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1. Who makes the first move and how?

Pascal foresaw that Rhys was going to admit he felt something for him and legit waited for Rhys to wake up to tell him he had a crush on him too. Rhys woke up to Pascal spewing smoke out of his nose, he was so thrilled.

2. Who is the most insecure and what makes them feel better?

Rhys, mostly because Pascal is the guy who gets up early because he foresaw an old man falling over and wanted to rush over to help early. I imagine Rhys gets those “he’s too good for me” vibes but Pascal always and immediately tells Rhys how lovely he is and how he’s the only one to ever really understand Pascal. He’s the only one Pascal feels comfortable with showing his bad side too.

4. Who can’t keep their hands to themselves?

Rhys. I really love the idea that it gets to a point that he stands expectantly behind Pascal and Scal boy just sighs and lifts his shirt because he KNOWS that Rhys is five seconds away from shoving his hands somewhere worse. It’s a full time job, trying to please a brat.

5. Who says ‘I love you’ first?

I would say Pascal, but if I’m honest,,,I really love the idea of him trying to pull back and letting Rhys come to it on his own. I love the idea of Pascal being extra affectionate that day and then Rhys can know himself that by the end of this day, his affections will be welcomed entirely.

7. What do they get up to on a night out?

Pascal will normally take Rhys to an event that’s happening, a festival in the park or to a bar where they drink more than each other and make out behind the bar and more. Rhys has gotten a favourite thing where they go to a cafe or sweet shop and Pascal isn’t allowed to tell Rhys which sweets he will hate or love. It’s a very tasty russian roulette.

10. What two songs, two books and two luxury items do they take to a desert island?

If I remember, Rhys’s favourite book is treasure island? I can’t remember his favourite song but I’m fairly certain it has something to do with punk or Blue. Rhys would absolutely take a desert.

Pascal would take any song of Sam Smith’s, wouldn’t take a book really because he never learnt braille but if audio books count then 13 minutes is what he will choose. Probably just tries to get Rhys’s favourites since Pascal wants him to enjoy stuff more.

11. What do they hide from one another?

Rhys would hide issues that might be bothering him or depressive days since my heart screams at this boy not wanting to make Pascal feel like he has to do more for him. After all, he has a boyfriend who can see and manipulate the future, best to not bring up the fact that Rhys might not feel like he’s good enough for a literal sunshine man.

Pascal hides certain visions and overall his past and why he does good things. If he sees bad things coming then he does everything posisble to keep Rhys safe and happy and to make himself suffer. He knows Rhys’s backstory and loves him but isn’t willing to open up and dry heave to Rhys about the pain of losing his sister and killing his mother for it. Overall it’s a big “he shouldn’t know about my suffering” ideal with them.

12. What first changes when it starts getting serious?

Rhys starts getting less freaked out by Pascal’s visions and Pascal starts feeling less of a need to predict everything and act upon it. I like thinking of it as a reverse act where Rhys gets happy to rely on the visions and Pascal feels more at ease for Rhys to direct fate and leave options out to the wind.

13. When do they realise they should get together?

Its probably a few months after living together. I love the idea about it being a soft moment where Rhys is laughing and putting Zuko into his raincoat while Korra sits and waits for her turn and Pascal just….smiles and asks Rhys if they want to go out with Zuko on a date.

14. When one has a cold, what does the other do?

Pascal keeps different types of blankets around for Rhys and goes out to get him some warm teas’ as well as any soups and noodles. Litreally googles how to take care of people and he does one of his big fancy predictions to effectively turn the fates and try to make Rhys better. Worries a lot and lays with Rhys, stroking his hair to get him to fall asleep.

Pascal doesn’t get colds but rather fevers. I feel like Rhys would worry SO much the first time since Pascal heats up real badly. He just helps Pascal change his bandages as well as helping him take an ice bath to break the fever and after that he chugs half a bottle of medication before passing out in Rhys’s arms. Gets delirious and disorientated the whole time.

15. When they watch a film what do they choose and why? Who gets the final vote?

They tend to choose fantasy films that are either lighthearted like the never ending story or darker ones like The Ritual. Rhys gets to choose them since films are useless for Pascal.

18. When they fight, how do they make up?

Rhys immediately apologises and Pascal often has already gotten over their fight if it’s due to end that day so he takes Rhys to dinner as an apology.

