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I haven’t gotten too far yet! I wanted to finish the anime (…does it count as an anime?) and live action before I decided to write for it, but Wei Ying is the entire reason I became interested in the series!

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requested by anonymous.

warning. spoilers for Blue Lions (Chapter 12 and onward).

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd / Yandere! Reader


Did you really think you could get away from me?

Lance’s edge dug into the crook of your neck, splitting skin and rending blood, dangerously close to lobbing your head clean from your spine. If looks could kill, the fallen Prince would have claimed your head five years ago, held it up high and spat on it to commemorate your betrayal.

“Aw, that isn’t the proper way to greet an old friend, ‘Mitri!” You smiled with your eyes, and that was the last thing he saw before you engulfed yourself in flames. He withdrew his lance and stumbled backward, heat and their embers smoldering close enough to melt his skin. He guarded, eyes darting across the wreckage to spot you amidst the whirling blaze, your laughter filling the air alongside the crackling of debris burnt by your magic. “Didn’t that professor of yours teach you any better?” 

Your banter never got to him, but hearing you talk of such peaceful times knowing full well that you’d brought about their end nearly pushed Dimitri over the edge. He hated you.

And despite it all, you loved him all the same.

“Why don’t we sit and talk this out like sane adults?” A flick of your wrist was all it took for the fires to diminish, stray embers punctuating the once-crisp air to leave a thick smog. It would’ve affected Dimitri if he wasn’t used to the gunpowder and fires he’d seen on the battlefield. “You want to herald peace, no?”

He scoffed, a sound that was once far more carefree and loving; you missed those days, but you enjoyed torturing him more. “No”, the edge of his lance was once again pointed at you, but you knew he couldn’t close to distance with those wounds. “I want revenge, [Name]. Traitors like you don’t deserve to live – I want to kill every last one of them and our past won’t get in the way of that.”

He saw something flicker in your eyes – was it hope, or regret? He hardly cared either way; his feelings for you had long ago smoldered to ash, left behind at the Monastery with everyone else you’d killed. 

“Remember this well, traitor: I’m the only one that can kill you.

You smiled, preparing to snap your fingers.

“I’d love to see you try, Little Prince. I’ll just destroy everything in my way until I have you.

He went up in flames.

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glitsyapp | Glitsy App’s IG Update

🔑HINT 2️⃣ - Here’s another hint so you can guess what our dear @zhavanyameidi will share in tomorrow’s Level Up! 😻🤩·
⁣🌟Leave your answers in the comments if you know it already! 🤗 Or wait for the last Hint in 1 hour time!!!

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request: love letter prompt for ryo / reader / akira.

warning. spoilers for the DMCB ending. | tw. heavy religious themes, death, insanity.

Ryo Asuka


He is Satan himself, with blood splattered around his feet like a summoning ring, eyes the house to every body he’d slaughtered in cold blood – and lips curled into a smile all the same.

“They’re all gone now, [Name], Akira!” He let out an airy laugh, one which echoed in the vast expanse of nothingness he’d left behind. “We can finally be together now! No idiotic humans to get in the way, no God to tell us what I can and can’t do!”

Insane. His laughter was insane and so was he, and you couldn’t stop the screams that fell into the air and hung like clouds among his laughter. It wasn’t long before the air was laughterless, punctuated only by your hopeless wails.

Stop screaming, you act like I killed them in front of you.

He appeared before you, feather-white wings encircling you and Akira like a cage, glares like daggers, almost disgusted by your lack of mirth; his eyes were the color of a pure sky devoid of clouds, and despite it all, Ryo’s gaze was clouded by thunderstorms, hidden and obscure and dangerous like the unknown. They briefly flickered to the devilman beside you, your darling Akira still ‘asleep’ – as Ryo had insisted.

You hadn’t the heart to look at either of your lovers, throat and eyes swollen from everything you’d witnessed. Ryo had never been one to care for anyone aside from you two, but did he not see the way Akira was lobbed in half? Did he not realize he’d done that himself?

“Why aren’t you happy?” His question sounded so innocent you almost felt sorry for him. But almost wasn’t enough.

