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On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to see Aizawa smile in front of you

“Hm. Depends on how he’s feeling after work ‘n stuff. Probably between three or five. He’s a tough man, I’m blessed, but I still have my ways of making him crack a smile..” Yamada smiles fondly.

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(I messaged u a few times on ig but im a huge coward to come off of anon) hi there I’m a triplet, and I have a severely autistic brother(all three of us have ADHD) I have ADHD and Narcolepsy n some other stuff but it genuinely makes me happy to see your blog!! Sorry if I annoyed you in the past. But it’s nice seeing your blog

Omg you’re not annoying!!!! I think I know who this is :000 I’m glad I could make people happy with this blog ily !! 💙💙💞💖❤️💙💗💖💘💝 -mod po

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