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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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im so fucking miffed at this implication – so fucking miffed at this implication . ok , im in the first few pages of the new g.otg 2020 comic and well ? im not exactly pleased with the characterizations for like …….. majority of them …. and argh , ill write down my thoughts for this . but this particular sets of panels pissed me the FUCK off . i dont really like the way gamora is talking to richard , as if he isn’t part of the guardians too . hes part of the fcking family , how dare they try to exclude him from this , how dare they try to isolate him as well . 


because the implications of gamora’s words: we’re not a team , we’re a family , let us have that . is so damning because the way i perceive it , gamora does not consider rich as family , which is COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND I WILL EAT MY SHOES . how dare they say “let us have that” when like ???? excuse me ??????? ex-fucking-scuse me? richard has suffered so much and he needs help and he needs love and you’re fuckign rebuffing him like this what the hell , what the hell . 

he is part of this family ,  he was there when the “family” was created – ARGHGHGHHGGHJSDFJAHS im so upset , this — hm this requires a lot of plotting because like ???????????? this massively hurt rich a LOT , especially coming from gamora lmao

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‘ shh! ’

her palm is pressed against the girl’s mouth, visor, covering her eyes, hiding the way she’s looking sideways, to where the light from around the corner is flowing into the hallway. the voices are slowly getting distant and quiet, and only after they are reduced to little more than a chatter in the background, Akali turns back to the councilwoman, who’s still in her hands. well, technically only one hand is actually touching the girl, the other has a dimly glowing kunai in its fingers, which is hovering dangerously close to the girl’s neck. with practically no sounds, Akali’s visor parts in the middle, leaving only one half over her left eye, as the other is drawn into the half-helmet case on her head. she studies the other closely. well, this is certainly not a great start to the job.

as luck would have it, she practically ran into Lux on her way to the elevators. the hallway was supposed to be empty, and the assassin had absolutely no information about someone staying on this floor, so, obviously, her arrogance took over her caution and nearly caused a life-or-death situation. taking a leap from one of the skyscrapers wouldn’t have been pretty, that’s for sure. Akali curses under her breath and narrows her eyes.

‘ I’m not here for you,  she starts talking, slowly and quietly, just so the girl would understand that no one is joking. the rogue’s kunai still very much close to the other’s throat, ‘ and I have absolutely no desire to kill you too. so I’m gonna let you go, if you will promise me you won’t scream or tell anyone that you’ve seen me. because if you do, I’m gonna find you. it will be personal. you got it?  her eyes, still cold, fixated on Lux’s face. no need to start any trouble, right?

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What am I gonna do?

I’m failing 2 out of 3 of my classes at college.

I picked A-levels, which means my only option is to go to university.

I won’t be able to cope at university, I’m barely coping at college.

My brother, the smartest person I know, has just dropped out of university; what chance do I stand?

I have no backup plan.

What am I gonna do?

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