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A fanart to celebrate my 100 followers in Instagram and Wattpad!! I’m really happy they stayed with me despite rarely posting and so… I’m really glad and I hope they will still continue to support me and my arts!

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Repost it’s ok, just credit me 😗

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Inori Iida:

Biological parents: Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou

Adopted parents: Ochako and Tenya Iida

Adopted parent’s occupation: teachers and underground heroes.

Biological parent’s occupation:

Izuku- the principle of UA and Pro Hero

Katsuki- The Number One Hero


Strength and speed heightened

(Inherited partial speed and strength from One For All)


After villains viciously continued to attack the young heroes and threatened to not stop even after the hero’s child was born; Pro Heroes Izuku and Katsuki gave up their newborn and fake a miscarriage. And asked their friends to keep the secret from everyone including the child.

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