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periodsdontmatterwhenlimitsexists WHOLESOME HCs Sean and Hosea had *one* prankwar Grimshaw threatened to castrate them after an incident with underwear Calliope is slowly teaching the camp horses how to escape to be closer to their people even The Count is in on it Abigail and John may have a rocky relationship, but they are faithful, even in that year John was gone Calliope knows when Arthur is overtired and will refuse to do anything but lay down until he sleeps, so long as it's safe

Grimshaw was willing to let the prank war slide until she found her good corset (a REALLY expensive one that she doesn’t wear but has a lot of sentimental value) being used to hold a straw mannequin together. Sean tried to explain the hilarious joke but Grimshaw just dragged him over to Hosea by one ear and then yelled at the both of them to stop being such children.

Arthur was away from camp when this happened and he really wishes he had been, because the stories around it are hilarious.


Dutch wakes up with the count half in his tent, licking Dutch’s face. First he yells at Kieran for not keeping a better eye on the horses; then they find the piles of ropes and know Calliope must have done it. So he goes to yell at Arthur about it. Arthur finds the situation hilarious, asks Dutch why he’s so upset to get some affection from his horse. Dutch has no answer, just grumbles and tells Arthur to train his damn horse better. And to go buy some stronger rope.


John is demisexual and Abigail is the first person he’s ever had any kind of feelings for. Abigail, with her experience as a prostitute, knows that things feel different with John than they did with her clients and she wants to hold onto that feeling. Even if he is frustrating as hell most of the time.


Calliope can feel when Arthur is tired, will do everything in her power to make it impossible to be ridden. Arthur tried to go right back out after dropping off some food for camp (having not slept for 24 hours) and calliope just walked farther and farther away from him until they were completely out of camp. Arthur gives up at that point and falls asleep against a tree. Charles finds him when he goes out for watch, wakes him up and helps him back to his bed. Calliope trots up soon as Arthur is settled (still saddled), much to the confusion of most. Kieran just unsaddles her and sends her off to chill with the other horses.

If they’re out in the wilds and she knows Arthur isn’t rested enough, she’ll stop walking. Just. Stand there, in a spot that’s good for safe sleeping. Or she’ll ignore whatever directions Arthur is giving her and make her way to a nice place to sleep. Then she’ll just stand there until Arthur gives in and makes camp.

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WHOLESOME HCs: Hosea pranks Dutch a l l the time but blames it on Sean. One time, Charles was hurt and laid up, so Calliope freed herself and then Taima, who joined their owners in Arthur's tent John, when blackout drunk, actually beat Javier at 5 finger fillet. Everyone but the elders were drunk and don't remember it happening. John actually reads to Jack sometimes, but even at this young age, Jack's intelligence surpasses John's and it bothers him that he doesn't understand Jack sometimes.

Calliope is gonna undo all the training every other horse in camp has. At some point Arthur’s like “fuck it” and just drags his cot to be by the horses cuz he’s sick of getting yelled at.


John may have won but he still got at least one nasty cut that needed stitches. Tried to tell Grimshaw he got it winning five finger fillet and she just holds up the thread like “this don’t look much like winning”


John wants to be a good dad he really does 😭 he’s just…so bad at reading. Idk if you’ve played the epilogue at all (I haven’t and I’ve only seen bits of it) but he reads a letter aloud that I think Abigail wrote him? And he’s…really bad at reading. It’s just not his forte, which can make him sound dumber than he actually is. He’s not a total idiot but Jack is def smarter than him and it takes John a while to accept that and embrace it as something a parent should be proud of.

// EDIT. My tired ass forgot about the pranks.

Sean had to learn how to prank from someone. And he definitely learned from watching Hosea. Sean’s pranks aren’t as targeted or finessed as Hosea’s are.

Hosea hides Dutch’s rings whenever he thinks Dutch is being an idiot or does something to piss him off. Hides his shaving cream and his pomade. Replaced the pomade with syrup, one time, and wasn’t able to get away with that kind of thing ever again. So he just hiding things instead.

When they were younger Hosea would loosen Dutch’s tack so the saddle would just fall off sometimes when Dutch dismounts. Would also adjust the stirrups to be an inch too short or an inch too long.

Removes a single piece from the gramophone so it won’t work and everyone can sleep in for once.

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