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The thing about shipping (½)

Shipping is a really…… let’s say interesting topic for a fandom. And in some more toxic ones, it could also be a hard topic.

There are a lot of ships in a fandom. Some are more popular than others. Some are weirder than others. And some are more hated than others.

But why would shipping be a hard topic? It’s basically just thinking that two or more characters could have a good or cute relationship and want them to get together.

While that is true, some tend to take it too far. Some get too invested in or too passionate about their ship that they start to attack other people’s ships and even other people personally.

And that’s a problem.

It’s awfull what these kinds of people do.

I don’t care what ship they are shipping. It’s never okay to attack or harass someone based on their ship.

If a person ships:

- a straight ship rather than a gay/lesbian ship, it doesn’t make the person a homophobe.

- a noticeable age difference ship, it doesn’t make the person a pedophile.

- a white ship rather than a black or Asian ship, it doesn’t make the person a racist.

- a ship where the characters had bad history or fight a lot, it doesn’t make the person an abuser or a promoter of abuse.

People are not what they ship!

Some times you don’t ship what makes the most sense. You ship what feels okay to you. And that’s fine. You shouldn’t feel ashamed because of what you ship.

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Lance: Sweetheart, close the fridge door so the light doesn’t burn out 

Klance daughter, age 7: Why papi? The door being open doesn’t do anything…

Lance: when you close the door the light goes out. 

Child: How do you know? Whenever I look in the fridge the light is ON 

Lance: yeah because opening the door turns it on 

Child blinks at him in confusion 

Lance: I just know, okay? 

Child: Papi? Did someone lock you in a fridge?

Lance thinking to himself ‘thank god Keith and the kids are so damn pretty…’ : I know because uncle Hunk told me 

Child: Oh! Okay!

Bedtime that same night-

Lance: your daughter asked me if someone had ever locked me in a fridge today

Keith: my daughter? I thought she was our daughter…

Lance: most of the time, yeah. Today she was alllll yours though. I don’t understand how such smart people can be so… ugh!

Keith: What? Why? What happened?

Lance: she wouldn’t believe that the light in the fridge is activated by the door opening, because every time she looked in the fridge it was lit. It was like the Voltron cheer all over again! She thought I knew it turned off because someone had locked me in a fridge! I know stuff!

Keith laughs: The Voltron cheer makes no sense. One person says Voltron. Done. No need to make it complicated! How’d you get her to believe you? Did you tell her that you learned it from Pidge?

Lance glares and pouts: Hunk

Keith still laughing: better choice, Pidge could have been pulling a prank. She trusts Hunk more


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Allura, Eraserhead, Jason Todd, Miles Morales, Hornet :>

Alrighty here we go~


Originally posted by amirnizuno

First impression: She’s so pretty!! Elf?? SPACE ELF??? Idk what’s going on with all the lions and stuff but I love her design. She’s so cute…

Impression now: I love her and she deserved SO MUCH BETTER than she got?? D:< She’s also so fun to draw….that automatically bumps her up on my fave character list!!

Favorite moment: TBH when she started getting to pilot Blue and really got to grow into her leader role, I just thought it was so cool?? Also all magic scenes!!

Idea for a story: Let her go shopping for shiny things at the space mall!!!!

Unpopular opinion: Is it bad I still ship Shallura…………? But I also liked her and Lotor…….*I’m still not caught up btw HA but I have had spoilers sooooo*

Favorite relationship: I really really loved her familial bond with Coran, I wish we saw more of that! Wonderful space Niece and Uncle!

Favorite headcanon: Altean markings all over and that they glow. I’;m sorry I’m not more interesting on this front;;;;;


Originally posted by thelastthingweneedisanentmoot

First impression: ????what is with this homeless gremlin man he looks scary and kinda mean?? Is he high?? Why is he so mean to Deku??

Impression now: I love and support Eraserhead…he’s such a dad. Tough love dad, but a good and supportive dad. He grew on me real fast X’’’D Also please let him have sleep and all the cats he wants :T

Favorite moment: Every time he saves the kids…or gives pep talks…just…what a good dude…

Idea for a story: Sooooo daemon au?? Maybe his Barred Owl delivers messages over campus? Oooh I just imagined his mama owl huddled over a nest of stray kittens ;7;

Unpopular opinion: MHA is great, needs more Aizawa. ANd more cats.

