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Here’s my first fantasy creature post! This isn’t a skit or anything like that… I’m not quite to that point yet, but perhaps I could build up some fantasy creatures as the signs and like… write based off the characters that I create.

Anyway, here… enjoy THE SIGNS AS VAMPIRES.

ARIES: Aries would be the vampires that are like “look at me! I’m beautiful!” but on the same breath be like “you fuck with me and I’m gonna rip your head off!” because being vampires, they  have that ability to actually… y’know… rip someone’s head off. Literally.

TAURUS: Taurus would be the vampires that dress in super fancy, warm clothes even though they can’t feel the heat. They’re the ones that gorge on blood and enjoy the aesthetics of drinking blood out of a wine glass or a skull mug.

GEMINI: Gemini is the vampire that likes to think they’re being mysterious but the reality is all the other vampires wish they’d shut up because they never stop talking… it’s okay, Gemini… you’re still fuckin’ badass, so don’t worry what the other vamps think.

CANCER: Cancer are the vampires that never leave their lairs except to find blood to drink. They probably drink from blood bags but they also sit around their lairs all day and watch Netflix (hah).

LEO: Leo is the vampire that, like Taurus, dresses super fancy. Like Aries, they’re like “LOOK AT ME, I’M A BADASS VAMPIRE, but perhaps they have a LITTLE more of confidence than they ought to.

VIRGO: Virgo vampires are the ones that are quiet, barely talk. They look cold and like they’re angry all the time, but they’re pretty caring, always making sure the other vampires have enough blood to drink.

LIBRA: Libras are the vampires that are always like “where would you like to hunt today?” They’re always around other vampires, hating to be completely alone. Definitely social creatures.

SCORPIO: Scorpios are the “lone vampires.” They prefer to spend their time alone and watching the human meat bags, watching them like they’re pathetic pieces of food. But they also find the humans entertaining to watch on a certain level.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius vampires are the life of the party. They always know where the good blood is at and always have fresh blood for the party.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns are the vampires that everybody expects to be super boring and lifeless, but when all is said and done, they are the ones that surprise you with how vicious and dangerous they can really be.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius are the vampires that go against the mould of what a vampire is supposed to be. They’re the ones trying to save the animals (even if it’s just because they want to have something they can feed off of when all of humanity dies out).

PISCES: Pisces are the vampires that try to understand humanity. They were humans at one point and they really try not to completely lose sight of their humanity, though… there are definitely times when they completely lose sight of their humanity and get lost in the blood of a fresh victim… and often times when that happens, their victim ends up dead in their arms.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these may not be totally accurate of the signs they’re assigned to. I kind of rushed this post, tbh, but I’ll try to remake it if I come up with an even better one. For now, here you go. My first fantasy post about the signs.

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Tell us like 2 descriptive words that does NOT describe the 12 signs!

I assume you mean two each and not like… 2 that don’t describe any of them…

ARIES: calm, quiet

TAURUS: trusting, sociable

GEMINI: quiet, friendless

CANCER: arrogant, malicious

LEO: timid, patient

VIRGO: selfish, impatient

LIBRA: selfish, blunt

SCORPIO: trusting, outgoing

SAGITTARIUS: stupid, cautious

CAPRICORN: boring, fragile

AQUARIUS: timid, conforming

PISCES: weak, merry

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CANCER: What is… what is going on right now?

VIRGO: What do you mean?

CANCER: *points*

VIRGO: *blinks* wait, what am I looking at?

CANCER: it… looks like… *blinking in surprise*

VIRGO: *picks it up*

CANCER: CAREFUL! It’s gonna bite you!

VIRGO: *brings it up to their face* it looks like a two-headed snake.

CANCER: *staring at it* how is that possible?

SAGITTARIUS: *grabs it and starts waving it in front of Cancer’s face*

CANCER: *squeals and runs away*

[SAGITTARIUS & VIRGO burst into laughter]

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Something that doesn’t really make sense to me about the bet Theory is that in Viri’s clip, where Cris asked her who she would be with and Viri responded that with none of them and proceeded to talk about the kind of boy that’s ideal for her Hugo was the only one that seemed genuinely offended about it.

Like, for example, Dilan who up to this point we have seen ask Viri out (or try to, at least) smiles when she says this but in a sort of mocking way, if that makes sense. Jorge and Lucas have the same reaction while Eva and Cris exchange a glance.

Hugo, though, he looks genuinely offended, as if he was hopeful she would pick him when her gaze lingered on him for a little longer than what it did to the others. And when she finally says none of them raises up to her expectations it’s not Dilan the one who asks who does raise up to her expectations, it’s him.

