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heeeereee..comes candy!! [Not my character]


( this is just a redesign I did of her, since I only saw a headshot in the reference )

her name is candy, she’s 19. candy is an unstable person..seriously. she manipulates, she laughs at gorey situations, she screamed and punched someone while crying. she usually has this teasing, bully, personality vibe..sometimes, she’s seriously terrifying and it’s..scary. she’s a villain.

her quirk is called possession. she can possess any object desired by blood. the blood required is based on the height, and mass. she can possess multiple objects at one time, as long as blood is swiped across it…if the blood is dry, it won’t be possessed. she can regenerate blood, it just takes a while.

when it’s an non human object she possesses, it will take up less blood than when it’s a human she desires. but, her body is at risk a lot..seriously. she can use blood to the point where it leads to blood loss.

candy is a bully!! of course, she’s bullying a 16 year old named uni. with other people, she’s just teasing- also. as I already said, candy and she was childhood friends. they use to play in a garden…field thing. candy wasn’t very…liked by anyone, even the caretaker. only uni liked her. candy called uni ‘lil sis’ or ‘baby carrot’. she uses the nicknames against uni also…yikes.

she also has this weird..toxic relationship with a villain named lexa. his villain name is scratch, though. candy and lexa got ..freaky. candy is manipulating scratch, scratch is completely buying it. it’s..sad.

candy actually doesn’t hang out in the villain base a lot, actually, she’s only been there once. she usually hangs out in the alleyway, sometimes in a garbage can or something. she also pretends to be a priest sometimes, so, she hangs out in a church. she uses the church to lure people in, and completely slaughter them. candy.. is a complete maniac.

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