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#venom imagine

Eddie Brock x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 1320 words

Warnings: none 

Summary: Eddie’s girlfriend finding out that he’s been infected…with a parasite


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Ohhhh, I’m totally requesting a Valentines Day drabble. It’d be to hard to pass up seeing what could come out of prompt number 27 with Eddie Brock
  • Requested by @locke-writes
  • Prompts: #27: Did you just say ‘I love you’ to me for the first time?
  • Word Count: 440
  • A/N: thanks for requesting, I hope you like it!! your fics are awesome!!

Originally posted by joaquins-phoenixs

Standing by the curb all alone in your new outfit was not how you planned on this night going. The cold wind tore at you. You pulled your jacket tighter. Down the street, you heard footsteps, a shout of profanity, and then a scuffle that ended in a scream. You inched back toward the door to the restaurant. Whatever was going on, you didn’t want to get involved. The fighting seemed to have ended, though, so you stayed outside, sending another impatient text to your date.

The next thing you knew, you were flat on your ass on the sidewalk, with a painful jolt traveling up your back.

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Requested by anon: Hi, can you write Eddie Brock x reader when she gives him the silent treatment after a fight, please?

A/N: I think I had a bit too much fun writing Eddie in this. thank you so much for your request! If you have anymore, feel free to drop them in the inbox! Also, sorry if it seems a bit short!  and lame. <3

If you were being honest, the fight wasn’t that bad. It’s just that Eddie was being such a jackass and not listening to anything you had to say, so, you decided to just say nothing at all. He didn’t notice at first as he had stormed into the bathroom to take a shower and hopefully relax. 

You, on the other hand, had decided to just go to the living room, plop down onto the couch, and turn on some shitty tv show. Just your luck, it was some stupid game show. Normally you and Eddie would try to answer the questions right, more often than not, you were right. Sometimes Venom would get involved, and then mope when he couldn’t get the stupid human answers right. It was honestly adorable, seeing as he did try his best to impress both you and Eddie.

You tried to just enjoy the show, but of course, Eddie had to finish his shower rather quickly and soon he was sitting on the other end of the couch. He tried to make small talk, seeing as it was always easier for him to apologize after he’s made you chuckle a few times.

You rolled your eyes at him and started flipping through the channels. Movie, movie, show, movie, oh that looks interesting, movie, show, show- Nothing seemed to grab your attention, so you dropped the remote next to Eddie and grabbed your book off the table and flipped it open. You weren’t going to read, you were just going to look like it, so maybe Eddie would notice.

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Being Eddie’s best friend and Venom saving you after initially not liking you.


Originally posted by deathtown

(For anon)

You and Eddie had been friends since college. You met while studying journalism together. The two of you had a similar attitude toward it; expose the truth at any cost. That naturally drew you to one another and you quickly grew close.

He was your 3 am, “I’m drunk, come get me,” call and you were his, “my loud ass neighbor won’t shut up, I’m coming over,” text. You knew each other’s drink orders and what was on your Netflix queues (and not just because you shared an account.)

When the symbiote latched itself to Eddie, you tried to help him as much as you could. Of course, Venom could handle the big issues they faced. But Eddie wasn’t exactly taking having an alien inhabit his body very well at first. While you tried to support him, it seemed that Venom wanted to push you away. He tried to frighten you off, wanting to keep Eddie all to himself. Although he seemed to like Anne, he didn’t care for you in the slightest.

“Am I unlikable to aliens or something?”

“Ignore him, Y/N. He’s just moody.”


The Carlton Drake mess affected anyone that was close to Eddie. So, like him, you were unable to work until it smoothed over. You went right back into your typical antics; going after corporations and government bodies that were hiding things from the populous and harming the planet and its people.

Your first story came from a company that was testing diseases on villagers in small countries. Naturally, that put a target on your back even after you returned home. Knowing that you were being watched, you immediately let Eddie know what was happening. He agreed to stay near you in case something happened - whether Venom liked it or not.

It was lucky for you that he did. Even with him there, cronies came after you. They managed to grab you while Eddie was distracted and haul you off. They didn’t have you for long. Feeling how scared Eddie was to lose you, Venom took over and got you out of harm’s way. He killed the thugs and tossed you over his shoulder, carrying you to safety. You expected Venom to disappear once he stopped, but he didn’t.

“Hey, uh… thank you. I thought you hated me.”


“I-… come on, man. I don’t think you would’ve helped me if you really did, right? Eddie can’t make you do anything.”


“So.. you don’t hate me, after all?”


“I’ll take it.”

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“Where are they?!”

