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Welcome to the Division of Pathways (DoP for short) blog! This is a warrior cats inspired series consisting of four “books” that take from the plot of the adorably heart-warming Cartoon Network show, We Bare Bears. So I suppose, think of it as warrior-fied WBB? I will explain how things are suppose to work for this concept in a later post (such as how some events are translated into this canon, what the plot is, etc.). Strange concept to work with, I know, but I hope you’ll be eager to stick around for the ride and enjoy whatever this story arc turns out to be, even if from morbid curiosity. 

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me and my sister watching we bare bears season 4 episode 8 family troubles

little sister: hey

me: what?

little sister: you know how grizz thanked the director for adopting him from the fire station?

me: …yeah

little sister: and you know how the only thing we know about grizzs backstory is that he was found crying in a tree during a storm by firefighters?


little sister: and you know how we know that grizz is really protective of his brothers?


little sister: and how we now know grizz was originally from Canada, which has a lot of bears…


little sister: well…..what if the real reason grizz is so happy to be part of a sitcom family… is because he lost his originally family that day he was found by the firefighters. Maybe grizz originally had a mom and two younger brothers that looked just like him but they were being chased by bear poachers. His original family could have been trying to escape from those hunters but the hunters might have already killed grizzs two younger brothers, leaving only him and his mom. But before grizz could be killed, his mamma might have forced him up a tree so he could be safe. But, since there was only enough time for her to save grizz she couldn’t save herself and the poachers killed her as she tried to lead them away from grizz. The trauma might have been to much for grizz and he blocked it out of his memories, that’s why when he grew up and got attached to the giant burrito, he couldn’t remember the fact that it made him feel safe just like the firefighter did after his family was massacred. Now that grizz is the only one alive, his main instinct is to find a new family, and that’s why he is so protective of his sitcom family and then later on of panda and ice bear, its because he is afraid of losing his family all over again unless he does something about it…………….maybe?


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Ello! 😂 I was wondering if you could write about the human version of wbb and their reaction about their s/o being a really good dancer

Why yes of course!! <3 <3 <3 Sorry this took so long! I’ve been in a stump lately but it’s about time I get off my butt and finally start answering asks again so thank you for sending this one in! (Also sorry the gif is the animal version… just imagine it’s the human version lol)


Originally posted by woter-bears


- Grizz would be so pumped up!! 

- An adorable s/o and they’re a dancer?!! 


- Would totally want you to teach him. 

- Although dance lessons would run short

- Grizz is kinda an over achiever and gets a little frustrated when he can’t get a move right

- Oh well

- A quick kiss on the cheek and a quick two step would turn him right back into the happy, fun-loving guy he is!

- Loves to dance with you (even though he might look like an idiot while making up his own dance)

- He couldn’t be happier for you <3 

Ice Bear:


- Loves watching you dance

- Loves the way your body moves

- Loves the way your clothes move

- Loves you being YOU

- He’s actually a pretty good dancer himself

- Won’t hesitate to pull you into a fancy version of the waltz

- Slow dances are his thing! Slow dance with him and he can dance forever

- Definitely takes you out dancing on a date

- He’s so quiet all the time and doesn’t say much but the way he dances with you says it all <3



- If you’re not nervous about dancing, he’s nervous FOR you

- Not that he doesn’t think you’re good at it

- HOLY- he’s never been more impressed with how you dance so gracefully and fluidly 

- Meanwhile he trips over his own feet

- Wants to learn to dance sooooo bad

- But he’s nervous to ask

- Goes to secret dance lessons to learn how to dance with you

- Will show up to a party with you and appear out of the middle of the crowd like a prince on a white horse

- Still nervous and a bit clumsy but he will gladly embarrass himself if it means he can be close to you while you do what you love <3

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“Hey, wait a minute” Charlie says, in a much softer tone, and Panda turns to face him. “Lemme just…” he reaches towards Panda’s face, and ever so gently, he readjusts Panda’s glasses for him. For some reason, the small gesture makes Panda’s heart flip in his chest, and his throat closes up a bit.


Charlie’s hands remain where they are for a short moment, and for some reason Panda doesn’t want him to pull them away. He’d cup a paw to his cheek to keep Charlie’s hand in place like he always sees in the movies if he didn’t suddenly feel frozen solid.

how chicken and waffles should have ended

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Drawing characters from cartoons make me less stress

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Para mi niña hermosa❤

Es increíble la manera en que te conocí,la primera vez que te vi,mis ojos brillaban al verte lo hermosa que estabas,recuerdo que ese día me fui demasiado feliz a mi casa,desde ese momento empecé a revisar absolutamente todo de ti y me di cuenta lo increíble que eras y todo lo que haces,lo haces con amor,cada vez que nos encontramos me perdía en tu mirada,esos ojitos chinitos,tenias la sonrisa mas hermosa que en mi vida había visto,en las conversaciones que teníamos me di cuenta que eras una mujer decidida y con un solo propósito,,cumplir tus sueños,eso me enamoro de ti,la forma en como ves la vida,realmente te admiro demasiado💛Hoy te acostaste en mi hombro,fue muy lindo oler tu cabello,sentirte tan cerca a mi,te despediste con un te quiero,y fue lo más lindo y sincero que alguien me dijo,tan tierna tú mi pequeña.



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