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#virgil sanders

I know I’m probably one of three people who are in both of these fandoms- but listen

Sanders Sides as Fear Entities

Virgil- The Stranger (although Virgil could easily be ANY of them considering he’s, ya know, the embodiment of fear itself)

Remus- The Corruption (or the spiral)

Deceit-The Spiral

Logan- The Lonely

Patton- The Spiral

Roman- The Desolation

(Let me know your takes on this if you have any god damn idea what im talking abt here. Im sure im very i correct)

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I got bored and painted my oc Thomas as one of the Sanders Sides, if you havent guessed it, it was Virgil

Thomas is a harpy-fox hybrid, and funny enough his dad (belongs to my friend who I rp with quite often) is named Roman

Also sorry about the smudging in most areas, I’m clumsy with paint

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Virgil: … What are you doing?

Roman: Someone said happiness is the price of red bottoms, but I looked them up and they’re $700, so I said happiness can be $19.99 with a little red paint.

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I would love to see you write a cute little ficlit of the sides as little kids playing on a playground or something, if you wanted.

Virgil sat alone on the swings, looking occasionally to his guardian, Thomas, who would smile reassuringly. Virgil didn’t play with the other children under Thomas’s care well.

Patton ran over suddenly, making Virgil shrink back a little. Patton’s bright smile didn’t go away, though. “I could push you on the swing if you want,” he offered.

Virgil nodded hesitantly, and Patton went around behind him.

Then Virgil was flying, and he laughed brightly. The others stopped playing, but Virgil didn’t notice yet. He was too busy laughing.

Patton pulled Virgil to a stop, grinning.

Virgil stopped laughing, looking around at the others. They were all staring at him. “What?” Virgil asked self-consciously.

“I never heard you laugh like that before,” Dee pointed out.

Virgil wrapped his arms around himself tightly. “It was fun.”

Roman perked up suddenly. “Hey, let’s have three of us on swings, three of us pushing, and see who can get the highest!”

“Yeah!” Remus agreed with his twin for once. “And we can jump off!”

“No jumping off the swings,” Thomas called.


“Language,” Patton chided Remus.

Logan turned his attention back to the mound of sand he was creating in the sand box, deciding that the swing game was not worth his time.

Dee joined Logan as the twins went to the swings.

Soon, Virgil was flying again, Roman and Remus taking turns flying alongside him. And he laughed.

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The Bookworm’s Visitor (Thieve’s Guild AU Part 1)

Summary: Virgil, a young thief, visits the owner of a local bookstore, Logan, to gather information for the thieve’s guild in the kingdom.

Pairings: Logicality, Platonic/Parental Analogical

Warnings: A very small hint at mistreatment

Word Count: 1,493


A young boy of seventeen, Virgil, was hidden away in the shadows of the alleyway, eyes trailing after two guards as they marched past. He could’ve left a while ago, but he wasn’t ready yet. He didn’t know what to say to anyone he might cross paths with, much less the person he was supposed to meet up with about ten minutes prior. He huffed as the guards were finally out of sight, pulling the purple scarf down from his mouth and letting it hand loosely around his neck. He pulled down the tattered hood of his cloak and ruffled his raven-black hair trying to hide any suspicion that the townsfolk might’ve received from his previous appearance. He took one last deep breath before emerging from the safety of the shadows.

It was a bustling afternoon in the kingdom of Asryn, like most were, and the main street that Virgil was currently walking down was packed with merchants and customers alike. It was the day of the Sunday market, or as Declan would tell him, the day of thieves. The bustling crowds of the marketplace were the perfect protection for any thieve looking to find a good steal, but at the same time, it was crawling with guards to prevent exactly that. Virgil didn’t listen to Declan’s previous advice, he felt focusing on the task at hand would be the best bet to get the job done and not get arrested while doing so. Virgil turned off the main street, sneaking through another alleyway before appearing on another street, this one more narrow and deserted.

The centerpiece of this street was a quaint, ivy-colored bookshop. The only in the kingdom other than the royal library in the castle. The cobblestone walls of the small building peaked through the red and green ivy that had grown over the years. Surrounding the large brown door were a few strands of vines, blossoming in vibrant yellow colors. The boy approached the door to the shop, hesitating for a few moments before pushing the large door open. A bell rang from somewhere else in the shop. 

Virgil looked around for the owner, and with no luck of finding him in the main room, began perusing it. The room was lined with large wooden bookshelves, each one filled to the brim with books of different sizes, colors, and conditions. He ran his fingers across the spines of the books on one shelf before stopping and pulling one from the shelf. The cover was worn, the color of a dark forest. The boy set it down on a nearby table before opening it, his finger skimming along with the words as he read. His reading was slow, and not very good, as exhibited by his long pauses and looks of confusion as he struggled to comprehend what he was reading. It was another few silent moments before that silence was disturbed. 