Riot spat in Eddies face. He didn’t have to ask what it was talking about. You were special to it, to Carlton, too. You were the first successful host of his experiments, the first one to live and accept your own symbiote. He wanted you, needed you, you would be the guinea pig he would use for his own personal gain.

“How should I know?” Eddie yelled back. He’d taken you in after you escaped, sure, but you’d left that very morning. The act was out of nowhere, too quiet for his liking. You’d been acting so normal, it was a shock. He’d tried to call, to reach out, but your phone went directly to voice mail. He didn’t even know if you brought it with you. “You gotta believe me,” he begged. “I don’t know where they are, but I wish I did.” Riot backed off, trying to figure out if his words were the truth or not.


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“Just take a deep breath, okay? You’re okay.”

“What about y/n?” Dan held Eddies shoulder, trying to ground him while he hyperventilated. He’d only just woken up, in a hospital bed, for the first time ever completely taken over by Venom. He couldn’t remember most of the day, all of it a blank leading up to now. He remembered getting dressed this morning, putting on his usual clothes, not a hospital gown. Kissing your forehead while you slept soundly beside him. Where were you?

“Y/n is,” he eased Eddie into looking him in the eye, buying himself some time, “They’re getting the best help they can.”

“What do you mean? Did, did I do something?” The loss of time, the missing slot in his memory, it had to be him. He took over. But what did he do to you, of all the people in the world, Eddies love, his best friend.

“Not you exactly… .”

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Gif source:  Them

Imagine you’re a vigilante and you and Eddie/Venom have been dancing around each other for a few weeks, until one night they manage to unmask you, only to discover you’re their shy and sweet neighbor who moved in only a couple months ago.

———  Request for anon  ———

The black figure catches your mask, shredding the seam and snagging as you retreat just a hairs breadth to keep claws from cutting your skin. A gasp slips past your lips, and you know your face is revealed, not entirely, but just enough to be recognizable.

We were wrong about you,” he hisses your name, realization on his tongue, and you wrack your brain for where you could possibly have met this thing before, for him to know you so easily.

“You know my name,” you try to settle the adrenaline in your veins, but it’s of no use, so instead you demand of him, “It’s only fair I know yours.”

The face peels back, black slime and fanged teeth giving way to soft skin and hazel eyes. Familiar, you recognize, as the edge of stubble frames pink lips, but the voice adjoining his own is just as inhuman as before. Nothing like the way he had spoken to you over these past months, when you caught each other at the mail and in the hallways of your apartment building.

“We are Venom.”

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Chapter One

Pairings: Mentions of reader x Quentin Beck, Eddie Brock/ Venom x reader

warnings: swearing, mentions of past negative feelings ig?, quentin being himself.

A/n: a lot of you really enjoyed the first chapter so here is the second chapter!! I plan one maybe four or five chapters, depending on how long I make each chapter tbh. and idk if you guys will hate it, but venom has been with eddie/on earth long enough to adopt a semi supportive bro personality. anywho, feedback is appreciated!!

For the last month, you’ve found yourself gravitating to Eddie’s table every night. He started showing up earlier and earlier every day, and as expected, sat at the same table every single time. However, every time you’d make fun of him for his order, he’d change it to something new, just to show you he wasn’t a complete loser.

“You’re an even bigger loser for listening to me.” you chuckled.

“No, no,” Eddie chimed, “You said I was a loser for ordering the same thing. I believe this is a different thing, therefore-”

“A bigger loser.”

Eddie went to protest but sighed playfully and tapped his hands on the table, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Lucky for you, I got a soft spot for losers.”


You smiled at him and tucked your favorite pen behind your ear, “I’ll be right back with your drink, Eddie.”

Eddie couldn’t help himself from staring at you as you walked towards the bar. You two have been talking a lot since that first night, and sometimes you’d bump into each other on the street or at Ms. Chen’s shop. Eddie had an absolute problem for falling for someone too fast. It’s almost felt like it was an addiction type of deal.

It also didn’t help that Venom liked you too. You were just odd enough to fit right in with them. Venom always said it was almost like you were at home with them. there was just something about you that Eddie was smitten with.

Was it your laugh? Oh, absolutely. Was it your sense of humor? Definitely? Was it your personality? Hell yes. Was it- Where was this going. 

This hasn’t happened to Eddie before. Sure, there was Anne, but that was more of a long term type of deal where he wasn’t sure if he liked her that much, but he did, but this is different. 

You had set Eddie’s drink on your tray and were heading back to his table when someone had called your name. It was a bit odd to be called by your normal name, seeing as every other person in here had given you some sort of nickname to get on your good side. 

