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A little drabble that I have been writing over the past couple of days. so hope you enjoy it!

The galaxy shone in his eyes. The bursts of fiery balls zooming across the sky, lighting his skin in a soft hue. a smile stretched across his face.

‘What are you looking at Luke?’ His eyes were locked on Luke’s as he had turned.

'I-You…’ The embarrassment that dusted his cheeks made him turned away and lye on his back.

The man beside him giggled, flopping down onto his chest. His eyes were still looking at him.

'Come on Toonzy. You should be enjoying this. It pretty much a once in a lifetime experience and the meteors are amazing to watch.’ He giggled out.

Luke sat there for a moment, mustering up any courage he could find within himself, with the man he loved lying on him staring so intensely.

'Both are amazing views.’ His cheeks burned a little more at his bold move.

There was a moment of silence pass between the two that had Luke on edge and tensed up, but when he passed a brief look down to the man atop him, he saw a pale pink dusting his cheeks.

'Really?’ It was breathed out in disbelief.

'Yes, Ryan.’ Luke was shocked at how fast he had replied and the fact that he didn’t stutter it.

Ryan was now hovering over him. There was shock on his face. Whether it was from the confession or that Luke had just used his real name, he didn’t know.

'I-Ohm…sorr-’ He stopped when he felt a hand gently caressing his face, the thumb running over the skin and beard near his mouth.

'Did you just confess to me your love?’ There was a playful smirk despite the blush he was staring.

The meteor shower was still going on behind ohm and it only made the moment more surreal to Luke.

’….Yes?’ The fear running through him started to eb away as he stared up into the soft eyes reflecting his own emotions.

‘You sound unsure Lukey~’ The tease was evident in the way his eyes squinted with the cheeky smile.

He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He mind was blank. He really did just confess his love.

‘Yes…’ It was spoken more confidently this time despite the race happening in Luke’s chest and the sweat that had began to gather in his palms.

His fingers dug into the soil underneath them. The smile grew wider if possible.

‘Do have any clue how many times I’ve hinted to you?’ The giggle that followed seemed different, more deep.

‘…no…’ The reply was sheepish, embarrassment colouring his cheeks.

Ohm’s eyes met Lukes before ohm leaned down a placed a soft kiss to the bearded man below him, His grip tightening ever so slightly on Luke’s face.

Broad hands moving up to grip ohms waist and entangle in his soft hair, deepening the kiss. Ohm pulled back first looking down at Luke calmly with a goofy smile.

‘Let’s finish watching the peculiar event.’ Ohms voice was quieter as he rested his head against Lukes chest staring at the sky.


And so they laid there. Holding each other while watching the fireballs run across the sky and disappear again.

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Just wanted to share a sweet story that happened a few days ago…

My husband and I just came home and wanted to get out of the garage and into our house. In that moment my husband noticed a bumble bee that must have been in the garage for a while since it was already kind of weak.

He offered the little creature one of his fingers to climb on and attempted to bring it in our garden. “Hold on tight”, he said.

When he came across a flower he gently placed the bumble bee on it but it didn’t seem to like the flower. So he offered his finger and the little one immediately climbed on it again.

So he brought his little friend to a dandelion near by. It got really excited about this (so cute!) and started having a snack.

Once it felt better it tried to fly a little and soon it was able to fly home and we watched it until it disappeared from sight.

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I can’t wait to make cute and sincerely handcrafted homemade bday/xmas/vday cards for my future bf.

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It took 315 days from today, but I’m glad now it’s finally over.

Sure, it took almost a year to get over it - but now, the suffering from it has now let up. It’s done. And sure, while maybe nothing could replace the people I knew, the place I loved and the happy memories I have made, maybe that is for the better. But perhaps when something you dearly love is taken away, it’s because you’re being redirected to something even better. Even when I went through hell, I found heaven. And no matter what, @supremeoverlordofthegays, @fox-uwu, @thegreatciri, @sumithesut-i, @atrius-asper and the many others I have grown close to will be the rainbow after the rain. If y'all are reading this, all I gotta say is words cannot express how happy and grateful I am to have y'all as friends. I frickin’ love y'all. And even despite the drama that has happened, the manipulation and misunderstandings I have went through, we still have remained friends.

From July 9th 2018 to August 22nd 2019, it took a long time. But now that doesn’t matter anymore, on how long it took.

Because now, it’s done and I’m over it.

I’ve gotten over it.

And am happy to move on to a new chapter in my life.

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Today is better

I’m with my best friend in the whole world, we’re chilling in her room looking at our phones after shopping, going for a walk and taking a ton of pictures.

I am so happy and I love her so much.

Today is a better day.

I hope all of you who are having a bad week get a chance to just hang out with someone.

Love you nerds~❤

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