So, it doesn’t really make sense to me they would have a bet on who could get with her when they have so different reactions to being turned down by her. Dilan is more nochalant about it, maybe in a sort of, sure, I like her but in a more casual way. While her words hit Hugo quite differently.

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astro observation

one thing i noticed about having gemini in the 12th house is that no matter how drunk/high I can be my mind is always running,I am always thinking and analysing situations around me it’s like moving to an another state of my mind where my body is numb but my thoughts suddenly become more intense and it’s like i am always aware 

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Virgo, you’re in your element of being the old fashioned perfectionist. You’re winning in life right now… You’re going so good that you can afford to remain stagnant and take a break whenever you please… But there’s almost this obsession over a competition that isn’t real. It may all be in your head.

Are you dealing with a Taurus or Libra?

You’re worried about secrets that have nothing to do with you. You may be afraid that others are out to get you and what’s yours because of your success… But don’t worry, Virgo. There’s no target on your back.

Others of you are dwelling over a special someone to the point where it burdens you. You want this person bad, but they’re so mysterious that it drives you up the wall. Get to know them! You can squeeze out a word or two. But be careful not to force or rush this person for they seem very sensitive and guarded.

Some of you Virgo’s are fed up with working hard without seeing any results. If you’re at work, you may be getting paid little by little but not seeing your final check or somebody could be intentionally keeping your checks from you. This is causing an inconvenience to you and those around because you hold some kind of responsibility on your shoulder. It could be bills or simply owing a friend money back who won’t stop harassing you about it.

Some of you are taking a secret with you to the grave. You could be a Scorpio or a Pisces (or dealing with) as well. There’s something that is going unsaid here that you hope nobody will bring up or ask you about.

If they don’t ask, you won’t tell.

Virgo, you are really holding your tongue. I’m seeing you sitting at a table and while everybody is arguing and getting things off of their chest, you’re sitting unbothered and untouched. You may feel above this because you don’t feel the need to argue anymore. You realized after some time that nobody is listening to anyone when they’re all screaming, so you’re saving your breath.

I’m getting that you may have something to say that would make the entire room go into hush mode and stare at you as if you had eight heads. This could be family related or work related. Either way, you know the truth and you don’t need the aggressive and confrontational energy surrounding you.

A spicy and steamy connection has come to an abrupt stop, but Spirit is assuring me that this is not the end for you and your person.

The Empress and Emperor are in the reverse along with the Five of pentacles. Things may seem rough and rocky right now, but this is just a small bump in the road. You and your divine counterpart will be reunited in no time.

Your future with this person looks extremely positive, I hear wedding bells in the distance.

You and this person may break bread and eat good together in the future, with the Empress and Emperor card coming out, I’m getting that you two are your own bosses. You could be dealing with a Capricorn, Libra, or Taurus as well.

Don’t stress about what’s going on now.

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Libra *Praying*: It’s me again. I need someone to be my friend, someone who won’t run away. Maybe send me an angel, the nicest angel you have.

Gemini, walking into the Room: *Maniacal laughter*

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i went to get a wax today and the lady was telling me she liked my tattoos, then she showed me hers and told me she got it for her 25th wedding anniversary. i told her how amazing it was to be married that long and she said a husband is better than a boyfriend, because a boyfriend will stay with you as long as you’re pretty and making money, but a husband stays with you no matter what. and i laughed and said a good husband will stay, but not all of them are good and she laughed too and said “i have a good husband” and something about the way she said it just made me feel so soft lol, maybe i will get married one day 🥺

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Aesthetic Requests…

Are now open again!! I’m kinda starting fresh so if you’ve requested one previously that I haven’t created yet just send in another dm!!

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earth signs when they realize they have fallen in love

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LifePath 2 February-March 2020 Reading

Hello everyone! As promised, I’m going to be adding more collective readings to this blog when I have free time. I have been wanting to learn more about numerology, so I’ll be posting collectives for the life path numbers 1-9. If you are an 11, for example, look at the life path 2 reading. I won’t be doing readings for the master numbers such as 11, 22, 33, or 44. If you do not know your lifepath number, you can calculate it by adding all of the digits of your birthday up. For example, my date of birth is September 4th, 1999. So I would add 9 for September to 4, getting a 13. Adding 1 plus 3 also equals 4, so I would go on to add 4 to 1 which would get us to 5. I then would go on to repeat this pattern with the three 9’s of my birth year, and the end result is 5, so my lifepath number is 5. Each number has a specific vibration, and I would suggest looking your number up to find out what that is. These readings will focus greatly on numerology. For anyone interested in a personal reading, they currently cost $1 per card, and payment is through paypal. Please direct message me if you are interested. I will include the numerology of each card- when applicable, and you can apply the meaning of that number to your reading, whether this represents a person of that lifepath or just the theme of that number.