“I-I…how can you ask that, Ryo?!”

Your voice cracked, coarse and distraught and angry – at Ryo, at Akira for not stopping him, at yourself for failing to stop them sooner. Everyone was gone; every single life on Earth was gone, everyone apart from you three. And it finally settled in, seeping into your bones like frostbite – it dawned on you that you’d loved Satan himself, and you only hoped that would be enough to save you from an eternal hell with him.

If only God cared.

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i hope this doesn't count as a request, but if it does feel free to delete it! i was just wondering how eu-jin would 'find' or choose his darling?

Eu-jin only has eyes for one human: his original owner. She was murdered under suspicion of being a witch, particularly for taking in Yuu before he transformed. He was known as a very troublesome fox that would wreck village crops or slaughter pets and farm animals; naturally, the villagers needed to ensure their survival by killing him and his owner. Eu-jin survived, but his hatred for humans and need for revenge left him a wandering spirit, a gumiho.

Finding his darling in the modern age would be purely up to fate; in fact, his owner would be reincarnated. He’d find her after picking up on her scent, following her (in his fox form) until she takes him in again. Luckily, other humans can’t see him in this form – foxes don’t exactly wander the streets of Seoul. Either way, though, she doesn’t have much of a choice, not when he’s so charming – not when he feels like home.

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tw. broken darling, confinement.

Lio Fotia


Merry Christmas, my little flame. Stay still for me.

Considering the ropes binding your wrists and ankles together, you didn’t have much of a choice. But your lover simply smiled, lithe, pale fingers brushing over both the black ropes and the bits of exposed skin which peeked from beneath your gown. He’d had the decency of stripping you from your leather Mad Burnish uniform to dress you in much more comfortable attire considering you couldn’t leave his room in the underground headquarters.

“I’m sorry we have to spend Christmas like this, my love…” He said softly, amaranthine-colored eyes focused on your face. You refused to respond; rather, you hardly acknowledged his presence, never looked at him these days if it wasn’t to glare. “You were always so understanding. You’ll forgive me, won’t you?”

No response. It was like talking to a corpse. He knew you were doing this on purpose; you knew his weakness, how much he hates to see his people broken, abused, dead. You thought of him as nothing more than a hypocrite and he couldn’t blame you; his anger had gotten the best of him far too many times, and you’d been at the mercy of it all.

So he couldn’t blame you when you flinched away, his fingers not even close enough to touch you. He let his hand fall back to his side, nails digging against the inside of his glove and palm. It hurt. Seeing you like this always hurt, but he couldn’t give up on you – not when he’d hurt you, not when he’d broken you himself. He wanted to take it all back, to rewind time, to destroy this timeline and hope for a world where he wasn’t Burnish, where he hadn’t suffered, where he hadn’t hurt you, where you could be happy together.

But reality was cruel and God was heartless. Lio knew that better than most.

Please just be good, okay? I’m not going to hurt you, especially not today…” He relented and finally stood up, leaving you to lay motionless on that bed, eyes cloudy and chest only rising every so often. He glanced at the clock, neon pink numbers close to striking midnight.

This would be your first Christmas together. This would be his first Christmas with someone he considered family – someone other than Meis and Guiera.

Lio only wished you felt the same.

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tw. confinement.

Galo Thymos


Oh look, mistletoe, you know what that means~

You wish you didn’t. You wished this wasn’t real, that you weren’t here, trapped in mismatched arms, flush against his bare chest after he’d just returned home from the Burning Rescue headquarters. You wished this was all a dream, that you hadn’t ignored the red flags, that you’d left him months ago.

Maybe you wouldn’t be chained to his room.

Fingers, hidden behind thick fireproof gloves, gently caressed your chin, forcing you to look upwards. He was so much taller, so much stronger – you had no choice when he leaned over your frame, no choice but to let him kiss you. You were only grateful he wasn’t in a sour mood lest the innocent kiss leave your lips raw and bruised.

