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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Can you help Ines (I know her well) to win a trip to the upcoming climate summit? This is her video entry about the placement she’s on for her master’s degree. The video with the most views wins.

Support women. Support latine women. Support climate action.

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Notes on Blindness (2016) - In 1983, when writer John Hull goes blind just before the birth of his son, he starts making a diary on audio cassette to make sense of all the changes.

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It took me forever to get a version of this weapon that I liked and that I wanted to work on. I fiddled with code, rehauled things, redid functions, but now I think I’ve finally got something.
It only took half a bloody year.

Yes, it works wonders on Nuts.wad.

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New Money (2019) “The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History” - Finance PhD investor guy takes you to (coastal) China to show how it’s way more advanced & capitalist than how Western media portray it, totally changed my view, super interesting

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