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#wildlife illustration

A couple of days ago I bought a set of Van Gogh metallic and interference watercolour paints, I didn’t know metallic watercolours existed before seeing them in the shop. After trying them out, I really wanted to try painting iridescent feathers with them; they were great fun to paint with and give a lovely sparkly sheen, which you can hopefully see a little better in the GIF.

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My wildlife portraits are normally done within 2-3 days. I use a photo as a base that is often edited to adjust pose or expression, then I do an extensive paint over so what you see is 95% painting. The end result is a photorealistic animal portrait with the vivid colours, refined focal point, and dramatic lighting of an illustration. I try to capture the personality and beauty of each animal.

All my wild life illustrations are sold on a variety of awesome products from T-shirts to pillows, stickers and bags from my online shop.

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I’ve been getting back into wood burning this week! I used to burn all the freaking time but kind of got out of practice for a little while, but I’m vending at a craft show this weekend and thought it would be a good excuse to churn some burnings out again. If these boxes don’t sell I think I’ll put them up on Etsy!

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