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Praxis Sylvia: Laying the Feast of Elphame’s Table

In that lonely place where the Good Folk come together in convocation, the simple act of preparing a sacred feast may serve to demonstrate good will and  humility before the Mists of Faerie. The Feast Table should be prepared using materials found in that place: leaves, twigs, blossoms, stones, and earth artfully gathered together before the form of the Cross-Seal of Elphame. Let coloured ribbons also bind the staves in this pattern, that its holy power may resonate within the ground of your offering. When the whole of the table is prepared, let it be sprinkled with water.

Upon the Table lay a small cloth of clean, coloured silk, specially chosen in accordance with the genii of the locality. Upon this the feast itself may be spread with the wholesome food and drink: cream, butter, breads baked by your own hand, cakes, fruits, sweets, and wine. Fresh-harvested worts used for sacramental purposes are also meet, as are silver and precious stones.

Let no unwholesome thing be offered, and lot no portion fall from the spread of the Table whilst it is being prepared, for such shall be telling of thy presence of mind, and, regardless of intent, a blighted offering unto the host. When the supper has been laid, speak in earnest the Prayer of the Cross-Seal, once over the food, once over the drink, and once over the Table as whole. Then bow in silence, rise, turn and go forth without looking back.

Viridarium Umbris, Daniel Schulke

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“The sexual perichoresis of earthly and celestial powers, through the dual union of spirit and flesh, is an echo of the First Gift of Wisdom from the Bright Serpent. The periodic re-introduction of Angelic Power into the Seed of Man as a natural ordering of Spirit and Flesh, seeking balance in the Twain Dominions of Heaven and Earth. From the First Counsel of ‘Take, Eat, be Wise’ to the descendent of the Watchers, to the taking of Fairy wives and husbands, the communion of the two realms is reverently attested by lore. Such may give rise to persons with extraordinary powers in the realm of Herbs and Magic, such as the beloved of fairy-doctors of Cymru.

Thus the Kin of Second Sight contain within their blood the brilliant shards of the Spiritual Race of Faerie: this Seed may awaken from its ancient slumber in the form of increased sensitivities to the spirit-world, powers of healing or miracle-working, or roused by certain initiatic ritual arcana. Such magical abilities are often attended by the Curse of Exile, being scorn and mistreatment by the Race of Adam, and for this reason the Blood of Elphame has also been called by the Wise ‘The Mark of Cain’. Thus it is that the Blessed Fire, though bright and hot, burns under the veil of darkness.”

- Viridarium Umbris, Daniel Schulke

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“The Spirits of Faerie are the earthbound Celestial Host, corresponding in many ways with their heavenly brethren, but making their habitation instead amid the green Round of Nature and the elements, hence their appellation ‘fallen’. They inhabit the land, waters, and airs, assuming a multitude of forms, some of terrible and unearthly beauty. A considerable number are directly allied unto the Green Dominion and stand as guardians of worts, trees and groves. In general, their places of dwelling are far from the habitations of Adam’s Race.”

- Viridarium Umbris, Daniel Schulke

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