Favorite relationship: His friendship with ALL Might and Mic? So pure…but also Tsuyu being his surrogate daughter? Super pure…

Favorite headcanon: Aro/Ace Aizawa ace aizawa ace aizawa ACE AIZAWA ACE— I think you get the point ;7;

***Jason Todd***

First impression: He is…the mean jock robin…he died once?? But he came back with a gun…poor dude with issues…


Favorite moment: Any time he quotes classic literature like the HUGE nerd he is!! And the part where he was sick and fell asleep on Bruce…ALSO that freaking “YAAAAASSSS” in Robin war, a current fave, I love that dumb scene so freaking much asndububfer 

Idea for a story: IDK I’ve always had this little plunny idea of some little girl he rescues from something just kinda plays with his hair and paints his nails and he just totally rolls with it. Anything with Jason and kids. I mean. Look how well he handles Bizzarro??

Unpopular opinion: Unpopular to DC I really wish he could just hug it out with Bruce and be done with all the family drama…….

Favorite relationship: Platonic Jason with Tim has been a huge fave…Berba pointed out they’re BOTH huge nerds and kinda jocks too, so that’s fun! But also Jason with Damian. And Dick. And Bruce. Jason bonding with the batfam?? But also Jason bonding with Bizzarro was one of the cutest things…lookit this softie :P 

Favorite headcanon: That Jay is actually a redhead but dyed it upon adoption to hide his identity as robin! Also that he’s aro/ace. And that he has claustrophobia that flares up at inconvenient times due to the whole “waking up in a grave” thing…

I think about Jason alot?? But gosh DANG I cannot draw him consistently DX 

***Miles Morales***

Originally posted by soniatera

First impression: Black spiderman? Cool! Never heard of him but he looks nice??

Impression now: LITERAL SUN/SON INTO THE COLLECTION YOU GO– he deserved more hugs after all the crap he went through in Spiderverse :T I love him, he’s so sweet and funny and an artist!! :’’D

Favorite moment: LEAP OF FAITH!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! but also the “who’s Morales” scene X’’’’’D I still think about that and laugh to this DAY

Idea for a story: I….really really like that Ballarino idea I’ve seen floating around…Miles in ballet would be so cool and funny!

Unpopular opinion: ….that first spiderman outfit was dumb and I know it’s the point but GOODNESS MILES X’’’’D makes it so much cooler when he gets his own!!

Favorite relationship:

Originally posted by noneotherthanthejoker

Originally posted by pparkerz

I love Miles with everyone but gosh these friendships make me SO happy, also a platonic “I love you” BLESS!!!

Favorite headcanon: Seeing as Miles is an artist I bet he does all those Artist things like…buying new sketchbooks, despte having so many half finished ones, so many projects he needs to finish, always losing PENCILS, dumb stuff like that X’’D 


Originally posted by wt-art

First impression: I saw ads/posts about “SIlksong” long before I started playing Hollow Knight, so I thought she was going to be the sweet, cool, older sister figure! What a pretty bug!

Impression now: SHE’S BEAT ME UP SO MANY TIMES I feel like she says “get gud” every time and I suffer;;;;; I still love her and she’s freaking awesome~ visiting her little spider village was…sad tho…

Favorite moment: So far, when she went back to save the little Knight from the avalanche!! ;7; character development…

Idea for a story: I’d…love to see her go back and visit her mother’s grave (I’m ASSUMING it was Herrah, yes??) but also I’d love a human modern AU of some sort, with Hollow and the Knight as siblings…

Unpopular opinion: the spider charm is super helpful but I feel really bad about wearing it while fighting her, because now the little spiderlings are fighting their princess to protect me ;;7;; *guilt* but otherwise I die…! 

Favorite relationship: I love that “big sister” vibe that only grows every time she interacts with the knight X’’D 

Favorite headcanon: I like the idea that she sews stuff for other bugs in need, I think that’s super cute! 

