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AU where the Garrison knew Keith was half alien

ohohoho okay then

1. The Garrison finds out about Keith after Krolia leaves, and both he and his father are taken into custody to be under observation. His dad doesnt like it, but concedes after the garrison reminds him that, being part alien, there may be things he isn’t prepared for.

2. Keith grows up within the garrison compound fully aware of his alien genealogy. When he fails to develop any prevalent non-human traits, hes allowed more freedom to go where he wants, even officially taking classes at the garrison. Meanwhile his father takes a position at the garrison to stay closer to his son.

3. He still manages to become a top pilot, and meet Shiro (who isn’t fully aware of Keith’s ancestry). Shiro, sadly, disappears as he did in series, but when foul play is suspected Keith and his dad are taken into custody again with the cover story of Keith being suspended.

4. Shiro crash lands on earth, and Keith manages to break out and go save him with his dad’s help. Though his dad gets caught as they escape.

5. Keith meets the gang, finds the blue lion (somehow), and they end up on Arus just like in series. This time around though, keith is caught between wanting to find out more about his mom, fulfill his role as a paladin, and go back to save his dad. (He still snaps at Pidge like he did in s1 due to be severely worried about his dad but knowing his father would want him to stay out there and be the red paladin.) Plus the gang still doesnt know about his galran ancestery, and once keith knows the full extent of what his people have done, he has even more trouble telling them before meeting the bom.

6. The garrison is sympathetic to them actually. Though when first bringing Keith’s dad in they were less than thrilled about him taking in an alien and keeping them secret. However, they mostly just wanna stay on top of this whole alien thing and make sure Keith doesnt develop some kinda crazy alien virus or whatever.
Also Krolia and keith’s dad totally get to reunite on earth and there are tears and everything

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To me, this single shot is the most important one in the entire series.

It’s filled with so much love that knows no bounds, selflessness, and so symbolic of Keith’s family.

His parents who fell in love despite all their differences and their child, who eventually became the bridge between not just their races but everyone across the universe.

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My Top 5 Ships: Updated

5. Glitradora

4. Marichat

Originally posted by hazenheim

3. Rayllum

Originally posted by kirasren

2. Plance (oof it’s gone down)

Originally posted by artemisarya

1. LadyNoir (I know it’s basically the same as Marichat but like…. I don’t care sooo)

Originally posted by labeansidhe

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Eyy, remember Shallura Week 2018 back in September? This is that thing I made for the prompt “First/Last” and then it…evolved into something way bigger than that lmao. Basically this is their journey with some improvements /cough. 

I have some video edits and an animatic I’m still working on. I think it’s time for the hiatus to end. 

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sorry but i am literally so into that california summer vibe like. just thinking about Shiro in his 30s finding love and Adam helps him out a LOT at home and Shiro gets this little fuzzy feeling in his chest every time Adam and Keith get into arguments and ajdbajjdhdhd also the time period where Adam practically lives with them but hasnt moved in yet???? like Shiro makes room in his closet and drawers for his stuff so Adam doesn’t have to keep bringing a bag and Adam just helps him around the house and sometimes cooks for them in the morning and pulls pranks on Keith where he’s like “and this plate is for you since you eat like a fucking mouse” and it’s a giant plate with a pile of the tiniest pancakes eVER and for the first time in a while Shiro bursts out laughing and Keith gets angry at first but then all three of them start laughing together at how silly it is 😭😭😭 and Shiro’s job really is not the best especially since a few years back he had to get his arm amputated to finally get rid of the disease that had been depleting his muscles (he wanted to keep his arm for as long as he could so he can keep working) and afterwards he had to take off of work for therapy and recovery only to come back to work and get laid off, so the job he has now doesn’t pay as good and god here comes Adam the fucking savior who is stacked and He knows Shiro hates it but he really has no problem helping him out and Shiro made him promise that he wont help pay the bills and Adam agreed but he does like to help pay for everything else like making sure everyone has a nice christmas and birthdays and he buys new air conditioners for the house bc there is no central ac and ugh he is just a giant help and it’s a really really happy period when Adam comes along and Shiro is so in love with him and Adam loves him just as much and Shiro is so happy that Adam and Keith get along (for the most part) and honestly???? waking up to Adam in his little full sized bed is when he’s the happiest like UGHHSJAUISJSKDKSJSJS

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