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While Panlie Week has technically come to a close, anyone who was unable to start or finish their pieces before the end of the week but wanted to participate are more than welcome to post them at any point, I’m always on the lookout! And for everyone else, thank you so much for your participation this year! It makes me so happy to see that nearly 4 years later there’s still a lot of love for the ship.

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Tell me about Sheila please

Ok so like. Whole general jersey devil story I’m guessing? I dunno. She just found charlie when he was real tiny. He’d wandered away from the south and eventually made it to Leeds point n all

She taught him where to find food from humans, how to avoid trouble, and to care for most animals! She was a carnivore tho so it was a little hard to feed him. Eventually she found out he only eats plants and just fed him moss. That became his favorite food from the woods

After maybe 20 years or so Charlie got chased away from her kinda. Like humans were trynna hunt down Sheila and Charlie had to run bc she told him to, she was fine tho. Scared em away and went into hiding. Got real sassy with villagers and would scare em every so often

Later on Charlie went on a tour across the US for fun, just to see if anything’s the same. And he ran into the cryptids all again! He brought em all back to the cave without any permission but like 🤷‍♂️ you’re not gonna kick out this old lady are you? Or these other random animal folks? Huh?

Also Sheila is a trans lesbian I kno that for a fact

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