WHEW ok gonna sleep now, sorry my answers are kinda boring;;; *tries to spice it up with gifs*

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When It Rains, It Pours

Chapter 1, Part 3: Keith

Katie is hunched over an assortment of papers, pen in hand, and actively scribbling notes when Keith finally arrives at her lab. He pauses in the doorway and reaches out to knock softly on the open door.

“Keith,” she says as she looks up at him briefly.

Keith smiles. She’s not surprised to see him, she never is. In the years that they’ve known each other, Keith has made a habit of randomly stopping by.

“Busy?” Keith asks.

“Not really, just working on reports.” She sets her pen down and rubs her eyes. “What brings you here? Must be good for you to trek through the rain.”

“Eh. I was already out.” Keith shrugs. “Wanna get lunch?”

“Keith, it’s nine in the morning.”


She rolls her eyes and chuckles.

“I can’t just take off from work, but you’re welcome to hang out here,” she says.

Keith doesn’t have much to say, but they chat idly about his work at the afterschool program and about the projects that Katie is working on. It’s nice.  It’s good to catch up. It feels like it’s been too long, even though it’s only been about two weeks.

“Hey, Pidge! You joining us for lunch?” one of Katie’s coworkers shouts from across the hall after about an hour. “We’re getting Mexican!”

Katie groans.

“No, thanks!” she shouts back. “I hate the Mexican place they go to,” she tells Keith.

“Pidge?” Keith raises an eyebrow in question. He’s never heard that nickname before.

“Ugh. Don’t ask.”

“Too late.”

She levels Keith with a flat stare before shooting her eyes toward the ceiling and huffing a sigh.

“It’s a terrible story,” she says, turning back to her work.

“So? Tell me anyway.”

“It really isn’t funny. I was feeding the pigeons one day, just brainstorming ideas. Kinkade, one of the other researchers, saw me and started calling me ‘Pigeon.’ Then ‘Pigeon’ changed to ‘Pidge,’ some joke about my height, or something. And they haven’t stopped calling me ‘Pidge’ ever since. I hate it.”

“You’re right, it’s not that funny, but I am definitely going to call you that from now on.” Keith can’t help his smile.

“Please don’t,” Katie says.

Keith’s smile only grows. They chat and joke until Keith has to leave for work.

— — —

Keith is exhausted when he gets back to the apartment that night.  He pushes open the door and shoves off his shoes.

When he rounds the corner into the kitchen, Lance is sitting at their small dining table.

“Keith, we should talk,” he says.

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I’m not going to say that I was robbed by the fact that A Little Adventure didn’t have full-size Allura interacting with tiny Pidge, but I am going to make a post saying that I’m not saying that so that everyone will know that I kind of feel that way.

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more thoughts on an Iron Chef AU… 👀

The Chairman: Zarkon
The Iron Chefs: Throk, Sendak, Prorok, ?
Fukui-san: ?
Doc Hattori: Vrepit Sal
Ohta: Bii Boh Bi!!
Kishi: Dayak
That fortune teller lady: Haggar

We could have the Archivist, Trugg, Ladnok, Ranvieg, whoever as the other guest judges. Nyma and Ven’tar as those dippy actresses they have on. xD Characters from Team Voltron, the Blade of Marmora, and Lotor’s faction would be challengers… Mayhaps a Throk vs. Narti throwdown? While Lotor and the others watch from the Royal Box… 👀👀

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I’m not sure if it’s the fandoms I’m apart of, the content itself, or if it’s just me. But so much of the content I’m consuming is just exhausting.

Voltron? Exhausting. Endgame? Exhausting. Game of Thrones? Exhausting.

I feel like everything I’ve read or watched that had its finale or final book or whatever in the last year has been exhausting to the point where I’m glad it’s done.

I used to love these things. And now they just exhaust me

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Me literally at 3am: I can’t believe Keith and Lance sat on top of the black lion together watching the sunset while Keith tells Lance how great and important he is and then they stare lovingly into each others eyes with soft smiles and emotional music playing in the background :’) kill me.

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