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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hi! Do you know the name of the actress who play victoria?

anon 2: “hey flora! is that actress really famous? the one playing victoria. i’m so confused about druck right now hahaha”

her name is tijan marei, and I’m sorry I’m like the worst person to ask if she is famous, I barely recognise hollywood actors, let alone german actors

but going by her filmography she was and will be in quite a few well known (upcoming) movies/tv-shows

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I can’t believe Starset came after me personally with ‘Trials’ but it happened:

These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are

We take our places in the dark

And turn our hearts to the stars

The ending won’t be forgotten

It’s written in the stars

And the hieroglyphs

Sending the lionhearted 

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Friday, 9/13/19

8:15 AM


Today has a bad start to it, and I fear it will only begin to grow worse. I’ve forgotten my school computer at home, which is what my school does 90% of our work on now. I hate this program, it’s caused me so much stress. I also think I left something important and expensive on the bus, I’ll have to see if I can get it back Monday. This is turning out to be a rather bad day already.

I took my anxiety medication last night, and it’s not helping. Wish me luck of my tests.

Until next time,


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More of daddy Peter please 😍😍 Continue......

Ahhhhhh you’re going to ruin me 🤣

Peter was baby. Small and helpless always. Until he met her. He wanted her bad. He saw the way she was with Bucky and Steve. How she’d mewl and whimper for them. The way she sucked their cocks and cried when they fucked her.

He wanted that. Any chance he got alone with her he’d do the most vile things. He’d shove his fingers in her, push her head down onto his cock. It didn’t matter how much of a baby he was around the daddies, the second he got her to himself he was the daddy.

It became a game to him. He’d ask for ridiculous things to make a daddy leave the room then he’d pounce her. Shoving his fingers down her throat and making her gag as he fucked into her, their onesies and diapers pushed aside. He push her face into a stuffed animal so no one could hear her cry out.

Then the second a daddy was back in the room he was rolling in the floor, cooing and babbling like nothing had ever happened.

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My computer died after I downloaded shitload of thesis material into it, a convenient outlet doesn’t work so my new laptop is in acute danger of being ripped off the table onto the floor, and Plotist is apparently closing, so basically it isn’t even noon yet and I already have a massive desire to get shitfaced.

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