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sometimes i remember that hebrew was literally a dead language. dead!! for two thousand years!!!! until this one guy in the 1880′s was like hey fuck german and russian and spanish and french We Are Jews we should speak The Language Of The Jews!! and everyone was like dude tf hebrew is DEAD it’s OLD it’s missing too many words, we can’t use it. so he was like ok. i’ll make up new ones. checkmate, atheists and he fuckninh did he stood up by his little desk (?) and invented so many new words and wrote a whole dictionary and then he had a child and only spoke hebrew to him and that child was the first person who’s first language was hebrew in two thousand years and…………………………… i’m sorry i’m so emotional over my man, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. he singe-handedly revived a dead language. what a man

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terri: so in this episode cyrus’ grandmother passes away

us: oh wow okay a loss storyline that’s so good for kids to see-

terri: everyone’s gonna come and support him as he sits shiva

us: oH? good jewish representation too that’s so important-

terri: also i haven’t forgotten about jonah’s anxiety storyline perhaps he has a panic attack this ep

us: wh-wHAT OH M-

terri: btw marty’s back lol

us: wE-

terri: oh and there’s a coming out scene ok enjoy


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