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Not great but it’s the only thing I’ve had time to draw this week

Although, I do have some things from last week I didn’t upload here yet!

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365 Marvel Villain paper cut-outs - one villain, every day, all year.

November 23rd - Whirlwind

The villain known as Whirlwind is David Cannon, an evil Mutant with he ability to move his body at incredible speeds. He discovered that he could spin his body at such a rate as to create powerful whirlwinds. Starting off his criminal career calling himself The Human Top, Cannon ran afoul of Giant Man and The Wasp. He was defeated yet the encounter would ignite a longstanding infatuation with The Wasp. Cannon later changed his name to Whirlwind when he was recruited as a member of The Masters of Evil and battled the Avengers. Meanwhile, Cannon had managed to infiltrate his way in The Wasp’s life by posing as her chauffeur. He finally declared his intentions toward the Wasp in a less than honorable fashion and was soundly defeated by The Avenger. Whirlwind has continued to show up as a recurring villain of The Avengers as well as Iron Man, acting as a member of The Lethal Legion as well as The Mandarin’s forces. He later joined yet another iteration of The Masters of Evil led by Egghead. Whirlwind first appeared In Tales to Astonish #50.

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