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#warrior cats oc

One of the main characters from a Warrior Cars story called “Horizon`s Low” (which is not related to Lost River btw!).

Her name is Mantiswing, a young WindClan warrior, who lived a pretty good life until her friend Darkpaw died. Trying to hunt down the murderer, she kills a large amount of cats, who she thinks wronged her and starts hallucinating out of grief. She is exiled from WindClan, but builds her own clan to get revenge anywhere she can.

I have an extra blog, where I will post refs and mini comics, so check out @horizons-low if you want! (Yes I have to many blogs lol)

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I know nothing about Liondrop. Give me.3.random facts??? -Rippedshadows(sideblog)

• He’s afraid of worms

• He has survivor’s guilt

• If you wanna date him you have to beat him in a fight

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Does Liondrop have any siblings? 👀👀 And does he have any ambitions? :)c

Liondrop has 0 family!

Liondrop wants to make sure his clan will be okay even after he’s long gone. He wants everyone to be strong and be ready to fight no matter the cost to keep themselves and everyone else alive! But he’ll do that for them while he’s still here!

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how does lionboi feel about his parents? did anything change after they died?

Stormclan is very scarce of food so Auburncloud took his pregnant mate with him to try and look for some. Unfortunately Auburncloud died of starvation before Lionkit was born and Tigerlily died a few days after so Lionkit never actually knew his parents and while he mourns them and cries over them it’s hard for him to decide whether or not he loves them?

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I’m a little late but uh. HAVE MY NEW BABY. 

Psssttttt @butchleopardstar entirely your fault. Not that i’m complaining.

I’ll edit this later with all her info i’m too tired at the moment to write it all out xD

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chipmunkpaw! shes gonna be one of the tsv protags :3c need to figure out her family still, but i think im gonna make her somehow related to Briarsnap
probably a younger sister, mom died during the birth, and briarsnap resents her for it so theyre not close At All
their dad is 100% dead too, still gotta figure out his cause of death

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