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Natasha Romanoff + riding Bucky like a mechanical bull

Johansson says her most odd and uncomfortable day on the movie was the time she was “riding Sebastian Stan like a mechanical bull.” “I felt so bad for him — and me! They hoisted me up on poor Sebastian’s shoulders and I was holding on with my legs wrapped around. It was horrible!”

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A member has left their personalized queue tag on your last few reblogs

hey bud!

yeah, i’m an admin and i queue everything so we can be active throughout whole day. i have set my queue with xkit and changing it and erasing it with every single post i queue for mcufam (over 30 a day) would be a bit draining. 

so , i hope you don’t mind.

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Hello! Do u always reblog things from the #mcufam tag?

hey anon!

yes, we try to reblog tagged content in mcufam tag once every 2-3 days

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hi, you miss out 'seat' in your 'can you move your seat up' gifset :)

LMAO i deleted it. giffing when sleep deprived is BAD folks . thank you for telling me. 

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guys Visnja AKA Brockrumlow/vislon/scottlanq is fine. she is taking a break off the fandom. For everyone who was worried about her she’s fine. don’t worry.

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tonystarkks said: ?????? i thought she moved blogs but i honestly think she might be gone and its sad

I hope she’s ok tbh… The less I hear the worse I think. I hope she get in contact soon. or check her tag or sth…

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