Song: In This Moment- Into the Light: Listen to this song, look up it’s lyrics, research its meaning, and take it how it resonates for you. You may be afraid to be vulnerable at the moment due to fear of the pain that could cause you. You do have a dream though that you can allow yourself to be in that place, but you don’t feel ready and perhaps you don’t feel right about it. Trust your intuition but remember that paranoia isn’t intuition. If you are afraid, you are being paranoid and not intuitive. There’s also a sense of loss here. Like you’re losing someone or something but it may be for the better of them. Some of you may have actually lost someone to death recently. There is still a light within you and don’t let it go out. Maria Brink, the lead singer of this band, is a lifepath 9, so look out for anyone of that lifepath number in your life who may relate to this situation as it pertains to you.

1 5 of Swords- Numerology: 5- The present situation in your life is represented by the 5 of Swords, showing me that you perhaps feel a bit deceived right now. Something or someone was taken from your life much before you were ready. There is a possibilty that this thing or person could come back around, things just don’t look like they’re right right now. I feel as though you and anyone else involved is in need of healing.

2 The Chariot- Numerology 4 or 7- The placement of this card represents the problem in this situation. So, what is causing these feelings and issues? This could be a person who fits the Lifepath 4, Lifepath 7, or Cancer archetype. This could even be a third party person who is not directly involved in the given situation. If it does not pertain to a specific person, this could just reflect an energy which is moving too fast or not fast enough. I see one thing outgrowing another.

3 10 of Pentacles- Numerology: 1- The placement of this card represents your past. Whatever you lost, you feel as though it was your abundance. It was what was worth living and thriving for to you. I know it’s entirely painful, but just know that this abundance is only leaving because a greater abundance is trying to make its place in your life. You may have lost somebody who you liked to follow. This, for example, could have been a grandfather who you really looked up to who passed away.

4 Ace of Pentacles- Numerology: 1- This card is in place of the future. There is money coming your way. Not to sound fucked up, but if this was a passing in the family, this person may have left you a lot of money. I know that you would rather have the person than the money, but this person, I’m sure, would have wanted you to use the money to take care of yourself and pursue your dreams. For some of you, this money may have nothing to do with the loss. You’re just coming into a lot more money or abundance than you’ve had even before.

5 5 of Cups- Numerology: 5- This card takes the place of what is concious and known to you. First of all, take note that this is the second 5 of this reading, and it is in the fifth place, so the importance of this number is very exaggerated in your life at this time. Try to embrace change as well as the adventure that is being offered to you despite how painful it may be. With all of that being said, you may feel like everywhere you look reflects the pain of which you are experiencing.

6 The Moon- Numerology: 3 or 9- This card is in the place of what is unconscious or unknown to you. Funny enough, this is the card which represents the unknown in general, so I feel as though there is a lot you are not seeing. You may even be trapped by illusions or delusions that your mind is creating to try to tear itself down. Work on overcoming your self-destructive habits during this time.

7 Page of Pentacles- The place of this card serves to represent your influence over the situation. You may feel a bit weak at this time. You may be stuck in a cycle of poverty conciousness. You identify yourself as somebody who is prone to losses, so you are attracting a great deal of loss into your life. This card also tells me that there may be a person who is younger than you who really looks up to and takes after you. They may have mutable earth energy.

8 3 of Swords- Numerology: 3- This card takes the place of how others and your environment are influencing you. So, yeah, you may be surrounded by a lot of sad and broken-hearted people who may even be suffering from their own victim or martyr complex. Others of you are being continually hurt by everyone around you. Either way, I’m seeing that it’s time to create some distance from those who are not serving you.

9 8 of Cups- Numerology: 8- This card represents your hopes and fears. At this time, you are afraid of what you might lose, but you are craving freedom. For most of you, this desire for freedom will be stronger than your fear of loss. With that being said, the universe wants to set you free. Allow it to. Walk away from toxicity at this time. This may be toxic people in your life or even toxic traits within yourself.

10 Page of Wands- This is the outcome card. Many of you will be coming out of March ready to embark on a journey of and for your soul. This will be especially true for those of you who carry an energy which is youthful, mutable, and fiery. For those of you hoping to attract a romantic partner, there may be a person of whom you meet or get together with at the end of the month who exhibits all of these qualities.

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