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For the 5+ head canons- Single Parent AU

My first temptation was to go with alt. reality Zarkon and wittle Lotor buuuuuut…
since he doesnt get enough love in canon….

1. Coran becomes a young Allura’s legal guardian after both her parents die in an accident. He takes to it exceptionally well, but while Allura is very fond of Coran she initially struggles to see him as a father figure.

2. Coran does everything he can to make Allura feel safe and comfortable in his house; from making sure her new bedroom is exactly the way she wants it to starting to keep vases of flowers in the house because Allura loves them. 

3. On her first day of school, Coran drops her off. Poor Allura is nervous about going to a new school, and is fearful of how other kids would react upon finding out about her parents. Coran encourages her to be herself, and just take things one step at a time.

4. Naturally Allura makes friends due to her friendly personality, and she takes them home with her to meet her fun uncle.

5. Coran becomes rather protective of Allura, so when shes older and in the dating pool he takes to collecting old swords and deliberately displays on the walls when she brings a date over. 

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“I don’-“ Gyrgan took a shaky breath. “I don’t want to lose you…”

“You won’t get rid of me easily.” Blaytz tried to lighten up the mood even if he knew that this would be their last moment. He trying to breath, but it was like he had needles in his throat.

Gyrgan leaning against Blaytz shaking hand, holding it against his cheek, trying to enjoy the moment that wasn’t going to last long.

“Maybe…” Blaytz his voice cracked, it got harder to breath. “Maybe in another life, things will turn out different…”

“Yeah, maybe in another life.” Tears was already strolling down Gyrgan’s cheeks. Getting killed by Honerva - a person you consider a friend - wasn’t the ideal way to die, but at least Gyrgan had Blaytz in his last moment.

He never believed in reincarnation, but he hoped - with his whole heart - that he would be able to see Blaytz again.


Hunk ran to Lance, kneeled beside him as he stared at Lance’s injuries with tears.

“Hunk, buddy…” Lance coughed as he gasped for air.

“I thought I lost you…” It felt like he had a lump in his throat. It was a close call, but Lance didn’t have any critical injures.

“You won’t get rid of me easily.”

You won’t get rid of me easily.

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AU where the Garrison knew Keith was half alien

ohohoho okay then

1. The Garrison finds out about Keith after Krolia leaves, and both he and his father are taken into custody to be under observation. His dad doesnt like it, but concedes after the garrison reminds him that, being part alien, there may be things he isn’t prepared for.

2. Keith grows up within the garrison compound fully aware of his alien genealogy. When he fails to develop any prevalent non-human traits, hes allowed more freedom to go where he wants, even officially taking classes at the garrison. Meanwhile his father takes a position at the garrison to stay closer to his son.

3. He still manages to become a top pilot, and meet Shiro (who isn’t fully aware of Keith’s ancestry). Shiro, sadly, disappears as he did in series, but when foul play is suspected Keith and his dad are taken into custody again with the cover story of Keith being suspended.

4. Shiro crash lands on earth, and Keith manages to break out and go save him with his dad’s help. Though his dad gets caught as they escape.

5. Keith meets the gang, finds the blue lion (somehow), and they end up on Arus just like in series. This time around though, keith is caught between wanting to find out more about his mom, fulfill his role as a paladin, and go back to save his dad. (He still snaps at Pidge like he did in s1 due to be severely worried about his dad but knowing his father would want him to stay out there and be the red paladin.) Plus the gang still doesnt know about his galran ancestery, and once keith knows the full extent of what his people have done, he has even more trouble telling them before meeting the bom.

6. The garrison is sympathetic to them actually. Though when first bringing Keith’s dad in they were less than thrilled about him taking in an alien and keeping them secret. However, they mostly just wanna stay on top of this whole alien thing and make sure Keith doesnt develop some kinda crazy alien virus or whatever.
Also Krolia and keith’s dad totally get to reunite on earth and there are tears and everything

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Ok so I caught up on Voltron finally and I posted a nice warm non spoiler reaction to Facebook, but this is not Facebook so all the spoilers and salt will be here. 


Ok so I loved LD’s ending. I loved the whole show. It is amazing and great greatmazing. So I am salty AF at all the hate the end gets. It like Harry Potter all over again. Just because the ships you want don’t sail or whatever chr doesn’t get the waffy ending you wanted does NOT mean an ending is bad.

Let me go over the most common complaints I’ve read and tell you each to fuck off.

A lot of the crap is over some ship or romance or pairing that didn’t happen or didn’t happen the right way enough for someone.

Fuck off!

I grew up on Voltron DotU and went into LD with the FIRM belief that without the unhealthy love triangle between Keith, Allura, and Lotor you can’t even have Voltron. Keith’s unidirectional crush on her, Lotor’s rapey obsession with her, the vaguely homoerotic hate boners Keith and Lotor have for each other, and her being too good for both of them, It is just essential to the plot! They didn’t do it I got over it get over your own ships or go write steamy fanfic, Fuck off.

Another thing I see is that so-and-so ship happened but did they earn it? we don’t get to see it!!


LD it an action show not a soap opera. You don;t get to see Lance and Allura on dates. You don’t get to see Shiro fall for bridge crew guy. Even the show told yall to fuck off in that one episode where they are filming everything and you almost see Allura and Lance kiss and my dude covers the camera and says, “No that’s private.” THAT SHIT IS PRIVATE. LD is not that kind of show. It is up to us to imagine them kissing and banging and stuff, fuck off.

Some people feel that Lance gets a bad ending because he becomes a farmer.


Yes he wanted to go off and become a pilot and have adventure at the start. And then he FUCKING DID THAT and along the way grew as a person and came to value his family and the simple joy of surrounding himself with his family on their farm and things he loves. That is such a perfect chr arc how can this piss people off he is literally a better more mature person for all the shit he went through, fuck off.

