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I’m gonna preface this with, “I have never made a walkthrough of any kind before so I apologize in advance for my Big Stupid Energy.”

I haven’t found a single walkthrough for the Story Jar versions of Wand of Fortune routes, which is surprising considering how many routes are out now. But since the game is currently doing a “promotion” for it where it’s diamond free up to chapter 20, I’m gonna take advantage of that to figure out which options are the correct ones and make a walkthrough for as many as I can while I have the chance.

Hopefully this post isn’t completely useless and some ppl actually use it, if not?? whatever, I guess, it’ll just be for me?

Walkthrough under the cut.

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With Saga as the bridge between worlds, Zoe and Kian manage to fulfill their destinies and bring Balance in all things!

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas for series I can do and etc. are always very much appreciated. =)

Challenge: Help me out by reblogging this, and I’ll go through the notes and follow some of you back to say thanks! ^^

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Persona 5 Scramble English Subtitles Part 2 by  juicedup14

Looks like juicedup14 cleaned up his livestream translations.  
MUST. STOP. WATCHING. SPOILERS!  x~x;;;;;;;;;;;;
Futaba, please don’t teach Sophia weird things. lol
Also, protective Ryuji calling out for Sophia and not caring about what people around think…;U:!

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We speak with our companions. Fenris finds out more about his past and ends things with Danarius. We collect items for Anders and do some sketchy stuff. (Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing!) We return to the Bone Pit and discover something awful. 

Outro Song: Story of Soron - Myuu: 

Full Song: 

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