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#whoop whoop

Apparently I hit 100 followers?? Thank you guys, I mean I don’t know why you would choose to follow my trash blog but thank you nonetheless 🖤

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No offense but I fucking love you like sorry but how are you so nice and cute and talented and like no❤️

Originally posted by sukkubanimes

aiavssnsb words. 😭💓 youre so nice to me hhhhh. ;-; i hope you are well too babe!!

i would say im well but tbh im probably really not. LMAO. im annoying all the people in my life and on here with frequently asking if i am a curse to humanity and they dont wanna associate with me but i cant help it cause of everything that has happened on here mixed with stupid shit irl.

people keep trying me, but how much longer do i have to be a doormat for people to realize i have emotions too ya know? anyways…

i have improved in my life i guess, but ive relapsed so im just frustrated when i’ll be fine again. 😅 def looking forward to writing tho! i have many drafts i was working on so we’ll see how it goes…? idk but im feeling positive.‼️💓

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December Fifth

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… FIVE GOLDEN— wait… That’s not right😅




I know what I’m doing tomorrow when I’m waiting to take one of my finals!

Today has been wild with all of the content that we’ve seen for the Sonic Movie. I haven’t been this excited for a movie since forever!

😁Have fun coloring everyone!😁

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Ivan and Karl Loud

Ivan and Karl are Lisa’s conjointed twins in the SLA AU. They’re Dicephalic (one body, two heads) and a scientific miracle.

Lisa had the twins as an observation on childcare (she told the dean to “surprise her” with her next course since she’s got like, 11 PhDs in the future, and thats how she ended up in Childcare) with another student. After all, what’s a better example than a live subject?

When the twins arrived, however, she cried. Like, legit cried, even with their deformation, she declared them “The most beautiful pair of children in the world”.

She got an A, obviously, got her 11th PhD, and settled down to raise them. Lisa and the twins’ father didn’t have any emotional connection, so there wasn’t any hard feelings. (Despite her sister’s protests)

So! Ivan and Karl are named after scientists, but have like… None of Lisa’s super-genius IQ. They’re just regular boys that just happened to be a very rare form of twins.

Ivan (the one with glasses) is very extroverted, but more serious. He’s quicker to point fingers, and likes what Karl doesn’t like. His voice is deeper and his hair is darker than Lisa’s.

Karl is the younger one. He’s kinda shy, but very mellow. He has a stutter and a higher pitched voice, and he likes what Ivan dislikes. His hair is like, a sandy brown.

From Lisa’s research, Karl is taller, but smaller, and Ivan would have had broader shoulders, but would be pretty short if they were seperate.

Out of all the cousins, they’re the most famous… In the science community.

They’re just concerned about being regular boys.

Included in the pic is a rough diagram of their body type (larger torso to support heads and doubled organs such as hearts, kidneys, livers, etc.) And a cute lil chibi.

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If i were to write Sin Kids in my SLA AU, they would be a popular YA novel, because i do like them.

It would be like, well written, but its kinda over-done (like, it has 9 novels in-universe)

Some people hate it, some people like it, some people meme it, and some people ignore it.

The “Sin Kids” novel series is to reflect the fandoms opinions. Mine? I dont mind it, but i dont like the people feuding about it.

Yall are crazy, anyways.

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Lenny, Neli and Mell Loud


Leni’s 3 kids in the Single Louds Awareness AU.

Lenny and Neli are 15 years old twins. Mell is a 10 year old boy. They’re all from the same father, but he passed away shortly after Mell was born.

Lenny’s full name is Lenard, but Leni wanted SOOOO badly to have a “Leni Jr.”, so this was a compromise with her family. He’s the smartest in the family. Like… scholar smart. He’s constantly unsure of himself, and he’s got serious OCD. He gets serious road rage, and it’s like, the only time you see him mad.

Neli (pronounced like Nelly) is basically Leni… but mean. (“Her name is Leni, but backwards, isn’t that totes smart?!”) Pretty, Popular and stylish, she’s always dressed to perfection. To insure her status, she’s come up with many plans to try and upsurt anyone who tries to take her spot on the latter. She’s kinda dumb, though…. so it fails. A lot. She drives very recklessly, but still managed to pass her first driving test.

Mell…. is Mell. He likes woodshop and armor videos on the internet, and has made many recreations He’s the only ‘serious’ one in Leni’s house. However, he’s only 10. So… definitely not a leader. He’s got a little bandaid cause her accidentally burned himself while learning how to weld. As for his name?

(“I wanna-wanna name him Mall!” “Leni, honey, you can’t name the baby Mall.” “Ok… How about Mell! It’s kinda like Mall, but it can be like, short for Melvin…heeheehee…”)

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Alright, kids, I did it. It’s 2:30 in the morning here and I have officially finished Nanowrimo at 50.036 words.

Story ain’t done yet, and I’m going to keep writing (in the coming days, not right now. I’m going to sleep in like a hot second), but I finally did it. I finally completed a full Nanowrimo in time.

*takes a deep bow.*

*collapses due to exhaustion.*

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