“Virgil, may I help you?” 

The boy jumped, spinning around to face the man who’d disturbed the silence. There stood a taller, and older man, dressed in a blue vest over a white button-down and some black dress pants. He pushed up his wire-rimmed glasses before crossing his arms, raising an eyebrow as he observed the smaller man. Virgil rubbed at the back of his neck, letting his hand with the open book fall to his side, “H-hello Logan..”

Logan sighed, motioning Virgil over, “Stuck on a word?” 

Virgil looked down sheepishly before nodding, moving to stand next to Logan. He placed the book down on the table and pointed at the word he’d gotten stuck on. Logan observed the text for a few moments before glancing to Virgil, “We talked about this one the last time you visited,” he recognized that he sounded a bit impatient and did his best to change his tone, “How about you try to sound it out, see if you remember then?”

Virgil nodded, turning back to the book, “e-e..ex…excha…exchanged?”

Logan gave a small smile and a short nod, “Very good, now can you read the entire sentence?”

Virgil hesitated at the request before he looked down at the book, “An…exchange..of…coins?” Logan nodded before Virgil continued, “A-an exchange of coins was…their…only way of…payment?” 

Logan’s smile widened a bit as he nodded, “Well done Virgil. Do you want to take this with you to continue practicing?”

Virgil looked at the man in shock, his eyes lighting up a bit, “Really?”


“T-thank you!”

Virgil closed the book after marking his place and put it in his satchel before turning back to Logan. Logan pushed himself up onto the table, now sitting on the edge of it, “Now, do tell me why you’re here. I know better than to believe you stopped in for help with reading. Did Declan send you?” 

Virgil looked down but nodded, “H-he wanted me to ask about what the castle security looked like as of right now..” 

Logan glanced down at the boy, “Are you planning a heist of the royal family?”

Virgil shrugged, rubbing at the back of his neck once more, “I-I’m not sure, they don’t really tell me anything anymore..”The boy nodded and followed Logan into the backroom and up the stairs. Logan and his husband lived above the bookstore in a very small home. The stairs led up to a small room, split into the kitchen and a bedroom with a table and a few chairs separating the two. The kitchen contained a wood-fire stove, a counter and a sink while the bedroom contained a double bed that was low to the ground and covered in a navy blue blanket. On the table beside the bed as a couple books and a candle. Logan motioned for Virgil to sit down at the table as he filled the kettle with water and set it on the stove before lighting it. He then moved to sit across from Virgil, “Declan of all people should know that castle security is at an all time high because of their searched for, your organization. That’s why Patton has been gone so much..” 

Virgil sighed, rubbing at his face a bit, “Any hours where security wouldn’t secure?”

Logan seemed to think for a bit before nodding, “Patton isn’t on duty past midnight most days, and since he’s the head of the guard, I would assume that when he’s gone security will be at it’s weakest. Though I wouldn’t expect it to be a piece of cake, and it will be nearly impossible to not get noticed.”

Virgil bit his lip as he thought for a few seconds, “I’m guessing unwanted attention wouldn’t be good for us..”

Logan gave a small nod, getting up and moving over to the kettle to pour to cups of tea “You would be correct about that. The best thing for all of you to do right now is stay out of sight. You shouldn’t even be coming here Virgil, not that I don’t enjoy your company, but Patton is the head guard, the safety of the kingdom is of great importance to him..” He placed one of the cups in front of Virgil before taking a sip of his own. 

Virgil sighed but nodded understandingly, “I-I get it, s-so, I should stop dropping by for a while?” 

Logan studied the boys expression for a few seconds, “How are things with Declan and Remus? Is everything going alright?”

Virgil looked away from Logan and down at the table, fidgeting a bit, “T-they just…they get frustrated with me, y’know?” He chuckled a bit, “I’m not the best thief in the guild..”

Logan placed a hand on the other’s shoulder, “But you’re not the worst. You just need…training and some confidence boosting. You truly would be great at this Virgil, then again, that’s if you choose to be.” 

Virgil stared before nodding. Logan opened his mouth to add something before the bell from downstairs chimed once more. A voice called up from the back room, “Hun? I have about an hour to kill so I thought I’d come home for a bit! Are you up there?”

Logan’s eyes widened as he turned back to Virgil, “You have to leave, Patton might recognize you…here-” He pulled the boy over to the window, opening it and pushing him onto the roof, “The vines are thick enough for you to climb down. Don’t forget to tell Declan and Remus I say hello, goodbye Virgil.”

And with that he shut the window, scurrying down the stairs and into the bookstore. Virgil blinked for a few seconds before sighing and taking a hold on one of the vines. It took some effort, but he managed to scale down the wall of the bookstore, jumping when he was only a few feet from the ground and landing on his feet. He looked back at the bookstore, sighing a bit before he pulled the scarf around his face and the hood up and headed home. 

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