19. Where do they go on their first date?

They go to an urban farm! Pascal knows how much Rhys likes the animals so it’s a fun day of petting animals and sitting and laughing when sheep run over to the bags of feed. Also Rhys is Pascal’s little sheep UwU.

20. Where do they go on holiday?

Pascal wants to go to Ireland and have Rhys be his guide and the dream of being surrounded by Irish speakers but if Rhys isn’t comfortable for that then perhaps Japan! Plenty of cute animal themed cafes and plenty of places to buy cute outfits for each other.

22. Where does their first kiss happen?

It happens on the sofa, the tv is playing low and Rhys is giggling at the feeling of Korra’s fur under his feet before Rhys tips his chin up and presses their lips tougher….then tossing his head away and coughing out smoke.

24. Where do they first have sex?

I would say that it starts out in the kitchen but then Pascal wants to make it a little more sweeter and moves it to the bedroom. Also he wants to laze about after sex and he can’t do that on the kitchen floor as well.

25. Why do they fight?

Pascal often worries about the choices Rhys makes and his more…argumentative attitude and Rhys gets angry at how Pascal acts with his future vision and how far he places Rhys out of harm, like he’s delicate.

27. Why do their friends get annoyed with them?

Pascal’s friends get annoyed by how mushy they are together and tbh there’s probably a friend or two who disprove of Pascal picking up a homeless guy and dating him.

29. Why do they fall a little bit more in love?

Pascal adores just how messy Rhys is. He’s so open about his feelings when he’s comfortable and flirty and sweet. He’s beautiful and makes Pascal feel safe and unafraid of a cold future.

Rhys would love the safety and sheer friendliness Pascal tosses over to him. There’s no need to worry about bad thing happening when Pascal is there to make sure all good things happen to Rhys.

Overall? These boys just melt for the soft moments of drinking coffee and talking about the plans of the day, soft looks and affectionate touches as Pascal helps pull Rhys’s hair back and Rhys adjusts Pascal’s bandages.

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Okay not writing-related but also hella so, 

I just recently got a vinyl record player and I gots liiiike two records and HOLY COW DOES IT TAME MY ADHD ASS!! 
Stay with me, like with this I don’t have the temptation to stop my process to fix or skip a song like I usually have to when I was playing music on my phone! AND it’s essentially all the same music by the same person/band I like so it mushes perfectly together!
Even better is that I know just about how long it goes! So i’m not hyperfixating on how long each song is, keep checking the time, setting up multiple alarms, and just wait until the music stops playing to take a break!! When that break is over I just flip the record over and do it again! 

I just thought that was a nice lil routine I just figuered out so if you need to write anything and gots a record player, hell ya do iiiiiit! 


Originally posted by maikeru-fvl

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Hope is what keeps people going. A hope in what tomorrow brings with all its possibilties. That and maybe burning hatred that strives to prove everyone wrong. Hey it’s a mix right?

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Greetings- I was going to come back and tell you how fantastic you were the morning after like you said but I’ve had a whirlwind week and am coming back now instead. I hope you are also better from whatever was up with a few days??? Anyway *finger guns of love* - finger gun anon

I am doing better, thank you for asking! I’m currently engaged in several different love wars, so if you’ee ready to re-join the fray like

Dukes up bro you’re going down

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started taking some diet pills today and actually felt like I snorted coke at 7am

could barely study for my test I was so high strung, but anyway I weighed myself and somehow weigh like 4lbs less from when I last checked so here we gooooo lmao

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Day 14-your favorite quote from any movie

“Creedme odio las fiestas de año nuevo. Todos desesperados por divertirse, tratando de celebrarlo de algún modo mísero. ¿Celebrar qué? ¿Un paso más hacia la tumba? De ahí que nunca me canse de decir; aprovecha todo el amor que puedas dar o recibir, toda la felicidad que puedas birlar o brindar, cualquier medida de gracia pasajera. Si la cosa funciona…Y no te hagas ilusiones, no depende de tu ingenuidad humana, ni mucho menos. Más de lo que te gusta admitir es suerte en tu existencia. ¿Conoces la probabilidad de que entre millones de espermatozoides de tu padre uno encontrara el óvulo que te creó? No lo pienses, te daría un ataque de pánico.”

Vale, no es una cita, es un puto discurso, pero me encanta

Si la cosa funciona/Whatever Works de Woody Allen

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