Galo smiled triumphantly and let your head fall back into place, like the puppet he’d groomed you to be. He let the mistletoe fall and land on the floor beside the bed, fingers quick to sink into your hair to smooth out the pieces you’d neglected to brush; how he wished you’d take better care of yourself while he was fighting fires to protect you, but he understood these things come with time – you’d only been chained to his bedpost for a few days now, after all.

“Y’know, the guys at HQ think I’m lying when I say a have a lovely lady waiting back at home.” He mused, laying his chin at the center of your scalp, the arms tightly wound around your abdomen getting tighter by the minute. “Something about not believing the universe’s number one idiot managed to land a girlfriend…” He scoffed, muttering something about ‘showing them’ under his breath.

You shifted uncomfortably, the weight of his muscles pressing down onto your shoulders. Galo sighed thoughtfully and clicked his tongue, removing one arm – much to your relief – to reach into his pants pocket.

“You agree, dont’ya?”


His smile was soft and innocent – he adored the way you answers were always so quick, always so obedient. He knew it was wrong, but you’d finally realized he was just trying to protect you and he couldn’t be happier!

“Say cheese then, babe!”

Your eyes widened, finally looking up from your cloudy reverie to notice the phone he’d positioned in front of you both. He snickered at your adorably surprised and fearful face – and you hated how you could see his naive face contort into a look of sheer pleasure. This was your first picture together since he’d taken you from everything you knew.

“One picture and I’ll take the chain off for a few hours, promise.” He pouted when you refused to smile, mistaking your apprehension for embarrassment. 

The offer was tempting, but you weren’t nearly as concerned with that; this picture could be proof. You could use it against him, you could escape. But you knew Galo wasn’t as stupid as he let on; this picture would never see the light of day. And, would anyone even care? This was the universe’s hero – would they brush this under the rug simply to keep his image from shambles?

“Smile, cupcake~”

You smiled, but it was fake. If only everything else was.

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Are we going to see any of your Ocs again I really like Yuu our of them and wanted to know if you’ll bring them back eventually Love your work

Thanks, darling! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my lovely OCs just yet! I don’t have any ideas for them right now but I’m looking forward to getting requests for them (whenever I managed to get over this burn-out and open requests again…)

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From The Box Office: We’re bringing back our 12 Days of Christmas treats, starting with no fees on selected tickets to see Uncle Vanya. Book now at the link in bio, ends 20 December 🎄⁠⠀
#12DaysOfChristmas #UncleVanya #Christmas

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🏵 = Fluff / 💥 = Angst / 💠 = AU / ⚜️ = Favorite / ❄️ = Series / 📱= Texts

Z Girls:

Z Girls Group Chat: Blink’s Birthday 📱🏵⚜️








Z Stars:

Z Boys:








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do you know anyone who'll write yandere stuff for musicals | everyone's here writing about anime or insect dudes and I'm just sitting here thinking 'the King of England has yall mfs BEAT" | except no one agrees with me | a bit sad

I know writers who love musicals, and I know yandere writers, but no one that writes for both. :’(

(also i’m curious about these insect dudes)

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Why do I keep reading your wonderfully creepy Gogol pieces before I go to bed? They always give me scary dreams. The latest one was breathtaking, no pun intended. What an oppressive atmosphere you've created.

Oh I’m so glad to hear this! I felt like that was my weakest piece for Nikolai so far. It’s so easy to create a creepy and oppressive atmosphere with him, much easier than with Dazai surprisingly – I can’t wait to write more!~ I hope you’re in for some more deliciously scary dreams, love!

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hi, just discovered your blog. your writing and your ideas are amazing. hope theres more league content coming :)

Thank you so much, my darling!! I do plan to write for Aphelios and maybe something for Senna, but at the moment I don’t have too many other ideas until I accept more requests!


That man needs to be stopped – after I write all the wonderful ideas he comes with, though. Poor darling will have to suffer a biiit longer.


Comte and Leonardo are my favorites by far!! I’m so excited to play his route, they’ve teased him liking MC so many times – like at the end of Arthur’s route, in Leo’s route, and in some of the events – and I cannot take it!! I’m not much for daddies, but please give my sugar daddy some love! :’(

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