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#vanessa stockard

Anyone know if there are (legit non pirated/copied) prints of Vanessa Stockard’s work?

EDIT: turns out she’s answered this in comments on Instagram—said ‘sorry not yet.’ Bummer. Though the yet makes it sound like she’s open to it in the future at some point
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Vanessa Stockard - Baby Satan

There was a crash of thunder
Although there were no clouds
And eerie noises emanated
Among the deathly shrouds

From a forgotten cemetery
Deep within the woods
Where dearest pets were buried
Far from neighbourhoods
Emerged an inky creature
With a maniacal stare
It was a baby with a halo
And an awful lot of hair

But it had come from Hades
And was in a purgatory
Between Valhalla and perdition
For all but him to see
( Lori Moores)

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Vanessa Stockard - The Accession (of baby Satan)

As baby Satan, stood on the brink
And the heavens open wide
A lustrous beam began descending
And he soon found himself inside

Enclosed in a love bubble
He rose into the air
As a wondrous choir of angels sang
To welcome him up there

He was shown a loving option
From his predetermined path
Before it was too late
And he became a psychopath ( Lori Moores)

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