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i will always find funny that some people get so angry when an actor doesn’t know all the facts of the character that they are playing. like some famous actor says something stupid and these people write essays of “WHY THEY ARE WRONGG AND RPLEMBATIC OMFFG”. maybe i’m wrong but really? why are you comparing yourself (a person who reads comics and lives with the motto “everyone needs to be an angel”) with a person who wins millions and millions just to act and say random words, personifying a character that they barely know?

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Top 5 drama TV shows
  1. daredevil
  2. sharp objects
  3. the haunting of hill house
  4. la casa de papel
  5. teen wolf
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What are your top 10 albums of all time?

shit, that is tough

  1. unknown pleasures by joy division
  2. the dark side of the moon by pink floyd
  3. favourite worst nightmare by arctic monkeys
  4. what went down by foals
  5. nevermind by nirvana
  6. currents by tame impala
  7. nocturne by wild nothing
  8. 2 by mac demarco
  9. how did we get so dark? by royal blood
  10. vessel by twenty one pilots
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