Allura dies and it is sad and that makes it bad.


Yes it is sad. very sad, that she sacrifices herself. That does not make it bad. It makes it moving and poignant. And it does not come out of left field Allura has been a self sacrificing person. I thought this was moving and beautiful, you can fuck off.

Lotor didn’t get a redemption arc!

just… just fuck off

Lotor is evil scum and he doesn’t deserve a redemption arc they already went soft on him, fuck you and fuck Lotor.

What happened to Pidge?


It said the Holts went on to fucking build vehicle Voltron or Dairugger or some shit. How are you going to be pissed off over a char WHO’S LAST NAME YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW!? *pant* fuck off

If I have not told you specifically to fuck off you may assume your opinion is valid or that I will tell you to fuck off at a later date.

Was LD perfect? No but it was damn good. They took a show that was just GoLion painted over and shown out of order with gaping editing holes held together with sticky gobs of nostalgia (that I loved) and they made it a new real thing, its own thing. They made it Voltron. Something that others have tried and failed to do well.

I liked it. I really did. If you didn’t that is ok you are entitled to your opinions too.(even though you’re wrong)

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how about Alfor, Zarkon, and the original paladins in a reincarnation AU?


  1. “Reincarnation” in this case has some minor similarities to how S8 handled these characters, with a dash of ‘Shiro’s astral fun.’ After the corruption led to Zarkon’s death, the Black Lion rescued his soul. When the rest of the paladins were killed off one by one, their own souls were rescued by their respective Lions. 
  2. After Voltron finally defeats the entity, their souls are finally released. Due to the nature of being held for some 10K years in a strange astral limbo, this means they can be reborn, since they are no longer compatible with wherever people go when they pass on due to having essentially been severed from the essence of reality for so long. So their soul essence recycles back into a new body instead.
  3. They don’t necessarily reincarnate species-specific. For example, Alfor does not reincarnate as an Altean, but Zarkon does, once the Altean colony Lotor hid away starts growing with new generations.
  4. They have some memories still floating around in their heads, again due to the nature of having been kept in limbo in the astral plane for 10K years. Although those memories don’t have context at first. They usually manifest as odd dreams. 
  5. Despite all of them being reborn across many different galaxies and peoples, all of them are driven to become diplomats, explorers, or travelers in some way. Something drives them that they can never fully explain. And despite having completely new forms, when they meet, they feel like they know each other. When Blaytz and Gyrgan meet again, the odd memory-dreams get stronger. And stronger again, with the addition of Zarkon, Trigel and Alfor. They eventually all admit that they feel like they know each other, but despite that end up becoming good friends again, and start adventuring together to protect people and stop evildoers in the new, peaceful universe. 
  6. Over time they eventually start to unlock more of the strange dreams and begin to realize they are memories of an older life. Once they start remembering the darker things, there’s some conflict in their little team, especially with Zarkon. There are some trust issues, and Zarkon doesn’t entirely trust even himself, once he knows how far he could go if tempted by power. But the group eventually does learn to recognize their faults and realize they work best as a team to strengthen each other and help each other with their moments of weakness. 

Ask me for AU Headcanons!

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I鈥檓 going to try to talk more about characters who don鈥檛 get a whole lot of discussion on this blog. This is partly to help me cover more aspects of DoTU but also because I noticed a lot of my posts center around the same small handful of characters. With that said, I鈥檓 writing about Coran as he existed in DoTU.

Who is Coran in DoTU?

Coran is Princess Allura鈥檚 royal adviser and, before that, King Alfor鈥檚 adviser for many years. Prior to Zarkon鈥檚 conquest of Arus, he had a family of his own consisting of his wife Leda and his infant son Garrett. He was also a very close friend of King Alfor and took a vow to protect Allura at any cost, even his own life.

Zarkon鈥檚 brutal invasion of Arus left Coran and Allura, who was still a little girl, the only survivors of the royal court. For years they hid in the bombed out remains of the Castle of Lions, waiting for the day they could restore Arus to its former glory. After the arrival of the Voltron Force and liberation of Arus, Coran resumes his duties as adviser and serves as a fatherly figure to both Allura and, by extension, the Voltron Force.


Coran is proper, traditional, and serious. He often serves as the voice of reason, though he鈥檚 sometimes too quick to lose hope in times of crisis. He is duty bound and takes his vow to Alfor to protect Allura very seriously; his motivations and many of his actions, as overbearing as they sometimes are, are shaped by this. Unlike VLD Coran, who often defers to Allura鈥檚 authority, Coran in DoTU will undermine Allura in his attempts of protect her and prepare her to eventually be the Queen of Arus. He doesn鈥檛 want her piloting the Blue Lion and, in one early episode, actually ties her to a chair to prevent her from doing so.

This attitude does soften somewhat as the series goes on. In 鈥淭he Sincerest Form of Flattery鈥 there鈥檚 a scene where Allura is taking a beating during a training session in the Lions. Nanny demands Coran tell the Voltron Force to stop, only for Coran to shoot her down.

Nanny: 鈥淓nough, enough! Coran make them stop! Princess could be killed just because you want them to practice!鈥

Coran: 鈥淪he鈥檚 highly skilled and these drills ARE necessary.鈥

But while he does recognize Allura鈥檚 skill as a pilot, he鈥檇 still rather not have her in the Blue Lion. In 鈥淭he Summit Meeting鈥 he proposes to the male members of the Voltron Force, with Allura completely absent from the conversation, that he take over piloting the Blue Lion. And later in the same episode he suggests making up a reason for Allura to leave Arus, showing that he hasn鈥檛 moved past his tendency to undermine Allura in the name of protecting her.

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