You directed your attention to the source and saw that weird rich guy, the one you normally talked with for a bit, and the one who gave you such odd tips. It had been awhile since he’d even acknowledged your existence. You chalked it up to jealousy, well, due to the fact that he’s only been acting like a stuck up snob ever since you’ve befriended Eddie. 

Not wanting to lose a regular patron out of fear of losing your job, or at least get a cut from your check, you greeted him kindly. He looked at his drink for a moment, and something felt a little off. this wasn’t an unusual feeling to get around this guy, and you knew it was wrong to be judgey about people, but something about this guy just rubbed you the wrong way.

“Can I get you anything?”

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Warnings:  Mentions of emotional abuse

Gif source:  Eddie

Imagine your boyfriend, Eddie, finding out that you don’t want him to meet your family because they’re manipulative, emotionally abusive assholes.

———  Request for anon  ———

We should eat them.

Eddie clenches his jaw, trying his best not to agree with the symbiote in the aftermath of your labored admission of just why you were so apposed to introducing him to your family. Your eyes were focused on your hands, and he can’t help but think how small you look, beaten down with the memories of the stories you’ve told him.

Eating them didn’t sound half bad, but Eddie just reaches out to pull your hand into the warmth of his own, drawing your gaze with his comfort.

“They sound awful,” he sighs. “I get why you don’t want to deal with that.”

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Hi! I saw that u were accepting requests (I think) and I was wondering I'd you could possibly write an imagine with Eddie Brock from the movie Venom? With the prompts 42 and 59? Could it be where the reader has powers and they keep her up at night, and Eddie is there to comfort her? I really appreciate it! (Btw I love your work!) Thank you love!💕

Prompts: “Everything is okay now, I’m here, I’m here.” and “Can I sleep with you? I need someone by my side.”

A/N: Awwww thank youuu ♥ And I hope you like it!

Word count: 382


Originally posted by kinghardy

They wouldn’t leave you alone. The voices in your head, which weren’t your own. The silent prayers of faith, the grief caused by the loss of the loved one. They just wouldn’t leave you be. Sometimes having powers like this caused you sleepless nights, nights when you just cried in your bed until you - maybe - finally caught some sleep.

Your breath became erratic and you let out some quiet whimpers, as you felt the anxiety, the agony, the grief - all at once. And that was enough to wake Eddie up from your couch and realize what was up, so he sat beside your bed and you soon felt him holding you against him, muttering “everything is okay now, I’m here, I’m here”, until you calmed down again.

Eddie was your friend, who was always there when you needed him. He had sat there listening when you cried or felt sad, he had always listened to your feelings and let you cry against his shoulder if you needed it. He never once had told you he doesn’t feel like listening or brush it off with “you’ll get used to it”. But he didn’t have such powers, he just had Venom - he didn’t know how many moods you experienced, how it felt to be forced in dozens of unfamiliar minds at once. How it felt to have thoughts that weren’t your own.

After your sniffles quieted down and Eddie had whispered some comforting words to your ear, he turned to leave - but you grabbed his hand, eyes still wet from tears.

Can I sleep with you? I need someone by my side. Please?” you asked, and Eddie frowned, not sure how to answer at first. Your question had taken him by surprise, but when you just continued staring up to him with pleading eyes, he gave you a gentle smile and sat beside your bed, making you lie down again.

“I’m going to be right here until you fall to sleep.” he swallowed, and you sighed.

“Could you stay? I’m… I’m scared I’ll wake up alone.” you asked as Eddie brought his hand to stroke your head, and he smiled at you comfortingly.

“That’s fine too.” he whispered, making your mind calm down as you finally slowly fell asleep.

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Gif source:  Eddie

Imagine being a vigilante who Eddie and Venom have feelings for, and when you wake up in the hospital after nearly dying, they find out that you have amnesia.

———  Request for anon  ———

Eddie had stayed by your hospital bed as much as he possibly could. He was there as soon as you started to even know you were in the world. You’d been in and out of consciousness for so many days, nearly having died after that fight you’d gotten into. Deep down, Eddie had always known there was possible collateral damage involved with your vigilantism, but it didn’t feel as real when it was simply a possibility,

Reassuring you that he was by your side, barely anything you’d said when you did wake in brief intervals had made sense, and the doctors had warned that you would be out of it for at first.

Now, though, you were making sense in every way but one.

And it almost floors him when you ask, “I’m sorry, what did you say your name was, again?”

