that maintaining the hierarchy would help lessen the fights
  • Blyke was too caught up in being a high tier and the duties along with it to even see what the lower tiers were going through
  • John is so hellbent on breaking the hierarchy to the point where he forgets why he pretended to be a cripple in the first place (To add to this whole dumpster fire, Seraphina became a cripple. Let me repeat that. The only person he cares about is being used as a punching bag)
  • Cecile just wants to be a royal again because she thinks Arlo isn’t doing his duties properly

In the end, everyone is just doing what they think is right. It’s not entirely their fault. In this society, being virtuous isn’t going to get you anywhere. Violence and strenght will.

Nobody is a villain in this situation. Just a victim.

(Y'know what, Isen should’ve just told Arlo and everyone else in the first place so we could’ve avoided this whole mess.)

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OH NO when Remi is mad she does dumb stuff and gets herself hurt she better not.


ummm Isen you kinda broke his wrist for NO reason, at least he HAS reasons.


That’s like the Krolik dude saying you’re cheating because you have an ability in hand, and it’s basically his power but better. Blyke I love you but you’re wrong.


I don’t think they know the rule that no-one outside of god tier can defeat anyone inside god tier. Remi can’t win


gonna be honest those two deserved it


shoutout to this gold comment I can’t tell you how hard I laughed

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