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👀 do you miss your brother?

          It’s an off-limits topic. When other Wraiths bring it up, typically the ones that knew him, that fought along side of him, she shuts it down. She doesn’t want to talk about it, refuses to most times. There’s an anger that simmers in stomach, a heaviness that sits on top of her throat. They settled there at the news of her younger brother’s death, on top of everything that’s been piling for years - and she doesn’t believe that it’ll ever fade. It’s those feelings that make her finally speak through gritted teeth: “Yes.” 

          He had been the only man, the only person, Laverna had ever trusted. Though she doesn’t think of him much now - Antoine is still there, under everything, but she has pushed him down - at times she wonders where he’d be today. Maybe he’d be in the Archangels fighting for her now. Maybe, when she wins at the end of all of this, she wouldn’t have to be standing completely alone. Maybe in death she sees him in a better light then when he was living. But it didn’t matter. Her parents golden child had been killed, forcing all of the weight back upon her shoulders, leaving her completely alone once more. “But it’s hardly relevant now. I’ve seen grief, in others - it just makes them weak.” 

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A month prior…

Law: ._. I have a favor to ask of you.
Miyuki: Yeah?

Three weeks prior…

Robin: ._. Since we’re doing DnD on… we thought it would be best to…
Nami: Yeah… ._. Miyuki, can we…
Miyuki: ??

A week prior…

Ace: Uh, Miyuki?  A thing came up and we can’t watch over Luffy.  I got dinner with Whitebeard…
Sabo: ._. And I got a date with Koala.  We asked Coby, but he’s got some Academy stuff to do…
Ace: And Gramps got Marine stuff…
Miyuki: O_o Sure?  Law came about a month prior to tell me the news.  The Strawhats will be at my house anyway.
Sabo: What?  Really?!
Miyuki:  Yeah, I wanted to try something out.  So, Luffy should be entertained for the time being.  ._. 
Sabo: What is it?
Miyuki: -blushes- That I can’t tell you… you’ll have to find out from Luffy.  :P

Day of
Miyuki: ._. -Looks over Luffy’s character sheet- Luffy, do you know what a Swashbuckler is?

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