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Originally posted by heybinary

“what do you think of this one?” you asked, stepping out of the walk-in closet in your work outfit.

Eddie looked at you, eyes taking you in, “I think it would look better on the floor.” he said.

you laughed, going over to jump onto the bed and straddle him, his hands settling on your waist, “you know I can’t be late for work baby.”

he shrugged, “I can give you a ride to work on my motorbike, it would be faster than transit-”

“baby.” you smiled, kissing him softly, “you know I love you but I have to go.”

you moved to get off of him but he pulled you back down, burying his face in your neck, “how do you always smell good in the morning?” he asked.

“Eddie!” you squealed as he rubbed his stubble on your neck.

“fine,” he groaned, letting you go, “I’ll see you after work yeah?”

“uh-huh.” you smiled, going to leave the room.

“and baby!?” he called, “i love you.” 

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Is there anything anyone would like to see more/less of on this blog? As of right now I’m taking all requests that feature Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, and Tom Hardy, and any character they’ve been. If anyone could give me feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it!! ❤️

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My inbox is empty! Please, please, please help fill it! It can be anything! 

Requests for writings are welcome (I’m willing to do symbiotes and spiders from the Marvel universe). 

Questions about me or my stories are welcome always! My inbox will always be open to this, even when suggestions are closed. 

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here’s the long-awaited second part to i believe it could be, though it could be read as a stand-alone! eddie follows up on his promise and he and the reader have a good cute date night. the title comes from the song fool for love by lord huron, which i’ve been listening to a lot lately. 

pairing: pre-movie!Eddie Brock x reader

warnings: none, there be kissin

length: 1,864 words


Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

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Originally posted by twitchyrose


Originally posted by fromsiberia

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Venom 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him just having these urges to be rougher yet tender with you whenever you’re both intimate, pinning you down and practically enjoying hearing you beg for him to finish inside of you to which he can’t ever deny you

-It just wanting to wrap around you and pleasure you until you can’t take it and would practically beg it to have its way with you, only to find that using Eddie to get to you works as well and eagerly pressing him on to finish inside of you

-Him just being so much more handsy with you and so close, teasing you in public and gladly having sex on a whim wherever you can be together whether it be a bathroom stall or the car, all of it the perfect opportunity to finish inside of you

-It teasing you as well, taking charge to just slip from Eddie to you completely during meetings or so, playing with your body and reminding you through whispers about how you’re perfect for it and its plans

-Him just gripping you so much more in bed and not letting go of you, especially as you’d ride him or as he’s have you underneath him, making sure you can’t pull away as he finishes inside of you

-It totally helping Eddie’s needs and taking over your body and playing with it to the point you’re just a moaning/panting mess before he comes in and sees you all spread out and pleasured as such, turning him on and he’d just go right to touching you himself

-Him taking care to go down on you properly and make you beg for his cock, using the moment to fuck you until you’re needing him to finish inside of you, loving your encouragements of course

-It taking over Eddie when it feels too much and just using its powers to keep you to itself and Eddie, pinning you down or just spreading you the way it needs to feel you, getting off on how weak and how much you just beg for them to keep going

-Him just doing whatever he can to keep from coming in your mouth as you’d suck him off, not wanting it to go to waste and having the help of Venom to set you on your hands and knees the moment you get so cocky about it

-Them putting the blame on one another the moment you’d ask them both about what’s their deal, making you laugh and just have to assure them that you love that side of theirs

Tags : @bat-with-a-crown​, @nikkinikki97​, @madamrogers​, @uss-lesbian​, @tearsofebony​. @shersuperwho-blog, @meloz-draws, @angel-with-broken-wings , @pan-and-proud-writes , @lynn8dabeast92-blog ,  @zombie-zayde , @jaspocalypse , @umaveznosonho, @littlemisstrancy , @emmet-dean-the-demon-king , @Erikaaferns, @ecurrier109 , @purplemuse89, @fandomwritingismylife , @ichimaruai,@samwinchesterhasbeensaved, @happyshaddow94 ,@master-of-schadenfreude, @my-youth-is-my-own , @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 , @girlmeetsbullshit, @withered8dandelion , @forestraccoon, @byzantium-glytch,@somerandomstufftosave, @castiel-ships-wincest​, @addie-baby ,@daydreamerblues, @klutzbeefy,@jacalineiscomingforyou, @rrainydayy , @makenna—mystery, @carpediemwallflower , @karenmissa , @english-muffin-top @tonictransistor , @pennywiseguys , @thepokyone , @raviolin-down-the-streets ,@ravenscryx, @marvel-obsessed-and-whatnot

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